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175 Hidden Moon Blade Is Not A Mythical-Grade Weapon, But A Weapon That Surpasses Myths-Godslayer-Grade (II)

“Can we clear the Hive-like dungeons”

“Thats not important,”

“The most important thing is whether we can get the approval of the inheritance bosses, learn their inheritance skills, and get their summoning cards.”

“Even if I can only get one of the inheritance skills, it wouldnt matter if I havent fought any of the other dungeon Bosses, or if I didnt use up the Bloodsoul that Hive-like gave me.

It really wouldnt matter even if I didnt buy the weapons with my free attribute points, or exchange them for the crown of wisdom.”

“Just one inheritance skill alone can offset all your losses and make your trip worth it.”

“I want to have my hands on one.”

“After experiencing the effects of theduel invitation from the Cursemancer, you should have a deep understanding of this, right”

Lin Ye didnt say anything.

He was only thinking about the information the silent witch had given him.

He realized that it was just as she had said.

Although this inheritance skill, “Duel Invitation”, had some flaws, it was definitely a godly skill in most cases.

It was a forced one-on-one battle with the other party.

There was no way to interfere, no way to quit halfway, and there was no time limit.

As long as you had the power to crush your opponent, you could completely treat it as a special “Protective Barrier Scroll”.

When you were in danger, you could first reduce the enemy to a near-death state with less than 5% HP.

Then, you could continue to stall for time and wait for other companions to come to the scene and rescue you.

At most, it would be a little troublesome if the enemy chose not to agree.


Under the influence of the system notification, most people would definitely choose toagree in the end.

After all, if they agreed, they could get extra rewards as long as they could kill Lin Ye.

But if they choose to disagree, they would get a strange curse that would reduce their strength.

Was there a need to consider this

As he continued to think, the silent witch suddenly moved closer to Lin Ye.

Although both of their bodies were illusory and couldnt touch each other, Lin Ye could still smell the rose fragrance from her body and feel her surging waves in his mind.

“Little brother,”

“Although the Cursemancer is not the hardest inheritance Boss to defeat, it is still one of the top inheritances in Hive.

Since you were able to obtain its approval before entering Hive-like, it means that you are also able to obtain the approval of the other inheritance skills.”

“Im very curious if you will become Hive-likes first challenger to collect all of her legacy skills.”

“After all, youre the only Priest Class that can enter the Hive-like realm.”

“You have the combat power that no one else can match.”

“Your awakened talent is also very strong.”

“Thats why I came all the way here to help you.

I told you which inheritance bosses that you need to be careful with, and which bosses are just cannon fodders that are responsible for providing Bloodsoul.

This will save you the time you need to clear the entire Hive-like dungeon.”

“Meanwhile, I could also satisfy my little curiosity on the side.”

“Do you understand now”

Lin Ye instantly caught the key word in the silent witchs words, so he asked,

“Has no one managed to collect Hives inheritance skills”

“Of course,” The silent witch said, “Inheritance skills are very difficult to obtain.”

“Take theDuel Invitation inheritance skill you got from the Cursemancer as an example.”

“As far as I know, there are only three challengers who have been recognized by him, and each of them has a full set of Diamond Grade equipment, plus Diamond Grade skills, and a few legendary individual pieces and skills.”

“If they were like you, wearing a full set of garbage equipment, they would never have been able to get the inheritance skill from the Cursemancer.”

“So, I think….”

“You must be hiding an even greater power.”


“Its a mythical-level skill”

“Or maybe… Its a piece of mythical-level equipment”

“However, according to common sense, its basically impossible for a mythical-grade reward to appear in secret dungeons before level 15.

Even if there was, with our strength at that time, we had no chance of defeating the ultimate creature guarding the reward.”

“So Im more inclined to believe that its an additional ability, your awakened talent.”

“The ability that you havent shown yet.”

Lin Ye was speechless.


‘This woman…

‘Is truly terrifying!

‘Youre able to guess most of my situation just by relying on some tiny clues!


‘Ive predicted this situation from the beginning.

‘Whether it was the Abyssal Demons, the Church of Healing, or the Professional Alliance, they were all as weak as the silent witch.

‘The most they would see is myself-reversal skill, but they would not see the invincibility effect of myother peoples skill.

‘Compared to thebig brothers…

‘Im the Professional….

After some thought, Lin Ye felt that he couldnt waste this opportunity and needed to get more information from the silent witch, so he asked,

“A mythical-level reward”

“Does it mean that I can get it by getting an Omega score in the dungeon”

The silent witch didnt speak for a while before she finally opened her mouth.

“You encountered an Ω rated secret dungeon”


“Normal dungeons dont have Ω ratings!”

“You are the ultimate creature that you encountered in the unique dungeon, right Which secret dungeon And what is an Ultimate Lifeform”

Lin Ye didnt immediately answer the silent witchs question.

“First, tell me whats with the Ω rating and what specific effects do mythical equipment and skills have.

Then Ill tell you what its like to encounter an Ω rating secret dungeon.”

“Information on Ω ratings and mythical-level rewards” The silent witch said,


“In any case, this is all low-level information that the Professionals of our advanced civilizations can find everywhere.”

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