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[Duel Invitation (Inheritance Skill): A unique Skill.

Can not be upgraded.

Only a Hive-like Challenger who is fully recognized by the Cursemancer can inherit this Skill.]

[Skill Effect (Agreed): Send aDuel Invitation to a single enemy.

After the other party agrees, the other party will be pulled into theDuel Space and a 1v1 Deathmatch will be carried out.

Only the last person alive can leave the Duel Space.

Other people can not see the situation inside the Duel Space and can not interfere.

(If you are killed by the enemy under these conditions, the inherited SkillDuel Invitation will be transferred to the other party.

The Cursemancers summoning card will also be transferred to the other party.

All items that are bound to summoning cards will be ignored.)]

[Skill Effect (Reject): Send aDuel Invitation to a single enemy.

After the other party rejects it, they will be affected by the Hive-like curseHeart of Fear.

Every time they fight with you, all their attributes will permanently decrease slightly.]


‘The effect of this Skill is…

‘To have me and the enemy engage in a 1v1 Deathmatch in the Duel Space, and without being seen by the outside world, isnt this the same as activating the heaven and earth reversal innate talent effect whenever I want to, directly pushing the enemy to the ground

Even if the other party was not willing to fight him one-on-one…

It didnt matter.

The Hive-like regional curse, “Heart of Fear”, would permanently reduce all attributes by a small margin when fighting against secret dungeon creatures in the region, just like being in an “injured state” that could not be healed all year round.

It seemed that a small decrease in all attributes did not have much of an effect.

However, in a high-end battle full of details, the debuffs brought by such small debuffs would be magnified several times.

Then, the enemy Masters would seize the opportunity to suppress you from the beginning to the end, beating you up until you had no way to fight back.

Not to mention…

The debuffs from this curse were different from the debuffs from Skills.

They could be stacked.

For example, Lin YesHoly Light andStars Godly Glory could both cause the enemys stats to decrease greatly, but they were the same.

So when used on a single target, it would only prolong the duration of the decrease.

If he stacked any of the Skill with [Heart of Fear], it would first slightly reduce all of the other partys attributes, then greatly reduce them.

Using a dogs head and weakness to turn the enemysgoat into abig goat, it was an instant pleasure.

After that…

Eliminate the Hive-like Cursemancer.

Lin Ye immediately ran to open the fixed treasure chest that it was guarding.

Unfortunately, his luck was just average, and he only got a Platinum priest weapon.

He could only use it as dog food to feed the famous saber, Hidden Moon, to increase its quality.

But this time, little Mumus luck suddenly became better.

She got a Platinum-grade equipment.

But it still was useless.

Lin Ye and the others werent short of money, so they immediately broke it down into smithing stones and made it a glorious dog food product.


The group passed through the back door of the castle and entered a cave.

They destroyed the spirits of the Kingdoms Warriors inside and walked straight along the tunnel.

They arrived in a City surrounded by the sea.

This was the Hive-like 3rd region— Hyde Fire Tower.

[Secret Area: Hyde Fire Tower]

[Monster level: LV 10 – 12]

[Area Curse: Crowd-control nullified (all crowd-control Skills nullified, including movement speed reduction “slow” effect)]

[Revival Point: Below the lighthouse]

In this area, the secret lands Boss, Hyde Knight, had been demoted to an elite monster.

Although his status panel had dropped a lot, their numbers had become unusually large.

For example, at the beginning of the cave, there would be three Hyde Knights lying around.

If you didnt clean them up separately and chose to move forward, you would inevitably be outflanked from the back by these Knights.

At that time–

Each of them could cast Holy Light.

They would be like three mad dogs, chasing you down and biting you across half the street.

They would not stop until youre dead.

In addition to the new monster, Ancient Knight, that would appear later, the two elite creatures attacked from the front and back.

Even if it was the Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Demonic, they would have to lose a lot of HP before they could kill them all by themselves.

Under the influence of the area curse, all the monsters in the dungeon here had their own “super armor”, which could not be controlled or slowed down.

The way to deal with this group of Knights, who gave themselves theall attributes greatly increased state…

Was to use dispel Skills that could remove buffs.

Which was another difficult point.

In summary…

“We have to move slowly in this area and deal with the creatures along the way one by one.

We couldnt just lure them all together like before and had to rely on thisweakened state to wipe them out all at once.”

“Its very easy to make a mistake…”

“Do you understand”

The Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian raised the DragonBone hammer in his hand.

“I understand, Master Lin Ye.”

“Leave the Hyde Knight in front of me.”

Lin Ye nodded, ”


“You deal with that.”

“Then, come to me to replenish your HP.”

After saying that, the Tree Guardian immediately used the Knights Charge Skill.

Like a heavy tank moving at full speed, it rushed to the front of the first Hyde Knight and pierced its spear to its head, causing a large red damage number to float out.

Then, it was the physical combo of Heavenly Strike, Despair Strike, Triple Death Slash, and Horse Kick.

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