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Chapter 18: Fierce Man, Good Brother

Since the school forum used a real-name system, those people werent worried that Lin Ye would scam them.

After they confirmed that they wanted to buy the walkthrough, they each transferred 10,000 Yuan to Lin Yes phone account.

Lin Ye also quickly sent them the hand-drawn dungeon map and explained in detail how he “cheated the system” and the basic principles that supported his strategy.

In an instant, the people in the group were all dumbfounded.


[Is it that easy]

[Im impressed… No one has discovered such a simple theory before.

Only Lin Ye managed to figure it out!]

[Thats normal.

The caves terrain is so dark, and the final-average reward is also worse than the other dungeons.

Who would have the time to try it a second time]


[In any case, Im not interested in playing it a second time.

So I will study this cheat sheet]

[It seems like… Boss Lin Ye is a little short on money…]

[What What You guys got the guide Can you tell me]


[Didnt Boss Lin Ye say that these truancy guides arent allowed to be spread second-hand If you want to know the content, go buy it from boss Lin Ye yourself!”

[Then forget it.

I wont be able to use it even if I buy it as a melee.

Lets wait for the next guide!]

[Im also waiting for the next one.]


Lin Ye closed the QQ group chat after explaining the guide.

He opened the chat box of his good friend who wanted to buy the hunting sword.

[Hunting Greatsword, 25,000 Yuan.

Are you sure you want it]

His good friend with the muscular mans profile picture replied quickly, “Yeah.

Can we trade now”

[If you can, Ill come and find you!]

Lin Ye replied, [Sure, Im in our schools instance hall.

Im at the entrance of the dungeon.

Call me when you come over.

My number is 134…]

The other party immediately sent a muscle mans ok sticker.


Ill be there in three minutes!

Big Boss, wait for me!]

After saying that, his good friend went offline at lightning speed.

The profile picture of the domineering muscular man instantly turned gray-black, like a portrait of a deceased person.

Lin Ye was dumbfounded at his friends excitement.

If youre here, just come.

Why do you need to log off

Although it was a little strange, Lin Ye didnt think too much about it.

He opened his phone account and looked at the balance.

“One hundred thousand Yuan…”

Lin Ye earned 30,000 Yuan from selling the Shadow Dagger to his classmate, and the remaining 70,000 Yuan was from the seven buyers in the group chat who bought the walkthrough.

So, including the 25,000 Yuan his good friend would bring him, Lin Ye earned 125,000 Yuan today.

This was much faster than moving bricks to earn money.

No wonder some people with average talent would rather risk losing their heads and go to the secret dungeon every day to grind and explore inside the dungeons crazily….

‘ He thought.

Lin Ye transferred 20,000 Yuan to his other account for his living expenses for the next month.

As for the remaining 80,000 Yuan, he would take out a part of it later to buy two expensive gifts to thank Su Mumus parents for caring for him.

To be honest, if he could earn more money from this business now, Lin Ye would have even considered giving them a house.

Lin Ye didnt want to act cool.

It wasnt that Lin Ye suddenly had an idea.

Instead, it was a goal he had decided to achieve after being saved by Su Mumus parents.

He remembered that time so clearly in his mind.

It was just the eighth year since Lin Ye transmigrated to this world at that time.

He had wholly integrated into this society and removed the grudges in his heart.

He could sincerely call his parents in this worlddad andmom, and live with them with ease.

But… just as the weather can be unpredictable, a large-scale demon wave suddenly erupted in Jiang City.

Lin Yes parents took the initiative to lure away the demons that broke into their home to protect him.

Ultimately, they both passed away from the demons invasion, and Lin Ye was the only one who survived.

After that, the dark wave was repelled, and the damaged buildings in Jiang City were quickly repaired.

However, Lin Yes family would never come back.

As if he was a steaming hot potato, none of his relatives wanted to take him in and kept passing him around in circles.

The worst part was that they used some despicable means to take away all of the inheritance meant for Lin Ye.

They claimed that these were their property and didnt leave him any.

Although Lin Ye had the experience and memories of his previous life, he was too young to use them.

After all, who would believe the words of an eight-year-old child

Who could resist the gifts of a group of experienced people

Society… Was very complicated.

And so, to avoid getting bullied and beaten by his mean relatives, Lin Ye refused to be adopted by them, not that they wanted to begin with.

Then, he used his own experience and methods to find a job that could make a living.

His plan at the time was… to survive.

It might be challenging, but he had no choice but to stay strong and put all his focus into survival mode.

Everything else can wait.

Its not a priority.

Then he vowed to himself that when he got his life together and was at a point where he was more stable in the future, he would awaken his talent and become strong.

After that, he would return and settle a score with his relatives.

He would make them pay for what they had done and regret it for the rest of their lives.

But before any of that could become a reality, Su Mumus parents took the initiative to come forward.

Not only did they bring Lin Ye to their house, but they also let him live a full life.

He also helped Lin Ye take back all of his parents inheritance.

None of them used a single penny and returned it to Lin Ye.

And those relatives who violated the law were also sent to prison by Su Mumus parents with the help of the law and received the punishment they deserved.

Later, some things happened, and Lin Ye could only get through it with the help of Su Mumus parents…

Without them, Lin Ye would have suffered a lot.

Thanks to them, now he could live a carefree life on campus like an average person.

The couples kindness deeply touched Lin Yes heart.

Now he made a new vow.

He swore that he would become stronger in the future and earn enough money to buy many things that Su Mumus parents liked and then give them a big house to repay their kindness.

And now…

Lin Ye had already taken his first step.

If he could make good use of the invincible Universe Reversal, one day, Lin Ye could achieve all these goals and let Su Mumu and her parents live a good life without worry.

Moreover, he wouldnt have to be defenseless and weak like that time, when the terrifying demon tide would take away the people around him.

As thoughts flew by, a soft and cute girls voice suddenly sounded in Lin Yes ear.

“Um… Are you Big Boss Lin Ye… Im here to buy the Hunting Greatsword…Im Bai Zhi… Uhh… Im sorry… My phone ran out of battery just now… So I didnt call you first as we agreed…”

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