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Chapter 157: “Hes The Only One Who Defeated The Cursemancer Uninjured” (III)

It was as if this dungeon naturally rejected healers who could heal.

When Lin Ye heard this, he interrupted her,


“Is the only reason nobody cleared the Boss is because of the lack of HP supply”

“Then dont worry, Im a Priest who can heal!”

Lingdang looked extremely confused.


“A Priest!”


Lin Ye then used a Healing Spell on Lingdangs face.

“Im not lying.”

Seeing the system prompt that popped up in front of her and the green healing number that appeared above her head, Lingdang thought she just hit her head with something.


‘He really wasnt lying!

“But how did you get your Hive-like admission pass”

“I just defeated the Cursemancer without any injuries.” Lin Ye said nonchalantly.


‘No injuries.

‘He had defeated the Cursemancer with no injuries.

‘He really had said those words!

Lingdang instantly fell into a state of suspicion and she meowed in suspicion.

‘What the hell is this kid trying to do

Lin Ye continued,

“So, if I conclude correctly, the Qing Cult and the Blood Kin doesnt know any other dungeons beyond the Phantom Forest, right”

“Then theres no need to discuss any further about it.”

“What I want to know now is how to get the Red Spirits Invasion item to invade the Crimson Dawns Lizardmens world.”

“Or are you going to give it to me for free”

After hearing this, Lingdang tried her best to calm down the shock in her heart.

She sat up straight again and said slowly,

“Well send you some.”

“But you need to assassinate the leader of the current cooperative faction of the Qing Cults Holy Church.”

“Well do something to their Portrait prop to make it lose its effect.

You only need to kill them once, and youll be able to get rid of them once and for all.”

“How will I do it” Lin Ye asked curiously.

Lingdang explained,

“When we, The Guardian of Green, face the invasion of the Red Spirits, we will share the number of times the statue has been resurrected.”

“When the time comes, we will arrange a meeting for you.

My people and I will commit suicide without bringing a Portrait.”

“Wait until all the Portrait tool on the leader of the cooperative faction are destroyed.”

“Then you can kill them.”

She took out 20 cracked blood-red eye orbs and five Portrait items and stuffed them into Lin Yes hands.

“This is the down payment were giving you,”

“After the assassination of the target is successful, we will also give you 50,000 Bloodsouls, as well as the remaining five Portrait.”

“The maximum number of Portraits you can carry is 10.

If you have extra Portrait on you, give them to the people in your team.

Otherwise, it would be swallowed by the system when you put extra ones in your bag.”

“Oh and by the way…”

“Where are your teammates”

“Arent you with them”

Lin Ye smiled and didnt explain further.

Seeing this, Lingdang tactfully didnt ask anymore.

She explained all the details of the assassination plan to Lin Ye and solemnly promised,

“As long as this guy is dead, the pro-war faction will immediately take over as the new leader of the Qing Cult.

At that time, we will declare war on the sinners of the Blood Kin and send a large force to attack the Crimson Dawns territory.”


“Do you want to invade their world alone, or do you want to join our Qing Cult and invade their world in a team with us”

“Although you cant regret once you joining us, you can obtainProof of Faith by killing the sinners of the Blood Kin.

Then, you can use these items to exchange for some powerful equipment and weapons.”

“As an experienced person,”

“I think its more worth it for you to choose the latter.”

“After all…”

“Other than the equipment Hive-like exchanged from the Oaths faction, the other good equipment are too difficult to obtain.

It basically depends on luck.”

“You might stay here for more than three years, and you still might not be able to get the individual equipment you want.”

Lin Ye asked in confusion,

“Didnt you say that we can buy them from NPC merchants”

Lingdang explained,

“I did said you can buy them from the NPCs,”

“However, not only are the equipment and weapons sold by NPC merchants expensive, but the goods that appear are also random.”

“Old players like us would rather farm monsters repeatedly than wait for merchants to show mercy and give us what we want.

The probability of it appearing is even lower than the drop rate of killing monsters.”


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