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However, his spells were all for short-range combat.

He couldnt compare to Lin Ye, who could kill people with his reverse Skill from dozens of meters away.

His movement speed was also much slower than the original Tree Guardian, so he could easily be kited by the long-range agile players without being able to fight back.

It could be said that this wave had strengthened his strengths and weaknesses at the same time, making him more “specialized” to his Class.

On the other hand, the ugly-looking Evil Omen Demonic Spirit was an agile warrior, which was the complete opposite to the Tree Guardians combat.

His ability to fight in a group was not strong, but his displacement and mobility were very high, and he had all kinds of changes in moves.

[Name: Evil Omen Demonic Spirit (Warrior)]

[Level: 11]

[Qualification: Platinum ★]

[Attribute: Golden Power (can summon various weapons made of golden power)]

[Weapons and Equipment: Vine Sword, Devil Mask, Hunting Cape Set]

[Skills: Golden War Hammer, Golden Throwing Knife, Golden Longsword, Land Slash, Back Jump, Charge, Double Horizontal Slash]

[Description: A Spirit Soul from another world.

Information unknown.]

After looking at the two Boss stats, Lin Ye followed the Hive-like information left behind by those challengers who had entered before.

He walked along the left side of the forest and found a hidden cave.

As the entrance to the cave was too small and indestructible, the Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Demonic Demonic Spirit were too large to enter.

That was why only Lin Ye and little Mumu entered the cave.

Very quickly,

They saw the only monster reside in the cave.

[Name: Hippo Behemoth (Boss panel)]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Platinum ★★★★★]

[Skills: None.]

[Description: A giant Hippo with rough skin and thick flesh.

Be careful of its attacks, its very painful.]

Lin Ye didnt waste any more time and quickly pulled out his blade, Hidden Moon, and activated its Destruction Form.

He went up and started crazily attacking the hippos nose.

And since little Mumu was unable to use any Skills, she could only use the Mages long-range general attack, which was a long-range magic attack on the hippos head.

If they were worried that they couldnt beat the Hippo beast in a head-on fight…

The two of them could also bait the Behemoth to the entrance of the cave.

The stupid Behemoth would be too big to walk out of the cave, and it would not run away due to its stubbornness.

The Tree Guardian and the Demonic Spirit would be able to help kill it.

It was basically a free point question for novices.


All of Lin Yes attributes were now 450 points, which was several levels higher than when he took the college entrance exam.

He didnt need to play any dirty tricks to deal with this stupid level 10 Boss.

He could just dodge and use a normal attack to kill it.

However, since he couldnt use their reverse Skill, and the hippo had high defense and HP, it would take them a long time to kill it.

[Prompt: You have killed the Hippo Behemoth and obtained 100 units of Bloodsoul.

A golden resin has been dropped.

(Unable to gain exp)]

[Bloodsoul: The currency in Hive-like.

Challengers can use it to exchange for all kinds of things.]

[Golden Pine Resin: After use, it can enchant your weapon with lightning elements, increasing the damage caused by normal attacks and changing it to a lightning attribute Skill.]

Hive-like was different from normal dungeons.

In normal dungeons, you had to open the clearance box and hidden chest after you cleared the entire dungeon to obtain all kinds of rewards.

On the other hand, the monsters in “large-scale secret dungeons” like Hive-like would directly drop items after battle.

The Bloodsoul that had been stabilized was able to be exchanged for items from NPCs in Hive-like.

It could even trade with some intelligent secret dungeon Bosses, including weapons, Skill books, and free attribute points.

And everything could be brought out of Hive-like.

They could also be used to exchange for special buffs and special items in secret dungeons.

Although he couldnt bring these ones back to reality,

It would be of great help when fighting against those dangerous secret dungeons Bosses.

It was very worth spending a large amount of Bloodsoul for it.

Hive-like also have fixed and random treasure chests.

After activating it, you can obtain all kinds of good items, including Skill books, weapons, equipment, and a large number of Bloodsouls.

There are even many precious and unique items that Bloodsouls can not exchange for.

For example, there was a fixed treasure chest in the hippos cave.

The reward it gave was random.

If you were in a party, you and your teammates would be given different loot boxes based on their different luck, which means no two people could receive the same reward at the same time.


Lin Ye still wasnt sure.

Can Bai Zhis Lady Lucks Gaze buff be effective here

As he was thinking, Lin Ye opened the treasure chest in front of him.

A white light appeared as the treasure chest opened, and the system notification appeared in front of him.

[Prompt: You have opened an unknown treasure chest and obtained a hand accessory,Ring of Stone.]

[Ring of Stone (Platinum grade.

Low): LV1.

Can be forged, the highest forging level is 20.

All attributes 10, after equipping it, you will gain theToughen characteristic, which can be used to cut toughen enemies with super armor.

When the toughen point is zero, the effect of super armor will be broken for a period of time, and then the enemy will be controlled by a control Skill.]


‘Durability-reducing equipment

‘This is great!

For example, if you fought a super-armored monster like the Dragon Tree Guardian head-on, he wouldnt be affected by crowd control or speed debuffs.

It would almost be impossible for ordinary people to win against the Tree Guardian in close combat.

However, if he equipped the Ring of Stone and used up all of his fortitudes, he would end up like Olaf, who had lost his ultimate Skill.

He would be crushed to the ground by all sorts of crowd control Skills.


Compared to the 10% cooldown reduction, this ability was a little weak.

It wasnt worth Lin Ye changing his Emerald Ring, so he gave it to Su Mumu and the others.

What was even more unfortunate was…

Lady Lucks Gaze effect was ineffective to the treasure chests in Hive-like.

Just like the system prompt it gave back then, it would only increase the grade of the box given after clearing the secret dungeon.

But it didnt matter.

For example, the probability of getting a Platinum reward from the various treasure chests in Hive-like early stages was much higher than that of getting a Gold reward.

Almost only the most unlucky people could get Gold rewards.

If youre lucky, you can even get a Diamond-grade treasure like in a row.

It was equivalent to a guaranteed Platinum-grade reward.


In the later stages,

Since the monsters guarding the treasure chest are getting stronger and stronger…

Who knows He might be able to get a steady stream of Diamond-grade reward from those treasure chests.

“Little Mumu,”

“What did you get”

[Prompt: “Su Mumu — Bionic Tear” has opened an unknown treasure chest and obtained a portable equipment, “Maids Spoon”]

[Maids Spoon (Gold) (Low): LV.


Can not be forged.

It can increase the efficiency of cooking food, improve the taste of food, and give food special effects once carried.

It can restore part of the users HP and obtain a buff for a certain period of time.]

Lin Ye stared silently at the prompt.

Little Mumu didnt speak up either.

‘Sounds like….

‘A completely useless item…

No wonder Su Mumu was only wearing Bronze equipment before the college entrance examination.

Not even using Silver equipment.

With the blessing of bad luck, no one could do anything about it.

She could only continue to wear bronze equipment.

After opening the treasure chest hidden in the cave, Lin Ye and little Mumu left the cave together.

They rode on the Tree Guardians golden warhorse and headed north to the One-Line Sky Forest.

Along the way, a large group of level 10 wild dogs appeared.

They were all 7 – 8 Gold-star monsters.

Although they were usually not difficult to deal with, since Lin Ye and the others were affected by the “Skill nullification” curse, which prevented them from using their AoE Skills, these wild dogs were very troublesome to deal with.

So, when one was alone in the forest, they could only take one step at a time, kill one monster, and then deal with another.

Otherwise, if they were surrounded by these Gold-grade wild dogs, no matter how powerful a genius Professional was, they might be crushed by this brainless human wave tactics.


To the Tree Guardian, who had already changed his Class, these wild dogs were just a bunch of sandbags for him to beat.

With three AoE attacks, he annihilated all the wild dogs surrounding him.

Even the other wild dogs that appeared behind them were easily taken care of by the Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian.

They each received 70 Bloodsoul points as a reward.

Including the 100 Bloodsoul points given by the Hippo giant beast, the four of them received a total of 680 Bloodsoul points.

If Lin Ye fought alone, he would only get 170 Bloodsoul points.

It would be a huge loss.

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