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170 Im Sorry! Even If Im Playing As Support, Im Still Using Dimension Reduction Attacks! (II)

“I just resurrected a few minutes ago.”

Upon hearing this.

Lingdang quickly turned around in excitement.

“Thats fine!”

“Its good that youre here!”

“But… So many of us are injured.

Can you really handle it on your own”

Lin Ye didnt answer and just smiled.

He then raised his sword, Hidden Moon, and used the “Ocean Moon Oath” skill to summon the Phantom Moon Jellyfish.


‘It was time to witness a miracle!

[Prompt: You have been blessed by an unknown power! Dispel all negative effects on you! Your body is being healed by the mysterious creature! Your HP has recovered by 817 points! Your HP has recovered by 817 points! your HP has fully recovered!]

[All members of the Qing Cults Holy Church, HP 16,340!]

‘What the f*ck

‘Is this a healing spell

Immediately, everyone looked at the blue jellyfish floating in the air and the human challenger who had summoned the blue jellyfish.

“A Priest!”

“Oh my God.

Hes actually a Priest!”

“His healing is so explosive! A single HP recovery skill can restore the groups 15,000 HP!”

However, Lingdang, who was constantly paying attention to the battle situation, did not give them any more time to think.

She suddenly got up from the ground, raised the dagger in her hand, and loudly ordered.

“All of the Qing Cults Holy Church have it!”


“Lets go and crush those Blood Kin bastards!”

Immediately, the members of the Qing Cult got up from the ground with their morale greatly boosted.

They followed the steps of the Qing Cults main force and rushed toward the enemys position while insulting the members of the Blood Kin who had been bullying their own compatriots.



“Ive long found you Blood Kin cultivators to be an eyesore!”

“Ill kill you all today!”

On the other hand, the people of the Blood Kin were collectively in a state of confusion.

“Have these guys gone crazy”

“Theyre clearly in low health, yet they still dare to charge at us.

Arent they just making themselves targets for us Arent they just giving their heads away for nothing”

“Can they really overtake us now”

“Isnt this funny”

However, when the Blood Kin members used their AoE skills to snipe the approaching Qing Cult members, they suddenly realized that something was wrong.

The f*ck

Why were these guys all full of health


Could it be that there was a Priest on the other side who could heal

Lin Ye didnt wait for them to think and attacked again.

First, he used the Glory of the Stars to nullify all damage.

Then, he used Divine Healing to continuously recover health, helping the front-row members of the Qing Cult to take more damage.

When the two sides entered battle mode, Lin Ye, who was in the front row, immediately switched tsunayoshi to his “Guard Mode” and inserted it into the ground in the middle, creating a large “Guard Land”.

At this moment–

All the members of the Qing Cult in the guarded ground had a buff effect of “all attributes slightly increased” and a “Jade Emperor Shield” that could block any damage.

As for the members of the Blood Kin who were in the guarded ground, all of them had a debuff status of “all attributes reduced slightly”.

And then–!

The Blessing of the Stars!

All members of the Qing Cult recovered their health! All attributes were greatly increased! It was a small increase in all attributes with the guarded ground! You will also receive three random buffs!


Do you even have a diamond-grade group buff skill!

As soon as he finished speaking, a huge meteorite suddenly fell from the sky and hit the top of the Guardians blade, petrifying all the enemies in the guarded ground for 3 seconds.

It also provided a thick layer of Jade Emperor Shield for all members of the Qing Cult!

And then,

When the enemy released a large area debuff–

Aqua Tide!

All members of the Qing Cult had recovered their HP! Randomly dispels two negative states! Everyone returned to normal!

Super Healing Group Shield Continuous Healing group buff dispel skill.


‘Can we still fight this

‘This is a complete dimension reduction attack!

At this time, the members of the Blood Kin realized that they couldnt hold the front line any longer and began to throw a few symbolic skills.

Then, they waited to be overwhelmed by Qing Cults skills and return to the frontline altar to be resurrected.

The members of the Blood Kin who did not have any resurrection tools fled like timid cockroaches.

They did not dare to fight with the members of the Qing Cult, who had various buffs.

The members of the Blood Kin had been defending the forest for more than half a day–

It finally collapsed.

Even the elite troops of the Blood Kin, who were born for PVP and war, couldnt withstand the siege of the Qing Cult members whose morale was close to the peak.

They were killed one by one and began to resurrect in a second.

After that,

Under Lin Yes lead, the members of the Qing Cult were like a hot knife through butter.

They broke through the defense line that the members of the Blood Kin had tried to reorganize and fought all the way to the resurrection point on the altar.

At this moment, the remaining members of the Blood Kin were all gathered in this area, planning to make a last stand.

They had to protect the resurrection point in a One-line Sky Forest today.

If he couldnt save her…

When those Hive-like “slaves” saw them beaten up so badly and their One-line Sky Forest taken away, they would definitely join the Qing Cults Holy Church without a second thought.

They would besiege the Blood Kin members and seek revenge.

At that time, they would be finished.

There was no power in Hive-like that could resist the terrifying power of the masses gathered together.

Not the Blood Kin, not the Qing Cult, not even the other oath organizations.


In front of that monster-like human Priest…

Can anybody really hold on

Thinking of this, the group of Blood Kins elite troops showed fear and recalled everything that had happened today.

First, the members of Crimson Dawn who were guarding the altar were killed by the Fire Dragons AoE skill, unlimited health.

They did not even have the ability to fight back before their resurrection Portraits were used up one by one.

Their hearts almost collapsed, and they gave up guarding the resurrection point to rush out and fight the enemy.

After that, their leader, the half-beast leader, was pulled into a strange black barrier.

For some reason, he died suddenly without using any of the ten Portraits he had on him.

Finally, the human Priest had shown a terrifying support ability.

He had a large area of effect recovery, a large area of effect buffs, a large area of effect dispel, a large area of effect shield, a large area of effect petrification, a large area of effect gain aura, a large area of effect weakening aura, and so on.

‘It was true!

‘Ive f*cking lived for so long!

‘But this is the first time I have seen such an all-rounded Priest!

The humans combat power was off the charts, his healing capacity was off the charts, and his support ability was off the charts.

He could even f*cking be lucky enough to gather the Dragon Knight set and get a complete Fire Dragon as a mount!

According to the Lizardman Nigers information, this human had only entered the Hive-like realm for two or three days.

He was a complete newcomer challenger!

How could he be so terrifying

The members of the Qing Cult who had surrounded the altar suddenly launched an attack.

However, unlike before, Lin Ye didnt use skills like the glory of the stars to strengthen the combat power of the people from the church of youth.

Instead, he switched to the destruction form of moonblade and used the skillsilence at the start to strengthen all the damage that he would deal later!

And then–!

It was a reversal.

The Divine Brilliance of the Stars!

It was a reversal.

Divine Qi Therapy!

It was a reversal.

The tide of the Aqua Tide!

It was a reversal.

The Blessing of the Stars!

It was a reversal.

Healing Wave!

It was a reversal.

Healing Spell!


Normal attack!

Just like that, Lin Ye went all out and unreservedly displayed his terrifying damage output as a God-tier talent.

Not only did he beat up all the Blood Kin members, but he also killed them all.

He also killed the members of the Blood Kin who were close to him one by one with the blade, Hidden Moon, to show off his normal attack damage and combat skills.

“Im convinced!” Lingdang exclaimed.

‘Is there no limits to this humans strength

‘Isnt he too well-rounded

‘No, hes too strong.

I have to think of a way to get him to bring me to fight the Bosses in other dungeons!


‘How should I please him

‘What kind of things do humans particularly like

‘Dried fish

‘A little mouse


‘Uh huh, from his expression just now, he seemed to care a lot about my cat ears and tail.

It seemed like this was a good direction for him to take advantage of.


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