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Chapter 15: Making Money Like Drinking Water

When they arrived at the boys changing room door, Lin Ye decisively let go of Su Mumus little hand and made a half-bow, “It is done, my lady.

I have successfully dissuaded the man from disturbing your peace.

Are you sure you dont want to reward me for my deed, my kind lady”

Su Mumu threw the white towel she used to dry Lin Yes hair on his face.

“Reward your head! Hurry up and change your clothes! The sooner youre done, the sooner we go home.

My mom texted me that shes going to make chicken soup tonight and asked you to come over.

Ill buy you a meal tomorrow,”

Lin Ye touched his nose, “Auntie wants to give me free food at your house again Im so sorry to trouble her,”

Su Mumu rolled her eyes, “Come on, youre always saying nice things, but I dont see you going to eat less than usual, right”

Lin Ye chuckled.

“I remember Aunty said that she loves that Avatar brand bag.

You tell me which one later, Ill buy it for your mother as a gift.

Its also a way to repay your family for taking care of me for so many years,”

Su Mumu quickly refused, “Dont, seriously.

You just earned 30,000 today, and that bag cost more than 20,000 Yuan… You shouldnt spend all your money like that.

What if you need it in the future”

Lin Ye waved his hand, “Im not worried.

I earn money like drinking water now.

Not only can I buy things for Auntie, but I can also buy something for Uncle.

As for you… well, I can just bribe you with a few meals.

You dont have to worry about me,”

“What are you talking about How are you earning so much money” Su Mumu asked curiously.

Lin Ye pointed at his head, “By relying on this.

You definitely wont be able to get the job I have.”

“Hey! Im going to ignore you!” Su Mumu pouted, “All you know is how to mock me all day!” Su Mumu hit him.

Lin Ye chuckled and didnt try to comfort her.

Instead, he walked straight to the mens changing room and took out the clothes he had prepared beforehand.

He changed out of his wet school uniform.

Once hes done, he turns on his phone, takes pictures of the Silver equipment he got from the dungeon, and uploads them to the school forum.

The posts title was “SSS-Grade Stone Cave Walkthrough With Pictures and Truths.

Come and Buy at a Good Price!”

He had the Emerald Ring, a “lucky” piece of equipment worth millions of Yuan, as clickbait.

This post would definitely go viral.

By that time, an endless stream of students would come to buy his walkthrough.

And while they were looking, he could sell the Hunting Greatsword at the same time.

So, not only will he get money from the walkthrough itself, but he would also get an extra charge for whoever decides to buy the weapon.

Together, it might earn him tens and thousands of Yuan, which he could use to buy an endless food supply for Su Mumu.

As for whether Lin Yes college entrance exam ranking would be affected if he used five free attribute points to exchange for money…

There was nothing to worry about.

Despite how these wealthy kids are in an advantageous spot since they have the money to cheat through the dungeon to get more attribute points, they dont care about obtaining an SSS ranking from these low-level dungeons.

I mean, if they could get free points without going through all that trouble, why not

As for the average “poor” students could only get an extra five free attribute points, and you only get that if you complete the dungeons hidden requirements.

So compared to those wealthy kids, this was like pouring a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood.

It doesnt do much.

So, after some more thought about it, he finds that theres nothing to hide about obtaining these high quality equipment.

It was better to sell than to hoard them.

Not only could you make money out of it, you also make a name for yourself.

As for selling those people that will sell his walkthrough “second-hand,”…

Lin Ye knew from the start that despite getting loads of money for selling this precious research, he was also running the risk of other people buying and reselling them at a lower price.

As long as these shameless people continue to exist, there is no way to avoid it.

Lin Ye would lose a lot of income from this “pirating”, but it didnt matter.

Lin Ye had a way of punishing these kinds of people.

Since he posted it on the schools forum and the fact that they cant hide their real names, Lin Ye could look for their identities and block them for the chance to trade with Lin Ye again.

Without access to his resources, they wouldnt be able to obtain his SSS-grade walkthroughs for the next dungeon.

Ultimately, they will lose more free attribute points because of a slight loss.

After the other students saw the aftermath of these “robbers”, they would realize that only by honestly buying Lin Yes first-hand strategies and keeping it a secret would they be able to get more information on how to obtain free attribute points from him.

By then, once the word spread, he would be able to continue to make money from the school.

Despite all that, he knew that he might not be able to completely stop these behaviors, especially those small communities that “raised funds” to sell information.

However, its still not a bad idea to make the most of the schools facilities.

But first, he needed to “eradicate” these information stealers.

He had prepared some plans to help him minimize its chances.

First, he would sell his walkthrough for a limited number.

Then, he would set up a reward system for those people who reported him of these “information stealers”.

This way, there would be people who would gladly expose their identities for the sake of staying on his good side and receiving extra benefits.

Holding back That word is not in my dictionary.

This is called subtle manipulation!

With the means of production in the palm of his hands, why wouldnt he use it to make money easily

With that in mind, Lin Ye walked out of the changing room, planning to give the Poison Bubble skill book to Su Mumu and the map of the cave he had drawn.


Huang Shaofeng, however, blocked the changing rooms door with an evil glint in his eyes.

Lin Ye frowned slightly when he saw the unfriendly visitor.

He glanced at Su Mumu, who was stopped by Zhao Qihang in the corridor, and asked, “Whats up, Huang”

Huang Shaofeng sneered, “Oh, so now you know my name Wasnt I the poor peasant who came to sell things for you Ha! Its too late to bridge some sort of friendship between us.

You know who I am, and yet you dare to be so arrogant”

Lin Ye was speechless.


Which part of him was arrogant

‘I just wanted you to stop disturbing Su Mumu, so I deliberately look for a subtle excuse that will make you leave.

I was hoping you would get the hint and stop wasting your time.

If I have given aprince like you the polite response, you wouldve pestered us like an annoying fly, and it would be troublesome for all of us.

Who would have been able to withstand such torture

Lin Ye didnt bother to explain.

Rich kids like him usually had a strong sense of pride and were very concerned about their reputation, so it was useless to explain.

But, of course, Lin Ye didnt want to apologize either.

What did he do wrong Why should he apologize to this guy, especially when he was the one who literally came looking for trouble for no reason

There was no need to inflate his already big head.

“Huang Shaofeng, if you have something to say, please speak.

If not, please make way.

We still have things to do.

Were very busy.”

Huang Shaofeng laughed angrily, “F*ck, youre so shameless, you know that Youre just a poor f*cker, yet youre so arrogant!”

“Lets see if you can still be arrogant now!!!” He suddenly balled his fist and aimed a punch at Lin Yes left cheek.


His fist missed!

Lin Ye dodged Huang Shaofengs attack extremely fast and then kneed his stomach.

With a grappling technique, he instantly pressed the rich kid to his feet and locked him in place.

What a joke!

When I was at level 4, I could even dodge a level 5 Boss normal attack!

Youre just a low-level kid who has awakened his talent, and you dont have any additional free attribute points!

Im already at level 5 and cleared two dungeons with SSS rank.

So, what are you going to do to fight with me, huh

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