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“What is it, Niger”

“Alright, come in, tell me what happened!”

After getting the permission of Big Brother, the Lizardman Mage, Niger, pushed open the red door and immediately saw the big red bed.

The Big Brother of the Lizardman was sitting on a female lizard with his hands on the heads of two other female lizards, as happy as a God.

His eyes involuntarily drifted to the ground.

“Big Brother,”

“This is what happened….”

Soon, with Nigers explanation, the Lizardman Big Brother understood what happened in Hive-like today.

He also knew about the powerful new human challenger.


“A human”


“Those guys have only developed for a few decades, and they actually produced a genius Professional recognized by the Cursemancer”

“Big brother, what do we do now” Niger asked nervously.

“If this guy isnt killed by the Cursemancer, but manages to defeat it in a duel and even got the Cursemancers inheritance Skill, then well…”

Hearing this, the Big Brother patted the female lizards head while enjoying the high-end saxophone played by the female lizard.

“Niger, how many times have I told you not to panic” He said calmly.

“Im sorry…” Niger quickly lowered his head.

“My good for nothing younger brother….” The Big Brother began,

“We, Crimson Dawn, have been here in Hive-like for five years.

Although we couldnt move on to other dungeons, we are more familiar with the front regions than any challenger that has ever entered Hive.”

“So what if he has the approval of the Cursemancer”

“Could he get the approval of other Bosses”

The female lizards saxophone gradually reached its climax.

When the Lizardman Mage still stared blankly at the Big Brother Lizardman, he could not help but groan.


He paused.

“Little Brother,” He continued to speak to Niger.

“Use your brain.

If we cant ambush at the place where the Cursemancer is, why dont we ambush him somewhere else”

“Hyde Fire Towers Dragon Knight and Fire Dragon.”

“Ancient Dragon Hunter.”

“The Executioner of the secret port.”

“Forgotten Cages lost three guards—”

“As long as we want to, these secret dungeon Bosses will become our helpers.

With our own top-tier Professionals, whats so difficult about killing a human whos just acknowledged by the Cursemancer”

“But—!” Niger asked carefully, “What about those guys from the Qing Cults Holy Church”

“When they see such an excellent new challenger, they will definitely send someone to protect him and let him join them.

Then we wont be able to kill this human…”

Upon hearing this, the Lizardman Brother picked up the female lizard onto his lap and began to tap her skin to the rhythmic beat of the jazz drum.

The music soared as if it was rising to the sky.

After a long time…

The drum beat gradually slowed down as they focused on the topic again.

It then slowly turned its head and said to the Lizardman Niger,

“What are you afraid of”

“We, the sinners who have signed theBlood Compatriots Oath, will sooner or later have a full-scale war with the Guardians of the Green Churchs sanctuary.”

“If they want to protect this human, while were planning to kill him, its just a matter of pushing the Oath of War forward.”

“… At this time.”

“Do you think those guys from the Qing Cults Holy Church dare to accept this Oath War”

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