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166 Not Only Is My Skill Damage High, But My Normal Attack Damage Is Also Very High! (I)


‘It looks like these people are stronger than the Blood Kin members who are guarding the altar,

“Are these the Blood Kins elite troops

While he was thinking, the Lizardman Niger had already told the reinforcement troops about the current situation.

Especially Lin Ye and the Fire Dragon, who was flying in the sky.

Anyone could see how depressed and angry it was after it spat out a long string of its beautiful hellish music.

The leading half-beast glanced at the red creature in the sky.


“When that Fire Dragon comes down again, my people will use special Skills to pull it to the ground.

When they lose their flying advantage, we can easily kill it along with the rider on its back.”

“The second and third teams, go to the front line to support the frontline, in case those Qing Cult idiots get too arrogant.”

“The others,”

“Guard the resurrection point with me.”

With that—

The second group of Lizardmen and the third group of half-wolves rushed to the battlefield.

Only the leader of the first team of half-wolves and his trusted subordinates remained near the altar.

Then, Lin Yes Skills finished cooling down and he used the same trick again.

He used the Fire Dragons flying advantage and speed advantage to cast a standard AOE healing package on the heads of these Blood Kin members.

But this time, he was not able to retreat in one piece.

Hunter Skill.


It could pull an enemy in the air to the ground with a net, causing their speed to decrease for a period of time and limiting their flight ability.

Lin Ye remained silent.


‘The car has flipped.

‘Fortunately, I had found a safe place to hide little Mumu in advance.

‘Otherwise, she would definitely die this time.

Then, because she couldnt speak, she wouldnt be able to enter the Hive-like dungeon again, and she would lose the chance to open the treasure chest later.

Although Lin Ye felt like he was going to die, he didnt just sit there and wait for death.

Instead, he used his inheritance “Duel Invitation” Skill on the half-werewolf leader.

He planned to replace it before he died.

Even if he couldnt kill it, he would at least destroy one of its Portrait items.

[Prompt: An unknown Hive-like Challenger has used the inheritance Skill, “Duel Invitation” on you.

Do you want to have a fair one-on-one duel with him]

The half-beast leader was stunned.


‘Inheritance Skill

Then, it looked at Lin Ye, who had been caught and thrown onto the grass.

It realized that this guys equipment was really strange.

It was a Priests robe, but he was holding a knife and a sword.

The sword was a Dragon Knights sword that summoned the Fire Dragon, Stryde.

‘Eh, a dual blade Berserker Dragon Knight Priest

‘What the hell

[Prompt: Please make your choice as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the system will assume that you have accepted the opponents Duel Invitation!]

The half-beast leader was stunned.


‘Accept, my *ss!

‘We have more than a hundred people on our side, and we can drown you with a mouthful of saliva from each of us.

Does he think I had nothing better to do, and I would willingly give up the advantage of a group fight to fight you one-on-one!

[Prompt: After accepting the duel invitation, you will receive an additional reward if you kill your opponent.

If you fail, you will be killed by your opponent.

If you choose not to accept the duel invitation, you will suffer an unknown curse from Hive-like!]

The half-beast leader looked very shocked.

‘Why didnt you tell me about such an important matter sooner

If he didnt accept it, would he become a human

He wondered morbidly.

The half-beast decisively chose to accept.

Suddenly, a black energy appeared around Lin Ye like a black, sticky liquid.

It quickly surged on the ground and devoured the two of them.

Then, Lin Ye was summoned into theDuel Space where no one outside could see him.

Lin Ye was stunned.


“Youre still debuffed, that greatly reduces all your attributes!”

“And you still chose to accept my 1v1”

Lin Ye got up from the ground and put away his Dragoon sword, which would affect his melee combat.

Then, he cast a Healing Spell and a Healing Wave on the half-beast leaders head.

With the additional damage from [Silence] and [Stars Godly Glory], he dealt 1,783 damage to the half-beast.

In addition to the damage caused by the previous AoE Skill and the subsequent bleeding from Divine Healing, the half-Wolf leaders HP had dropped by more than 8,000.

“Hmph!” The half-beast snorted coldly,

“A Diamond-grade Skill that can greatly reduce the attributes of all enemies.

Such a rare and powerful Skill.

You can only learn one at most.

Its impossible to learn a second!”

“Otherwise, you wouldnt have needed to play theone hit escape tactic with our Blood Kin people!”

“You wouldnt have any problem chasing and killing my people!”

“Go on! Add more!”

“Youve reached the cooldown period of no Skills to deal damage!”

“I have also experienced a long battle before.

Whether its the remaining mana or the remaining fatigue, you cant compare to me in my peak state!”

“I have the ability to recover.

Why should I be afraid of you”

With that, the half-beast leaders body suddenly emitted an eye-catching red demonic light.



[The half-beast leaders HP 2,123!]

[Activating 10 seconds recovery effect!]

[The half-beast leaders HP 112!]

[The half-beast leaders HP 112!]

[The half-beast leaders HP 112!]

Contrary to the half-beast expectations, however, Lin Ye didnt panic.

Instead, he revealed a strange smile.

“Im sorry.”

“Not only do my Skills have high damage, but my normal attacks also have high damage!”

Flickering Stones Skill activated!


Face to face!

Sword Skill!


Horizontal Slash! Straight Stab! Vertical Slash!

The leader monster was sent flying!

Second slash! Explosive!

[-341 HP!]

[-515 HP!]

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