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Chapter 161: F*ck… A Priest With Over 10,000 Damage Output (II)

Ampere looked at Lin Ye with a fierce expression on his face,

“Hmph, idiot.

Even the Blood Kins Professional dont dare to carry out a Red Spirit Invasion in Qing Cults territory.

You dare to invade me alone”

“Are you tired of living”

However, just as Ampere finished speaking, the situation on the field changed.

The 10 members of the Qing Cult, including the sexy cat girl Lingdang, collectively used items to commit suicide, instantly consuming “Portrait” items in her backpack.


“What are you guys doing”

“Damn it!”

“Is this a premeditated rebellion”

What was even more despairing was that two huge figures suddenly appeared behind Lin Ye.

One was a golden knight riding a golden warhorse, and the other was a human-shaped monster wearing a devil mask.

The battle-hardened Ampere immediately recognized that these two guys were Super Monsters with the additional bonus of having both the dungeon Boss panel and the Professionals attributes.

Their strength was far beyond that of the average Professional, and they could even beat those stupid secret dungeon bosses with low intelligence.

A double-panel summoning creature!


“Where did you get these two summoning cards!”

Lin Ye pulled out the purple-glowing hidden moon from its scabbard.

The Blade of Destruction aimed at Ampere, who was alone, and smiled.

“You can go to hell and ask your ancestors if they know.”

With that,

When Lin Ye started with silent destruction, he used a standard healing combo and instantly took away more than half of Amperes HP, putting him in a heavily injured state with less than 30% HP.

[Amperes health points -11,021!]



“Why are your set Skill damage so high!”

In an instant–

Ampere began to doubt his life.

He was the leader of the Holy Church of Qing Cult.

Not only did he obtain more free attribute points than others, but he also had a complete set of Diamond-grade equipment and a set of Diamond-grade, Hive-like exclusive armor.

Logically speaking, Lin Ye was only a level 15 Professional and had level 15 Skills.

He should have at most one set of equipment from the real world, and it was impossible for him to have all the Hive-like exclusive equipment within the short time since he had arrived.

The set of Skills he had just used could deal 2,000 to 3,000 damage to him, which was already considered high damage.

It was very amazing.

The result:

‘Your f*cking first wave of Skills could deal more than 10,000 damage

‘What kind of f*cking damage is this

Before Ampere could think further, the Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit attacked together.

The physical combo of Heavenly Strike followed by Despair Strike and the combo of Golden Warhammer followed by Double Slash quickly reduced Amperes health to less than 10%.

Originally, Lin Ye could have asked the two Spirit Soul Brothers to continue using their Skills to kill this half-werewolf.

But he did not.

Instead, he decided to use Healing Spell combined with Healing Wave.

He adjusted Amperes invisible health bar to a near-death state of 5%.

In this state, Amperes attributes were greatly reduced, as if he had eaten two overlapping attributes.

He did not even have the strength to escape, let alone resist.

Even if a level 15 Silver Goblin were to come, it would be able to crush him to the ground.

“Youre so stupid!”

“Damn you…!”

Ignoring Amperes anger, Lin Ye just knelt down next to him and released a Healing Spell filled with holy aura.

He then patted himself and used his actions to tell the half werewolf that he was a Priest and could save him at any time.

After that,

Lin Ye started his interrogation mode.

“Ampere, I want to ask you something.

If you tell me the truth, Ill give you a quick death.”

Ampere looked at Lin Ye in shock.

“A Priest…”

“Youre actually a Priest….”


‘A Priest with over 10,000 damage output

‘Could it be…

‘Could this guy have awakened a god-tier talent exclusive to Priests

‘But why didnt this overpowered bastard, who could both fight and heal, go solo

‘What kind of team-forming mode is this

‘Are you crazy

‘Theres no way that you dont know that party mode will greatly enhance the attributes of monsters like Hive-like, right

Lin Ye slowly asked, “Ampere, you just said that youre from the Werewolf Kingdom.

Im curious.

Is the leader of the Blood Kin from your Werewolf Kingdom, or is he just your ally”

Ampere lowered his head without a word.

Lin Ye shrugged, “You dont want to answer”

“It doesnt matter.

From your performance, I can basically confirm that youre leading the Qing Cult to resist the oppression of the Blood Kin and giving all challengers a fair chance to challenge each other.

Its just a standard set of lies you use in a power struggle.”

“They could not win in an internal competition, so they used external forces to eliminate their competitors.

Then, when they gained enough power, they slaughtered those ministers who had helped them in the past to consolidate their existing power.”

“We humans have been playing this emperors game for more than five thousand years.”

“Im more familiar with it than you.”

“You dont have to pretend that you dont understand.”

Hearing that, Ampere opened his mouth and showed his sharp fangs.

He asked weakly, “And then”

“What do you want to do by knowing all this”

Lin Ye stood up, raised his blade, Hidden Moon, and pointed it at Amperes head.

“Im not going to do anything,”

“I just like to control the cause and possible developments of something in my own hands.”

“After all, I really hate the wordunexpected.” Lin Ye mercilessly said.

After a pause, he continued, “Actually,”

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