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Chapter 164: I Just Like Seeing You Looking At Me With Disdain, But You Cant Kill Me (II)

Lin Ye sat on the back of Fire Dragon and looked at the One-Line Sky Forest from afar.

There were many Blood Kin members standing there.

They were fully armed and guarded around the altar, like a regular army on an ancient battlefield.

There was no scattered combat discipline, and everyone was focused.


The Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn were there as well.

It seemed that these green-skinned ugly creatures had a high status in the Blood Kin.

They didnt go to the front line to be cannon fodder, but instead guarded this most critical point.

“Heh, Im sorry.

I want the one-line heaven sacrificial altar where your lowly lives!”

‘Little Fire Dragon, charge!

‘Kill them!

Suddenly, a loud dragons roar resounded through the sky.

The members of the Blood Kin who were guarding the heaven altar reflexively looked up to the sky and saw a huge red dragon diving down with a terrible momentum that seemed to want to destroy the world.

The next thing they realize is a hot fire coming out of its mouth.

“What the hell!”

” Fire Dragon Stryde!”

“Its actually flying!”

Without giving them time to think, the Fire Dragons flame fell from the sky and instantly set the forest around the altar on fire.

About 40% of the Blood Kins members were trapped in the forest and could feel the hot burning fire.


Even though the effect of the dragon flame was explosive,

In reality, the instant damage wasnt that high.

It was just inflicting continuous damage.

As long as the enemy walked out of the range of the fire and took a small sip of the potion, they would be able to break the effect of this Skill and fight in their best state.

“Dont panic!”

“Isnt that the Fire Dragon Boss of Hyde Fire Tower”

“Its the Qing Cults summoned creature ….

and one of them has completed the Dragon Knight set! He had even thought of a way to dispel the curse on the Fire Dragon! We just need to concentrate all our long-range firepower! We can quickly kill it!”

For a normal Fire Dragon Boss, it was affected by the Hive-like rule.

The more people challenging it at the same time, the more HP it has and the stronger its combat power would be.

The increase in HP was far greater than the increase in HP brought by the challengers after they formed a party.

However, the Fire Dragon summoned by the Dragon Knight set did not have such an effect.

No matter how many enemies it was dealing with at the same time, its HP would always remain at more than 30,000.

As long as they focused on their Skills, even if each person could only deal 300 damage, they could rely on their advantage in numbers to drown the flying creature in an instant.


There was indeed nothing wrong with this train of thought.


This Fire Dragon is just a vehicle today.

“Time of Silence!”


A purple blade light flashed out of the dragons back like a thunderbolt, and it instantly swept across the members of Blood Kin on the One-line Sky Forests heaven altar with a terrifying pressure that could destroy the world!


Glory of The Stars!”

What followed was the apocalyptic scene in the sky that looked like the twilight of the Gods.

Strange magic energy once again swept across the battlefield, causing everyone to lose HP and enter the “vulnerable” state.


Aqua Tide!”

Then, a wave of black energy rippled across the altar like a tide of death, washing over the bodies and souls of the Blood Kins sinners, causing them to lose HP and debuffs!


Divine Qi Therapy!”

Then, another evil-looking green mist fell from the sky and hit the heads of the members of the Blood Kin, causing them to collectively enter a bleeding state where their health was constantly decreasing!


Glory of the Stars!”

In the end, countless bright stars suddenly appeared in the dark canyon, turning into a spectacular meteor shower that fell on the opposite side, causing a large amount of AOE damage to the Blood Kin members.

All their attributes were greatly reduced, and the three buffs on them were randomly dispelled!

[All enemies, -6,511 HP!]

[All enemies will have their attributes greatly reduced.

Only Diamond-grade dispel Skills can dispel this effect!]

[All enemies have been inflicted with three negative statuses, including bleeding!]

[All the enemies three buffs were dispelled!]

The despairing four-hit combo directly dumbfounded all the members of the Blood Kin on the scene.

They didnt get to see the figure on the dragons back.

They didnt even know who the other party was.

They collectively entered the state of “weakness” and “serious injury”.

‘What the f*ck

‘The other party seemed to be a lone Challenger

At this moment, the Lizardman Mage, Niger, who had been giving orders earlier, jumped out again.

He suppressed the fear in his heart and tried to stabilize the morale of the army.

“Dont be afraid!” He shouted

“That challenger is only one person!”

“Although theyre very powerful,”

“Now that hes used up all his Skills, all we have to do is counterattack, and well be able to kill him and his Fire Dragon—”

Before he could finish his words, the Fire Dragon suddenly made a difficult 360-degree turn and changed its direction, returning to the highest point of the forest.

Niger felt insecure.

The Fire Dragon then flew towards the exit of the forest.

The two sides could only see its shadows, engulfing them in darkness to the point neither side could see each others face.

When they were about a thousand meters apart, the Fire Dragon stopped and changed its course once more, flying toward the Blood Kin members standing near the altar.

Everybody could only stare in silence.

‘The f*ck

‘They ran away after the attack

‘Cant you be more shameless

‘What kind of epic Dragon Knights tactic was this

They had no choice.

They couldnt hit or scold him, so they could only take out their health supplements and elemental bottles and start to recover their HP.

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