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Graduation trip.

It was an entertainment event organized by the Professional Alliance of Rivertown at their own expense.

No matter what your college entrance examination results were, no matter which university you went to in the future, or what industry you would work in, as long as you were this years college entrance examination student, you could come and participate.

You didnt need to pay any fees, and all the accommodation and food expenses were covered by the official.

The original intention was to relax the tension of the college entrance examination candidates during the college entrance examination, to reward them for the time and sweat they had spent over the years to become a Class-holder, and to improve the students cohesion and subjective initiative.

At the same time, the students who would become job-holders in the future could experience the real world that was more “dangerous” in advance.


The destination of the students trip was not inside Jiang City, but the world outside the city that people were usually not allowed to go to.

In the old era, the world outside the city had flowers, grass, animals, and all kinds of human buildings.

All of them belonged to the territory of humans.

However, when the new era arrived, the dark wave and the otherworld creatures invaded on a large scale, causing people to have to draw the ground as a prison, hiding in Safe Cities and high walls to ensure their own safety.


The world outside the high walls became a synonym for danger.

All kinds of dark wave creatures wandered there, attacking every human who appeared in the wild.

The Professional Alliance would send people to clean up regularly, build outposts, organize patrols, and monitor the situation in the wild 24 hours a day.

However, with limited manpower, there would always be some fish that escaped the net and escaped the job-holders clean-up, or a small dark wave would suddenly invade and release a large number of otherworld creatures to earth.

Some of them would disappear with the dark waves teleportation portal, while others would remain in this world alone and become “wild monsters of the great world” that threatened the safety of mankind.

Letting ordinary people go to the wilderness would only result in them losing their lives in vain.

There were no benefits at all.

They might as well stay in the city and be a fat, happy otaku for the rest of their lives.

Staying safely inside, within the city walls.

A few days later, at the train station at the North Gate of Jiang City, an endless stream of students came to take part in the graduation trip.

Because the military train that was sending the students out of the city hadnt left yet, the students sat in a group.

Some were eating, some were playing with their phones, and some were chatting about the college entrance examination results.

It was extremely lively and noisy.


“The college entrance exam is finally over!”

“How is it, Old Liu Did you pass the A grade in your college entrance examination”

The student called Old Liu replied, “I definitely passed!”

“Who am I Im THE Old Liu of the epic level.

Im unbelievably fast when it comes to unpacking.

How can I not even pass the A-level”

The student who spoke first gave a thumbs up.

“Awesome, awesome!”

“Big brother, take me!”

Another person sighed and said, “Im envious.

I cant do it.

I got a B-grade score and Im hesitating whether I should give up on college and go home to inherit my mothers little hotel.”

“Dang,” Old Liu said, “Why give up”

“Even if its a C, it means that you can clear at least a normal-rank dungeon.

In the future, youll be able to make a lot of money easily.

Itll definitely be faster than you going home and managing a small hotel!”

“The maximum gain from the two professions are completely different!”

“But isnt it dangerous to be a Professional” The person who got a B-grade in the college entrance examination said.

“If Im still alive, I can at least still earn money.

If Im not, Id rather be a good-for-nothing who just eats and waits for death.

Ill finish my work every day and start playing games happily!”

“Well, its up to you.” Old Liu said, “If it were me, Id definitely become a Professional.”

“Earning money is a small matter.”

“Danger is a small matter.”

“Obtaining the strength to protect yourself and your family is the real thing.”

“We cant always wait for an expert like Lin Ye to save us every time something happens, right”

A few others also said, “Youre right….

You should think about it carefully before you made a decision, Brother Wei.

A B grade is not low, you know You still have the potential to fly in the future.

Theres no need to give up so quickly.”

“Yes.” Brother Wei nodded.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Ill think about it.”


While listening to the students discussion about the college entrance examination results, Lin Ye grabbed a handful of melon seeds from Su Mumus pocket, crossed his legs, and asked while munching on melon seeds,


“Have you two received the special enrollment quota”

“Yep,” Su Mumu replied,”

“Bai Zhis also received one too.”

“By the way, have you really decided not to go to the best Beiqing University Are you really planning to go to a tenth-ranked school, Tianqi University”

“Its fine.” Lin Ye said, “The university rankings mean nothing to me.

Im just looking for a school that suits me.”

In fact, it had nothing to do with whether it was suitable or not.

Out of the top 10 Professional Universities, only Tianqi University was willing to accept Bai Zhi, who didnt show her strength.

The other universities were very proud and would rather give up on Lin Ye, who had God-tier talent and potential than accept a special enrollment student with “no potential and connections”, which would ruin their reputation as elites.

After all…

A God-tier talent was indeed powerful.

In front of the power of the group, he was still very weak.

In history, the God-tier genius who wanted to be an Emperor was beaten to death by 100 ordinary Professionals.

It just goes to show that you are not invincible just because you have a God-tier talent.

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