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“Im always dragging you down…”

Little Mumu shook her head.

She pointed at her chest and then pointed at Lin Ye, who was sitting next to Su Mumu.

She made a heart gesture, a “like” gesture, and finally touched Su Mumus head.

The meaning was simple.

‘Dont worry.

‘Lin Ye and I will help you become stronger.

‘Even if you cant do it, you still have us.

‘We can work together.

Su Mumu teared up.


“Im even sadder now that youve said that!”

*Sob* *Sob*

Little Mumu could only stare helplessly at her “master” while Lin Ye smiled.

‘Alright, it seemed that this little girl had recovered.

He didnt have to worry about her anymore.


‘Now, it was time to formulate the next plan to become stronger!

Abyssal Demons were still manageable to fight, but the two Priests from the Church of Healing were too dangerous.

They were like the sword of Damocles hanging over his head, and he could not tell when they would fall and deal a fatal blow to him!

‘Which is why–!

‘I have to work harder to become stronger!

‘Especially this large-scale secret dungeon that can bring me huge improvements!

He had to conquer it as soon as possible!



All of you, crawl to the side!

As he continued to think, Su Mumu suddenly moved to Lin Yes side and tugged on his sleeve.

She looked at him with her big watery eyes and said pitifully,

“Lin Ye-Gege…”

Lin Ye looked in confusion.

“Can you make a summer training plan for me” Su Mumu asked in a soft voice.

*Sob* *Sob* *Sob*

“I know my learning ability is limited…”

“I might only improve a little….”

“But Ill get stronger as much as I can.

No matter how difficult and painful the training is, Ill stick to it.

Believe me….”


“Of course you can.” Lin Ye said.

“If you want to train hard, Ill help you train hard.”

“If you want to lie flat and live like a salted fish, Ill help you lie flat and become a salted fish.”

“But you have to think carefully.”

“Once the plan is carried out, you cant give up.

If you want to give up, Ill use all kinds of means to force you to continue training.”

“This is mainly to prevent you from developing the bad habit of giving up halfway.”

“Thats more dangerous than not doing it at all.”

“Yes.” Su Mumu said without hesitation.

“Ive thought about it.”

“I have to work hard to become stronger.

I cant be a burden that doesnt know anything.

At least, I have to make sure that I dont drag you down in battle!”

“Bring it on!”


As soon as she finished speaking, a system notification appeared in front of Su Mumu.

Lin Ye, who shares their interface Su Mumu, also received the same system notification.

[Prompt: Sensing your determination to become stronger from the bottom of your heart, the “Soul Summoning Bell” has resonated with your body and obtained a new abilityFading.

You are currently in the first stage ofFading.

You can summon one Spirit Soul into the real world and two Spirit Souls to fight at the same time in a dungeon!]

[Prompt: If you want to continue evolving the “Soul Summoning Bells”Fading ability, you must improve your and all your Spirit Souls strength.

The stronger your overall strength is, the higher the fading stage of the “Soul Summoning Bell” will be.

The number of spirit souls that can be summoned at the same time and the number of Spirit Souls that can be summoned to the real world will also increase.]

[Prompt: The “Soul Summoning Bell” can now summon-new a spirit soul — “Evil Omen Demonic Spirit”!]

[Evil Omen Demonic Spirit: Wears a cloak and a demonic mask.

It will assist you in defeating your enemies!]



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