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The Last Giant, or LG for short.

When Lin Ye was Level 6, he could already beat the level 8 giant to the ground.

Now, he was level 15, and the Last Giant was only level 12, with the help of the three cheater brothers…

The outcome was obvious.

Lin Ye and the others took around a minute to finish the battle perfectly, unlike the other challengers who took 20 minutes to study the giants Skill mechanics even when they were forming a team to raid the Boss.

The revived Lizardman Mage would not expect this either.

Lin Yes speed of advancement had reached an unimaginable level.

In just an hour, he had cleared the narrow path and the Forest of Fallen Giants, standing in front of the Cursemancer, who was a man of choice.

He could bypass it and head to the third area at any time.

And most of the time was spent on riding horses.

The time taken to kill monsters only took up one-tenth of the time.

The Lizardmen Mage originally planned to gather his Crimson Dawn brothers and ambush the Cursemancer.

Once Lin Ye arrived, it would coordinate with the invincible Cursemancer to kill Lin Ye.

The result…

Only five people had willingly gathered.

Lin Ye suddenly walked up to the castles rooftop and appeared in front of everyone.

The two of them stared at each other, and the situation became extremely awkward.

‘What the f*ck

‘What the hell is this human made of

‘How long has it been Was it even an hour Did he kill the Hyde Knight and the Last Giant And reached here

‘Is he that strong

‘Wait a minute!

‘This was not the point!

‘The point was, had the time for his three summoned creatures to run out

‘Should we take advantage of the Cursemancers appearance and cooperate with its powerful combat power to launch a Red Spirit Invasion and do a sneak attack on that human

After some thought.

The Lizardman Mage believed that Lin Yes summoned creatures should be the same as the other summoning cards and only last for an hour.

By now, they had probably all dissipated and wouldnt appear again for at least a day.

As a Hive-like secret realm Boss, the Cursemancer would attack the Hive-like challengers in its own world first.

During this period, it would ignore the Red Spirit Invaders who entered the world, forming a hidden “friendly” relationship.

This included the normal and elite monsters in his surroundings.

They would also attack the Hive-like challengers first.

After killing the challengers, they would then attack the Red Spirit Intruders.

This was one of the “prices” of forming a team to challenge Hive.

Not only would you have to endure the Red Spirit Intruders harassment, but you would also have to be careful of the smart Red Spirit Intruders taking advantage of the terrain to launch a shameless sneak attack on you, or cooperate with the bosses in the secret realm to attack you with a mix of men and women.

The two conditions added up.

‘Even if there are only five of us now, we can still choose to let the Red Spirits invade and kill this human.

And according to the calculation of the regular unboxing luck…

This human should not have obtained thePortrait item yet, so he could not be resurrected in the Hive-like World.

If he died, he would really die.

‘If I kill him now, Ill be able to get rid of all future troubles.

As he thought about it, the Lizardman mage took out the cracked blood-red eye pearl and performed the Red Spirit Invasion ritual while shouting,


“Hurry up!”

“Invade this human world with me!”

“Kill him!”

[Prompt: You have been invaded by Red Spirits! [Current number of intruders: 5]

Lin Ye speechlessly stared at the notification.

But it was still alright.

‘I was just worried that I didnt have the Red Spirits Invasion item.

Thats why I havent paid you a visit.

‘And youre taking the initiative to come to my door instead

However, just as he was thinking about it, a huge humanoid creature in black armor suddenly fell from the sky on the castles platform.

It was like a Gundam that had landed on the ground.

The newcomer was none other than the frightening Cursemancer.

It stood up from the ground and looked at Lin Ye with a deep meaning in its eyes.

It then pulled out the black iron greatsword on its back and cast a spell to strengthen its normal attack and all its attributes.


What was unexpected was….

The Cursemancer didnt use the standard opening move– Moonlight Thrust – on Lin Ye.

Instead, he turned around and used theMoonlight Thrust on the red Spirit Lizardmen who had just completed the Red Spirit Invasion and appeared behind him, cutting their green lizard heads.


Explosive AoE damage!

The five Lizardmen who had just entered the arena were instantly dumbfounded!



‘What was going on

‘Shouldnt you be f*cking going after that human challenger

‘Why did they suddenly attack us, Red Spirits


‘Did the summoned creatures that the human summoned not disappear

The Lizardman Mages heart turned cold.

‘That kid is broken!

‘He is no ordinary person!

‘Im going to lose another life in this Red Spirit Invasion!


Death was not scary!

‘Whats scary is that I dont understand!

‘Why would the Cursemancer help that human to fight us

‘The Hippo was chasing after him.

It didnt even look at us or attack us, so why did the Cursemancer hesitate

All of a sudden—

The Lizardman Mage was stunned.

He looked at the Cursemancer, who was flying around in the air and attacking its companion with a black iron sword.

A terrifying thought emerged in his mind.

Could it be that this human was a “special challenger” who had been acknowledged by the Cursemancer


He definitely was!

Otherwise, theres no reason for the Cursemancer to let go of the “fat sheep” in front of him and suddenly turn around to help that same “fat sheep” kill us, the Red Spirit Intruders instead!

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