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Chapter 17: Cooldown Reduced By 10% How Many Years Of Life Did He Sacrifice/Save

After Zhao Qihang left the scene with one unconscious Huang Shaofeng in tow, Su Mumu gently leaned over to Lin Ye and asked nervously, “Lin Ye, what are you going to do”

“What do you mean” Lin Ye tilted his head.

Su Mumu looked at him indecorously, “Aish, its that Huang Shaofeng! He doesnt seem like a good person… What if he wants to take revenge on you He might even use his familys connections and resources to see you fall.

Arent you at least worried”

“What is there to worry about” Lin Ye replied indifferently, “Its just the Huang Corp, the local “tyrants” of Jiang City.

No matter how powerful they are, can they be more powerful than the Alliance”

Su Mumu blinked her big eyes in confusion, “Huh”

Lin Ye sighed helplessly and slowly explained.

“Mumu… If I take the initiative to join the Alliance, you have to know that with my awakened talent and skills, they will treat me like valuable treasure and protect me closely.”

“Do you think Huang Shaofengs father would risk offending the Alliance to find me for such a trivial matter Do you think he would stand up for his stupid son”

“If hes so stupid, how could he have controlled such a big company like the Huang Corp Which is why Im not worried about this guy at all.”

“Well deal with whatever comes our way.

If Huang Shaofeng really dares to find people to assault me tomorrow…”

“I dont mind using him for practice.

I can learn how to PK other people in advance and also let you see my current strength.”

“… So” Su Mumu asked, still not entirely convinced, “You promised Zhao Qihang that you wouldnt let Huang Shaofeng get hurt, but was that a lie”

Lin Ye shook his head and said, “No, I was completely honest when I told him about that.

But I did warn him that even though I wouldnt hurt the kid, I didnt say I wouldnt hammer him.”

“As long as I use a healing spell to restore his Hp and heal his injuries… Wouldnt it be the same as not being injured”

Su Mumu was speechless.

“Youre really something; you know that”

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After saying goodbye to Huang Shaofeng, who was an unimportant interlude to his life, Lin Ye brought Su Mumu back to the entrance of the “cave” dungeon.

He gave Su Mumu his hand-drawn dungeon map, explained the concept and details to her, and then repeatedly quizzed her to ensure that his silly little deskmate would not make mistakes during her solo run.

After Su Mumu entered the dungeon, Lin Ye opened the schools forum APP on his phone and looked at the post he had posted.

As expected, the post exploded in popularity.

In just half an hour, the number of replies had exceeded 1000 views.



: F*ck! THE Emerald Ring! Cooldown reduced by 10%! How many years of his life did this guy sacrifice Isnt that too much of a dog]



: Im convinced.

Blind guess is a leopard-jump post.

This walkthrough is just a cover.

I suggest for the OP to give me a seven-day ball-mouth set!]



: Tower Lord! Should he sell the Emerald Ring Ill sell my house to buy it! Im not lying!]



: I think this “bug” walkthrough is real.

Otherwise, how could the OP get silver equipment, not just one, but three at once

And this emerald ring is just too awesome!

I want to take a breath of luck first!]



: So… Who is this OP named Lin Ye Does anyone know him Which class is he from]



: I know him.

Hes from our class five.

Hes the top student who got full marks in all theoretical knowledge.

When he awakened today, Lin Ye killed the Beginners Dungeons final Boss.

I didnt expect him to kill another dungeons Boss so soon, and he even got an emerald ring to boot…]



: F*ck Really He even killed the Beginners Dungeons Boss Is he really that good]



: Thats right! It was true! I saw it!

Look at my [Shadow Dagger].

[Attribute Diagram]!

Boss Lin Ye sold this to me.

If he didnt kill the Beginners Dungeons Boss, how could he get a High-Bronze weapon from the newbies chest]



: Awesome! It was too awesome! The front row worships Lin Ye!

However, can the two big brothers in front tell me what Lin Yes class is

Also… Does his college entrance examination team lack a human-shaped accessory

Can I come and shout Aw3Som3!]



: What do you think This kind of top student who can solo a beginners Boss at the start of the game will definitely solo the college entrance examination, and I have no doubt he would get the highest personal evaluation!

Dont even think about forming a party.

Why dont we study the big bosss walkthrough Isnt it nice to get five attribute points for free]



: Thats right, you guys have been discussing it for so long.

Didnt you realize that the strategy to get free attribute points is to “cheat” Well, its practically the main theme of this post at this point.

Quickly prepare the money and find Lin Ye!]

Seeing that these people had finally focused on the walkthrough, Lin Ye stopped paying attention to their comments.

Instead, he closed the forum and logged into his QQ account to open the friend system.

He looked at the number of friend requests and saw that about a hundred or so people had added him, but only a few of them had the note: “please sell us the walkthrough” to Lin Ye.

The others were all “Boss Lin Ye wants to form a party”, “Boss Lin Ye wants to sell the Emerald Ring”, “I want to meet Boss Lin Ye”, and so on.

The post on the forum had clearly stated that they were only selling the walkthrough and the Hunting Greatsword and that he would ignore all other requests.

And so, Lin Ye rejected all of their friend requests, leaving only 13 people who wanted to buy the walkthrough and a good friend who wanted to buy the Hunting Greatsword.

Then, he added them to the same group chat and went straight to the point.

[Everyone, Ive personally tested the method of this “bug” in the stone caves.

There are no problems.

You can purchase it without any worries.

If its unsuccessful, Ill give you a full refund.]

[But this guide is only limited to classes with long-range output ability.]

[If you guys dont have long-range damage skills, dont waste your money.

Wait for my next close combat walkthrough, and I can also guarantee you a solo SSS clear score.]

Seeing this, the 13 people in the group immediately became excited.


Long Live Lily

: Wow, big brother is awesome.

Theres a second walkthrough]


Emperor East Wind

: Handsome, as expected of a top student.

Youre so confident!]


Little Tian Tian

: Top]


Little Tian Tian

: Top student, Big Boss, please post a photo~]


Little Tian Tian

: I want to see the true face of the top student~]


Ignoring these peoples flattery, Lin Ye continued to type in a business-like manner.

[Before buying the first guide, I hope you can follow some rules.]

[Im not allowed to sell any of my walkthroughs for the second time.

If I find out someone is trying to steal my business for a low price, I wont let that person know about the rest of my walkthroughs, and I wont allow anyone to share them with him.]

[At the same time, Ill give out a reward to those who find the resellers.

As a thank you, you can get the next walkthrough at a 50% discount or buy a separate guide that I wont disclose to the public.]

[Trust me,]

[I have enough resources in hand to support me in this.]

[Im not joking with you.]


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