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In the next few days, the dark wave invasion was completely resolved.

The Rivertowns Professional Alliance began to allocate manpower to rebuild the damaged buildings in the inner and outer cities.

Those who died in the dark wave invasion would be given a rich pension to their family and relatives.

If they were the family of the martyrs who participated in the battle, not only would they receive the pension, but they would also be given a secure job arranged by the Professional Alliance to ensure that they would not have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of their lives.

The rest of the rewards were for the group of people who had performed well during the dark wave.

Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan.

Naturally, they became the heroes of Jiang City.

They were awarded the Medal of Honor by the president of the Professional Alliance and had a chance to choose a Diamond-grade equipment and a Gold-grade Skill.

In fact, the Guild leader of Rivertown wanted to give them a Diamond-grade Skill.

However, Jiang City was just a small city, and the Professional Alliance here was a little poor.

It was not comparable to the Professional Alliance in the big cities that could store Platinum and Diamond-grade Skills.

Therefore, they could only make do with a Gold Skill and find some precious items and materials to make up for it.

In this regard,

Lin Ye didnt mind.

Diamond-grade Skills were rare to begin with.

Even if they were placed in the big cities at the front lines, they would not be available just because they wanted to.

Many Professionals had never even used Diamond-grade Skills.

He was relying on his Platinum-grade Skills to hold up the scene.

Moreover, Skills require as many resources as equipment.

Even if many people obtained high-quality Skills, if they did not have enough resources to support them like money…

That would be a problem.

A dungeon that could steadily produce items to level up Skills was too dangerous.

Many people did not dare to go, which was another problem.

Relying on luck alone was not enough to get these resources, which was another problem.

The people who won them would keep them for their own use and would not sell them.

So, that was another problem.

Its not the same as equipment farming.

As long as one was willing to work hard, burn money, and clear trashy dungeons, one would definitely be able to reach the maximum level.

Moreover, the improvement brought by equipment was much greater than Skill leveling.

The cost-performance ratio was also much higher.

When there were resources, they would definitely be used to upgrade equipment first, not to upgrade Skill levels.

For example, Lin Yes “Stars Godly Glory” could only level up to level 5 naturally.

If he wanted to level up to level 6, he would need to consume three “Wisdom Crowns” or another “Stars Godly Glory” Skill book to unlock the level 5 lock.

As for the Skills below gold rank, he only needed to consume one Crown of Wisdom or an identical Skill book.

A Platinum-grade Skill required the consumption of two Crowns of Wisdom or the consumption of an identical Skill book.

Not to mention how difficult it was to obtain these things.

Even if Lin Ye got the general materials to level up his Skill, he definitely wouldnt give priority to leveling up Stars Godly Glory.

He would need to get six Crowns of Wisdom or two Stars Godly Glory books before he could level up this Skill.

The reason was simple.

When a Skill leveled up, it would increase its cooldown time and mana consumption, or some Skill restrictions would appear, which would balance its strength.

It was like charging a cannon.

It was weak in the early stages, so it was fast to charge.

As the Skill became stronger, it would be slower to charge in the later stages.

Using twice the cooldown time in exchange for a five to six times increase in damage…

As a whole, it was definitely more cost-effective.

However, under certain special circumstances, this could be considered a negative improvement.

It was like alike for six lives.

After Stars Godly Glory broke through the level 5 lock, it would only increase the amount of healing and the value of all attributes greatly increased.

It would not increase the duration of all attributes greatly, nor would it increase the duration of the three random buffs.

At the same time, it would increase the mana consumption by 120 to 150, and the cooldown time would change from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.

It was equivalent to the price of shortening the duration of the buff in exchange for a large increase in the amount of healing and an increase in the strength of the “big brother of the team” when he appeared.

In a short-term explosive battle with a time limit, this kind of conversion was very cost-effective.

In any case, the enemy would be killed in one set of moves, and the longer the cooldown, the more it would be.

However, if the battle went on for a long time, such a change would cause a huge loss.

A high frequency of debuffs would turn the enemy into a turtle.

It was definitely more powerful than simply increasing the damage.


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