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After the incident at the Church of Healing, Lin Ye gave up on his original plan to rest.

He turned around and asked Huang Tianqi to find a “breakthrough item” to break his level 10 lock.

When the admission notice from Tianqi University was sent, he gave the “breakthrough item” that came with it to Su Mumu, which would be used to break through the Big Tree Guardians level 10 lock and complete the first step before he changed his Class to Dragon-Armored Big Tree Guardian.

After that, he used the 996-style dungeon-clearing method to clear his fatigue points and enter a dazed state every day.

Lin Ye finally reached the last level required for Hive-like — level 15.

However, he was not in a hurry to break through the barrier.

Instead, he planned to spend some time preparing for the final battle, to make himself as strong as possible, and to increase the probability of clearing the dungeon easily.

After all, Hive-like was a special large-scale secret dungeon.

One had to obtain multiple Hive-like passes before they could repeatedly enter it.

One could not just go in and out of the dungeon whenever they please.

If you feel that you cant defeat the monsters inside and retreat halfway, it will consume your Hive-like pass and you cant enter again.

According to the Professional Alliances statistics,

At present, there were 73 human Professionals who had entered Hive-like.

24 of them had sacrificed themselves inside, and the rest had all chosen to give up halfway.

No one had managed to clear Hive-like, not even halfway.


None of them had been able to enter it a second time.

It wasnt that they didnt want to go in, but that they couldnt get a second entry pass, or their individual level exceeded the limit, so they could only choose to give up with tears in their eyes.

Of course.

There might be challengers in the human world who had not reported to the Professional Alliance about the pass they obtain.

They were not counted in the statistics.

This month, Su Mumus special training plan also showed results.

Although she couldnt control the details and battle rhythm to the point of perfection like Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan, she was already much better than her original plan of being a salted fish.

In addition to the Soul-Summoning Bells new ability, “Fading”, which could summon the Tree Guardian and the newEvil Omen to the real world, her combat power had now exceeded 90% of her peers.

In a dungeon, with the combination of the Big Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen demon, she could directly surpass 99% of her peers.

It had to be said that this “Bionic Tear”, which had caught the attention of the witch of silence and the Church of Healing, was indeed a little awesome.

It was simply a cheat among cheats.

Invincible big brother,

With an invincible Boss underling.

Then, the strength of the Boss underling could continue to increase.

After the increase, they could summon more Boss underlings and achieve a snowball effect.


Wasnt this the legendary one man army


This Awakened Talent was hard to come by.

Lin Ye could only look at Su Mumu enviously as she split her attention.

She let her doppelganger take her two Boss minions into the dungeon 24 hours a day, while he practiced martial arts with Shangguan Yan in the morning and trained her physical fitness in the afternoon.

She was living a hard but fulfilling life of transformation.

On the sports field, after finishing her daily running physical training, Su Mumu, who was steaming all over, wiped the sweat from her face, unscrewed a bottle of cold mineral water, and poured it into her mouth.

After she finished drinking, she went to the edge of the field and sat beside Lin Ye.

She asked in confusion,

“Why are you here so early today”

“Im already level 15, so I cant continue farming in the dungeons in case my level exceeds Hive-likes requirements.

Thats why I came to pick you up earlier.” Lin Ye explained.

“How are you”

“How many training targets do you have left”

Su Mumu raised her hands and made a sexy arm stretching action, revealing her devilish small waist and replied,

“Im sorry.

Ive completed the schedule you made for me.

This is the second round of training, I added it myself.”

“Hehe~” (*^^*)

Lin Ye was confused.

“So fast”

Su Mumu explained,

“Well, I feel that its because of the increase in my four-dimensional attributes.

These basic physical training are a little difficult at the beginning, but after I got used to it, it became easier now.”

Lin Ye touched his nose.



Then you dont have to do these basic physical exercises tomorrow afternoon.

Lets go straight to the next stage: combat exercises.

Ill let Shangguan Yan be your opponent and teach you body movements and positioning.”

Su Mumu curiously asked,


“Isnt he going to clear the secret dungeon this afternoon”

“He still has to teach his disciples in the Spirit Charm Sect and deal with the sects affairs in the morning.

He doesnt seem to have any free time…”

“Hes fine.” Lin Ye said.

“He told me.”

“Tianqi Universitys level 10 ~15 dungeon is similar to the current dungeon resources in Rivertown.

Theyre all simple level dungeons, and youll only get 5 free attribute points after clearing them.”

“However, there are many difficult secret dungeons after level 15 that give more free attribute points than the simple dungeons in Rivertown.”

“After he reaches level 15 in the next two days, hell stop clearing dungeons.

And when he arrives at Tianqi University, hell use the universitys high-difficulty dungeons to get more free attribute points.”

“Thats why we have all the time now to guide you.”

“As for the matter of the sect…”

“This kid has already found an acting sect leader.

He can let them take care of the matters of the Spirit Charm Sect at any time.

Hes just bored, so hes teaching his disciples martial arts.”

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