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Chapter 158: Lady Lucks Blessing! Complete the Dragon Knight Set! Summon “Fire Dragon Stryde”! (I)

The next day, Lin Ye woke up early.

He once again entered the Grand Hall guarded by the Dragon Knights.

He walked up the spiral stairs inside, crossed a long stone bridge across the sea, and arrived at the top floor of a Black Castle.

This was the location of the second Boss, Fire Dragon Stryde.

Although it looked more difficult to fight than the Dragon Knight, since it could fly and breathe fire,

However, this fire dragons wings seemed to have been injured in the plot, and could not spread its wings to fly into the sky.

It could only crawl around on the ground, attack the enemy with its sharp claws, or spit out hot flames from its mouth.

Moreover, its movement speed was also affected by its injuries.

It was as if it had taken a debuff that reduced all its attributes.

It could not run at all.


As long as one had long-ranged attacks and enough agility attribute points, one could easily move around to avoid the fire.

This creature was like the giant at the end, a huge RBQ creature, where challengers could kill it as they pleased.


This guys magic resistance was several levels higher than his physical resistance.

Whether it was the strategy given by the seniors or the advice given by catgirl Lingdang, they all told Lin Ye to kill it with a bow and not with magic.

“A bow and arrow”

“Im sorry, my attack damages are of a higher grade,” he said.

‘Time of Silence! The treatment package! All of them! Beat him up! It was its turn!


[Prompt: You have killed Fire Dragon Stryde.

You have received 141 Bloodsoul points and Dragon Knight heavy armor.]

[Equipment Name: Dragon Knight Heavy Armor (exclusive to Hive-like)]

[Type: Armor]

[Current forging level: LV 1 (Max level 10)]

[Grade: Diamond (Low)]

[Equipment Requirement: None]

[Equipment Effect: Increase defense by 50 points, increase magic resistance by 50 points, all attributes 30, has the effect of Fearless Dragon Soul.]

[Fearless Dragon Soul: Ignore the suppression effect of Dragon-type creatures.]

[Four-Piece Dragon Knight Set effect: Can summon the Fire Dragon, Stryde, to fight for you.]


‘The second piece of equipment from the four-piece set had been obtained just like that

‘Could it be that Lady Lucks buff couldnt affect the quality of my loot, so she gave me the option to increase my drop rate, allowing me to get whatever I want

Lin Ye didnt think too much about it.

He just put on the Dragoon Heavy Armor and checked out its effects.

First of all…

In terms of attributes.

30 points of all attributes and 50 points of double resistance.

The bonus was average and could not be compared to the Diamond-grade Ancient Dragon Necklace.

However, it was a specializedspecial effect equipment.

Its main purpose was to kill dragons and be the Father of all Dragon-type creatures.

It could also summon Fire Dragon Bosses as fighters, so the attribute bonus was slightly worse than regular equipment of the same level, but there was no problem.


The gaudy red heavy armor.

Lin Ye could choose to only show its appearance or the magician corpse robes appearance.

He didnt need to show both sets of equipment to others to receive their bonus stats.

Therefore, there was still no problem.

No matter how ugly you are, no matter how red you are, your eyes cant see, so my heart cant be bothered.


Heavy armor would reduce the wearers movement and attack speed.

There was no way to avoid this, and the impact was quite big.

It would slow down your movements by a few beats, and you would be hit by the damage Skills that could have been avoided.

However, for the sake of the additional stats, Lin Ye chose to endure it.

If he could get more suitable exclusive equipment…

He could just replace it.

Since there were two Spirit Brothers to fight the dungeon Boss now, Lin Ye could only heal and deal long-range damage.

He didnt need to ride the dungeon Boss and ignite the soul of action to be resentful.

After taking care of the Fire Dragon, Lin Ye and the others entered the castle.

Along the way, it was nothing more than fighting and killing.

What Hyde Knight, what ancient knight Come and experience the righteous “4 vs 1 solo challenge”!

Very quickly,

They had reached the last Boss of the Hyde Fire Tower — the Ancient Dragon Hunter.

Although this guy was called an “ancient dragon hunter”, he was actually a Swordsman Class.

He mainly walked the path of buff swordsmanship, giving himself all kinds of status buffs, and then using fancy normal attacks to kill its enemy.

It was more or less the inferior version of the Conjurer.

However, because it couldnt be controlled or slowed down, it was quite difficult to deal with it.

One had to take its high-speed attacks and keep exchanging blows with it.


This idiot didnt have the awareness of the Cursemancer to decisively cut to the back row.

Therefore, after being held back by the Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Spirit, this guy was completely reduced to an RBQ with relatively fast movement speed.

A few more AoE attacks would wear it down.

Lin Yes reverse Healing Spell was a locked-on Skill.

So as long as the enemy didnt use any dodging Skills or invincibility Skills that made them immune to damage, it was a 100% hit.

And so,

This Ancient Dragon Hunter, who was actually very strong, only lasted for one minute and twenty seconds before falling in front of Lin Ye.

It died faster than the Hippo Behemoth in One-line Sky Forest.

[Prompt: You have killed the Ancient Dragon Hunter.

You have received 134 Bloodsoul points and Dragon Knight Bracers.]

[Equipment Name: Dragoon Bracer (exclusive to Hive-like)]

[Type: Hand armor]

[Current forging level: LV 1 (Maxi level 10)]

[Grade: Diamond (Low)]

[Equipment Requirement: None]

[Equipment Effect: Increase defense by 50 points, increase magic resistance by 50 points, all attributes 30, has the effect ofDragon Blood Blessing.]

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