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Chapter 13: Huang Shaofeng

Su Mumu didnt have much interest in these two boys.

Moreover, she had heard of them before, especially one in particular, and most of them were not so pleasing to the ear.

So personally, she would rather not be involved in whatever they wanted from her.

That was why she didnt hide around the bush and immediately used Lin Yes name to give them the red card.

“Yeah, Im waiting for my boyfriend.

Hell be out of the dungeon soon.”

The young master of the Huang family did not falter his smile, “Your boyfriend Did he go solo to get the first clear reward He must be a powerful guy, huh.”

Su Mumu gently nodded, then picked up her pink phone with the little rabbit hanging on it and continued playing Anipop to kill some time, clearly showing them that she was no longer interested in talking.

Seeing they had been gently refused, Zhao Qihang shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

“Oh well.

Ive been meaning to say this since just now.

This girl is different from those women you flirt with at the bar.

She definitely wont talk to you.

Lets go,” he whispered to the other boy, “Dont disturb her.”

Huang Shaofeng shook his head slightly and stubbornly whispered, “I dont care.

Ive taken an interest in this girl and her so-called boyfriend.

Id like to see what kind of god he is, that she has the nerve to ignore me!”

As the only son of the boss behind the Huang Corp in Jiang City, Huang Shaofeng had money, looks, and power… Even his aura and how he carries himself could charm thousands of girls, making them fall in love with him at first sight and chase him to no end.

As the saying goes.

Some people were born to be the protagonists.

Huang Shaofeng had always been the most dazzling star in everyones eyes.

No matter where he went, he would be surrounded by the planets and become the center of society.

And yet this cute-looking girl in front of him… She didnt even hesitate to reject his attempt to make a move on her and sealed off any chances by throwing him the “I have a boyfriend” card!

When had he, Huang Shaofeng, ever suffered such humiliation

So, he was not convinced at all.

He had to meet this girls boyfriend.

Meanwhile, the people in the surrounding area noticed Huang Shaofeng and Zhao Qihang.

They immediately whispered and discussed:


“Thats the young master of the Huang Corp, Huang Shaofeng, right”

“Yes… I heard that he didnt come to school for a semester.

I remembered he said he was preparing for the college entrance examination.

But was that just an excuse Why is he suddenly here to clear a low-level dungeon”

A boy beside him replied disdainfully, “Tsk, dont even think about it.

This kind of idiotic rich kid must be tired of playing with the young models outside and came to school to find some innocent female students to play with.”

“Look at those two idiots surrounding the girl playing with her phone.

Theyre obviously trying to hit on her and win her over.”

“F*ck this guy.

I heard he dated five beautiful girls at the same time in school last semester, and he even took them to a hotel… What a scumbag!” Another boy said, equally angry.

The first person was shocked to hear this, “Really Hes such an animal!”

The second guy sighed.

“The rumors about dating five girls are fake… But he is still the “Ocean King”.

After all, hes the heir of the Huang Corp.

Not only is his family rich, but hes also tall, handsome, and generous.

Wouldnt a bunch of girls turn around and kiss up to him”

“Moreover, before this guy awakened his talent, his family had already customized a Diamond-grade general equipment set.

He will definitely be able to crush the college entrance examination and get into the top ten of our city.” He continued.

“If the talent he awakens today is powerful enough, he might even be the top player in the college entrance examination.”

The third boy sighed, his fiery anger simmering down, “Its really infuriating to compare people…”

At the same time, some of the girls on the other side were secretly discussing the “Ocean Kings” appearance, but their attitude towards Huang Shaofeng was utterly different from the boys.


“Its Huang Shaofeng himself!”

“Ah, Im falling for him.

I didnt feel it when I saw the photos, but I didnt expect him to be so handsome in person.

The temperament he exudes is completely different from the other guys!”

“I cant take it anymore.

Sisters, Im going to get his phone number.

Wish me luck!”

“Count me in!”

“Dont… I heard that hes a scumbag and has a bad character.

Hes done a lot of bad things in the past…”

“I dont believe in nor do I spread rumors.

Theyre just fake news from people who are jealous of him.

Wheres the evidence, huh Give me the evidence, then Ill believe you,”

“The rumors are probably from a bunch of sour guys!”


Seeing that the people around him had noticed him, Huang Shaofeng started to feel proud.

Listening to these peoples discussions made him puff up his chest.

These loud discussions, especially from the group of girls nearby, will act as his “wingman”, showing this adorable girl of his charms and high value as a man.

Any ordinary girl would be attracted to these things.

Just like how lionesses would be attracted to the mighty jungle king, he was sure it would give this girl a good impression of him.

Hehe… Little girl, when you find out who I am, surely youll change your mind,

However, Su Mumu didnt give him a second look and felt a bit uncomfortable with so many people talking around her.

She stood up from the chair and walked to the entrance of the “Stone Cave.”

“This girl…” Huang Shaofeng frowned.

Seeing his friends worsening temper, Zhao Qihang quickly cleared his throat, subtly trying to remind him that they were in public.

Hoping that Huang Shaofeng would remember to keep his ethics and not embarrass himself by showing his lousy temper in public.

But then, Huang Shaofengs heart and mind were already filled with Su Mumus arrogant expression.

Especially her cold tone when she rejected him.

She was simply heartless.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

He couldnt wait to conquer Su Mumu and turn her from a cold and aloof goddess of ice into a delicate and pitiful little kitten who would rub and lick him.

And at that exact moment, Lin Ye exited the dungeon, thoroughly drenched.

Huang Shaofeng immediately glanced at Su Mumus “boyfriend” with hostility.

His height is at least 1.8 meters.

Hes… A little handsome

His aura… Is not ordinary….

Hes wearing… Why is he all wet

His figure… Sh*t! Its perfect! Even Im a little jealous! Look at those sexy muscle lines! He mustve trained every day!


He must admit, this guy was indeed something.

Other than the fact that hes poor and wore no-brand clothes, he has no other negative features!

Huang Shaofeng has no bullets to fill his gun!

Huang Shaofeng took a deep breath and calmed down.

When a stray thought suddenly crosses his mind, his lips curl up, revealing a kind smile.

With his brewing idea, he walked straight towards Lin Ye, who was being wiped by Su Mumu with a towel and put on a “friendly” posture.

As the saying goes, if you want to defeat your enemy, you must first understand your enemy.

Huang Shaofeng planned to start with Lin Ye.

First, he would figure out the details of this formidable opponent and then use him to slowly attack his goal and finally take down Su Mumu, a girl whose appearance matches his preference but is also so cold to him.

After all…

A target like this…

Despite his annoyance, she was more exciting than an ordinary girl…

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