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It was a combination of lightning explosion, fire breath, fireball, and other spells.

The Hyde Knight only had time to heal himself with sacred light and use Knights charge.

He had no time to use any other Skills before he was forced to retire.

The Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian turned around and glanced at Lin Ye, who was still standing in the same spot.

He pointed at the Hyde Knight, who was crouching in another direction and making a throat-slitting gesture.

Seeing this.

Lin Ye gently nodded.

The meaning was simple.

‘If you want to kill it, then kill the second Hyde Knight as well.

‘Anyway, weve already decided that the way to conquer this area is to move forward slowly.

Even if you use up all your mana, I can use my Clarity Spell to restore your mana.

Theres no need to save any Skills or mana.

And so,

The Tree Guardian laughed excitedly like a baboon.

He raised the Dragon Bone hammer in his hand and used the Skill, Heavenly Strike.

He suddenly jumped high into the air and smashed the head of the Hyde Knight like a meteorite falling from the sky.


He followed up with a physics and magic package!

A second strike!

Instant kill!

Then, the Tree Guardian set his eyes on the third Hyde Knight.

He launched another “Heavenly Strike”, followed by a physical and magic combo, and smashed it on the head of the Hyde Knight, dealing explosive damage.

Three strikes!

Instant kill!

Brother Tree returned triumphantly to his golden warhorse with a satisfied expression on his face.

“It is done, Master Lin Ye.”

Lin Ye nodded.

It had to be said.

The Hunters Blood that was refreshed by this Skill was a real bug.

Whether it was the monsters in the secret dungeon, the PvP in the real world, or the even more spectacular dimensional war, this was a godly Skill that could stop an army of thousands of people.

The only weakness was that if he used these Skills too many times, it was easy to run out of mana, which would lead to a lack of stamina.


It was unrealistic to expect the Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian to kill its way through the Hyde Fire Tower with this Skill.

The few of them still had to act steadily and map out the map bit by bit, in case there were too many monsters in the camp and they couldnt use thissheep tactic to turn into a human wave.

In addition, it was already five oclock in the afternoon.

After a while, the consumption rate of fatigue points would gradually increase, especially when it reached 10 oclock in the evening when it reached the maximum consumption.

Just fighting a difficult elite monster could cause you to fall into the state of “extreme fatigue” and lose HP.


Lin Ye decided.

As long as they defeated the first Hyde Fire Tower Boss, the Dragon Rider, they would end their map-mapping operation for the day.

They would then find a safer place to set up camp and rest for the night to recover their fatigue points.

He would continue to work hard tomorrow, break through the entire Hyde Fire Tower, and head to the next area, the place where human Professionals had explored the furthest—



After the Lizardman Mage suicided, it took him five minutes of countdown to resurrect at a bonfire resurrection point in his own secret dungeon.

While the other four Lizardman Brothers who fought alongside the Lizardman Mages….

They were just normal members of Crimson Dawn and did not have a precious item like the “Portrait” to protect them.

So, after the four of them were killed by the Cursemancer, they were really dead.

Even their bodies were destroyed and could not be brought back to the real world for burial.


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