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As they entered the center of the city ruins, they saw that the surrounding high-rise buildings had either fallen or collapsed.

The ground was covered in gravel and broken steel bars.

Coupled with the green moss that covered the ground and the dark environment that was blocked from the sunlight by the ruins, it looked like Raccoon City in the Resident Evil movie, filled with doomsday-like despair.

“How terrifying…” Bai Zhi whispered in fear.

“Sister Mumu, what are you doing here”

Lin Ye furrowed his brows.

“I feel that something is wrong.”

“Be careful,”

“I feel like something or someone is watching us.”

Suddenly, as if waiting for Lin Ye to say those very words, a big fat man wearing a black cloak and holding a giant ax appeared on the stone ruins before them.

Although he looked like a human, his huge and abnormal body size had already betrayed his identity.

‘A creature from another world!


“Equipment materialization!”

Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan reacted extremely quickly.

The moment the Executioner appeared, they summoned all of their equipment and weapons, giving their bodies the bonus stats from their equipment.

They also got into a defensive stance, ready to defend against the enemy at any time.

Bai Zhis reaction was slower and she didnt summon her equipment immediately.

She only realized what she should do after hearing Lin Yes warning shout.

But it didnt matter.

Since Lin Ye knew about the little lolis situation, he stood in front of Bai Zhi after summoning his equipment.

He also took out the protective barrier scroll that the Professional Alliance gave him to make sure that the enemys sudden attack wouldnt hurt Bai Zhi.

After that,

“Hey!” Lin Ye shouted at the Executioner,

“You should have some intelligence, right”

“Dont you know that this is humans territory”

“If you dare to attack us, youll have to be prepared to be surrounded by the human army and die!”

“If youre smart, lets make a deal.

Hand over the girl you kidnapped and let us leave.

We wont send a signal to call others to annihilate you, creature from another world!”

The enemys situation and strength were unknown, so it would be stupid to attack mindlessly.

It was better to negotiate first.

If the negotiation was unsuccessful and the other party was determined to make a move, then he would consider fighting to the death with it.

This was the best way to deal with it.


Lin Yes judgment was wrong.

Although the “Executioner” in front of him was a humanoid monster, it was an irrational creature with little intelligence.

It was not interested in trading and was only keen on using the big ax in its hand to kill anything and anybody blocking its path.

Not to mention, as a summoned creature, it was a “Professional thug” who would 100% listen to its masters orders.


“Ill kill you all!”

‘Alright, negotiation failed.

I can only take action.

He shot a look at Shangguan Yan, and Shangguan Yan immediately understood.

He immediately grabbed Bai Zhi by her clothes and, like an eagle catching a chick, carried the little loli with one hand and quickly retreated more than 20 meters away.

Bai Zhi looked both shocked and confused.

Shangguan Yan did not explain her thoughts, nor did she apologize for his sudden action of grabbing the little loli and running away.

Instead, she decisively took out the signal device from her backpack and fired a signal bomb into the sky.


The red signal flare flew into the sky and made a loud noise.

Then, it spread out a thick red smoke, which condensed into the words “request for reinforcements”, which were particularly conspicuous in the sky.

As long as they saw the signal for help.

The advanced Professionals on standby on the military train would immediately rush over to provide assistance.

On the other side, Lin Ye also raised his right hand and threw Holy Light at the Executioner.

[-1,443 HP!]

The enemys attributes have been greatly reduced!

The Executioner was speechless.

‘Why cant I run anymore…

‘What the hell

Lin Ye let out a sigh of relief when he saw that the Executioner didnt dispel the debuff after eating all the Holy Light.

A Boss that could be controlled was a good Boss.

‘Im sorry,

‘Its my turn now!

Time of Silence! Stars Godly Glory! Divine Qi Therapy! Aqua Tide! Healing Wave! Heal Spell!

[-5,336 HP!]

The Executioner roared in anger as it was heavily injured.

It slowly raised its giant ax and moved forward as if it was doing a spacewalk, charging toward Lin Ye with a funny face.

Seeing this,

Lin Ye came to a new conclusion.

Not only did this monster not have any skills to dispel debuffs, but it also did not have any long-range attacks.

Just like the Tree Guardian, it was a board monster that relied on close combat.

However, it was much weaker than the Tree Guardian who had super armor.

‘Since thats the case…

“Shangguan Yan, take Bai Zhi and retreat first.

Go and find other people to help.

Leave this to me!”

Shangguan Yan hesitated for a moment.

However, he remembered that Lin Ye had a Protection Barrier Scroll that made him invincible for ten minutes.

He could definitely last until the advanced Professionals arrived, so he agreed.



“Follow me!”

Bai Zhi looked at Lin Ye worriedly.

“But brother Lin Ye… Hes…”

“Dont worry, this level 20 monster is no match for him at all.

The two of us will only be a burden to him and distract him to protect us.

He wont be able to use his full strength.” Shangguan Yan said.

“It would do the exact opposite,”

“Lets leave this place.”

“This way, he can attack with all his strength and kill this monster as fast as possible, and then go inside to save Su Mumu.”

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