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169 Im Sorry! Even If Im Playing As Support, Im Still Using Dimension Reduction Attacks! (I)

The Oath War was almost exactly the same as the dimensional war.

Countless Professionals would throw out critical skills that were in line with the interests of their group according to the different battle situations on the battlefield, and they would engage in a spectacular chaotic battle of skills.

This included gathering skills, damage-increasing skills, and AoE skills.

The better the timing and position, the faster the enemy would die and the faster the enemy would be suppressed.

This method was the same as finding out the optimal point method to know the girls three measurements.

It was filled with all sorts of details.

It wasnt as if you didnt learn anything or study anything.

Since it wasnt your first time on the battlefield, you could casually do your best and kill the enemy army.


Lin Ye didnt want to waste this opportunity to practice and learn.

It was just like how he had used the ghost Warriors from the kingdom to test the skills of the Professionals.

Lin Ye also wanted to “test his sword” on the Blood Kin members, so he went to fight a seemingly strange battle.

He used the “White Snipers Consumption Style” in his guerrilla tactics to disgust the Blood Kin members.

‘Ill kill the other half-beast leader while Im at it.

Wouldnt want to waste my own Portrait.

Very quickly…

Lin Ye resurrected at Hive-like town gate.

He happened to see a group of Qing Cult members who had just been resurrected, so he took the initiative to talk to them and show his identity as an ally.

Then, he would join the enemys combat force and use a special Hive-like exclusive item to quickly arrive at the forest.

When they arrived at the Sky Forest, Lin Ye asked curiously,

“Friend, what is this teleportation device”

“Fire,” A member of the Qing Cult who looked like a rabbit explained.

“As long as you use it at the resurrection point or at the bonfire, you can teleport to any resurrection point or bonfire.

You just have to wait for five minutes.”

“Five minutes for teleportation and five minutes for resurrection.

This means that you will need at least ten minutes to re-enter the battle after each death.” Lin Ye began.

“And the Blood Kin only needs five minutes to rush to the battlefield”

“Yes,” The member of the Qing Cult answered simply.

In five minutes…

The impact of a situation where both sides are evenly matched is too great.

After a pause, it continued,”


A group of fierce Professionals suddenly came from the Blood Kin.

Not only are they powerful, but the cooperation between the teams is also very tacit.

Everyones skills seem to be battlefield skills that are specially trained for war.

“I feel like its a bit difficult for us to take down the forest today.”

A battlefield skill

No wonder the hunter learned the “net-catching skill”.

It was to help the whole team limit the enemys flying Professionals.

It was equivalent to aspecialized skill that was especially learned to deal with certain Professionals.

Otherwise, with the disadvantage of being unable to move during the release of the catching net skill, it was not worth it for the other party to waste resources and energy to learn such a thing just to fight a flying dungeon Boss.

Wouldnt it be better just to learn a long-range damage skill

Or, he could learn control skills such as stun and paralyze, making the opponent fall from the air.

Not only could it achieve the same effect as a net, but it could also be used in other situations.

He wouldnt be like Marzha, who restrained the other party and himself at the same time.


To put it simply.

The Blood Kins elite troops were PvP Professionals who were specially trained for the dimensional war and Oath War.

Their main task was not to attack the dungeons Boss, but to kill the various enemys Professionals forces.

Training a group of PvP Professionals to fight against PvE Professionals


He had to say!

‘Did the half-wolf Ampere really know how to do it

While he was thinking, everyone had already reached the front line of the battlefield.

As there were no Priests around, and the battle had been going on for a long time, everyones resistance to medicine had reached its limit, and they could no longer rely on drinking potions to replenish their health.

Therefore, the Professionals on both sides were very conservative.

They did not directly attack but kept throwing long-range skills instead of close combat.

Right now… The two sides were competing to see who could throw their skills accurately and who had the highest AoE damage.

Some Professionals with self-recovery skills didnt dare to rush forward because none of their teammates rushed forward, even though they were in full health.

After all, on the battlefield, the price of charging alone was that he couldnt deal any damage and would be instantly overwhelmed by the enemys tens or hundreds of crowd control skills.

There were also assassins with stealth and movement skills.

It was the same for Qing Cults members.

They didnt dare to charge.

The battle situation continued to be tense.

However, for the members of the Blood Kin, the more time the two sides dragged on, the greater their “City Defenders” had the advantage.

It was only a matter of time before the Qing Cults Holy Church was defeated.

Seeing this…

Some people began to lose confidence.

“Are we… Are we going to lose”

The new Cult Master, Lingdang, who had personally led the expedition, replied with a firm gaze, “No!”

“We still have powerful outsider support!”


Before she could finish, Lin Ye suddenly appeared behind her.

He raised his Moon Blade, which had already switched to Redemption Form, and explained to Lingdang, “Im sorry, Lingdang.”

“I was planning to take down the resurrection point at the frontline altar and speed up your attack on the One-Line Sky forest.

I didnt expect to run into the Blood Kins elite reinforcements just as I was about to succeed.

I was killed by their restraining skills.”

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