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In the blue sky, the sun continued to roast the earth.

The air was filled with the smell of blood, and the heat waves rising from the ground made people feel nauseated and dizzy.

The dark wave creatures that wandered the streets would let out sharp roars from time to time, looking for survivors everywhere, wanting to eat their bodies when all of a sudden—

Purple lightning descended from the sky, as if it was a trial that could be heard by the heavens.

It instantly spread to a distance of several thousand meters, transforming into a huge net of lightning that surrounded the entire city, clearing out all the dark wave creatures on the streets.


“The streets of area A have been cleared!”

“Please immediately send a cleaning team to penetrate the residential areas and staircases to eliminate the remaining dark wave creatures, rescue the survivors, and block the dark wave teleportation gate!”

The main force of Jiang City has finally returned!

They split up into several large groups, led by the strongest group of high-level Professionals.

They swept through Rivertown with an unstoppable force and blocked the dark wave teleportation gates that were sending in creatures from the dark wave.

As long as they blocked the dark waves teleportation gate and prevented the creatures of the dark wave from running amok on the streets, they would form a disperse the dark wave Army.

The danger of the dark waves invasion would be reduced by 80%.

And this dark wave wasnt a naturally formed large, high-risk dark wave in the first place.

Instead, it was a small, low-level dark wave man-made by the Abyssal Demons.

In normal times, although it was not a small problem that could be easily solved, it was not very dangerous.

It was not as terrible as the earthquakes and floods in the old era.

The Professional Alliance would only need one hour to control the situation.

The real danger…

Was the large-scale, high-risk mana tide that caused the death of both Lin Yes parents ten years ago.

Not only were the demon tide creatures that emerged in large numbers and high levels, but they also had Boss panels and high intelligence.

Even if the Professional Alliance of Rivertown tried their best, they could not stop the outer city from being attacked by the dark wave.

They had to retreat to the large underground shelter of the Professional Alliance and wait for the dark wave teleportation gate and the dark wave creatures to disappear, or for other cities to send rescue troops to reinforce them.

“Report! All areas in the outer city have been retrieved.

The signal towers have also been reactivated.

We can now send out a city-wide announcement.

Tell the survivors hiding to come out and receive our treatment and rescue!”

“Report! The First Legion has taken over the defense of the central inner city and started to clean up the city!”


The Second Legion is heading to the college entrance examination venue for rescue.

We have contacted the person in charge of the venue and are confirming the losses!”


“It seems like only one student died in the college entrance examination venue…”

“The others are fine….”

The Professional Alliance member in charge of communication goes a little confused.

Did he hear it right

“Are you sure”

“The dark wave has surrounded the Professional Alliance and the inner citys wall.

There is no way to organize a rescue team.

The students fought for so long and only one of them died”

Oh my God!

It was simply unbelievable!

If they could move everyone to the underground shelter before the dark wave invaded, it wouldnt be difficult to make use of the geographical advantage of the underground shelter, which was easy to defend and hard for the enemies to attack!

After all, the enemy was only a group of dark wave creatures that were at most level-20 creatures.

As long as they could block the key path and prevent them from using their advantage in numbers, it was impossible to rely on those weak low-level attacks to kill the group of tank-type Professionals who were responsible for protecting the college entrance examination venue.


This was the last piece of news from the college entrance exam venue!

It was clear that some Fallens had appeared in the college entrance examination venue and secretly stuffed a dark wave teleportation portal into the underground shelter.

When the person in charge realized that there were enemies inside, the dark wave creatures had already occupied the corridor and even rushed to the audience seats!

The dark wave army was coming from all directions, and the students inside were weak and untrained.

They did not have the ability to take back the underground shelter.

The city guards had to stand outside and defend their position, so how could they defend the college entrance examination venue

And only one unlucky student died

‘Even if I were the commander on the spot…

‘I wouldnt be able to handle those creatures without hundreds of deaths!

While the people backstage were confused, the members of the Professional Alliance, who were carrying out the rescue work, had already used their mobile communication devices that had restored signals to learn the whole story from the city guards at the college entrance examination venue.

It could only be said that they were really lucky to be able to survive and wait for reinforcements.

First of all…

The enemies were all low-intelligence Cockroach-Men.

They were brainless.

As long as they understood their combat mode, they could use the basic strategy of using one mech to tank while the other ranged players attacked crazily to beat these stupid things.


There happened to be a “Big Brother” who could carry the flag at the scene.

He had taken at least more than a million damage by himself and withstood the charge of the Cockroach-Men, holding the dark wave teleportation gate alone for more than 20 minutes.

And finally…

‘We have to mention the two geniuses from our Jiang City.

Lin Ye.

An all-rounded divine Priest.

And Shangguan Yan.

Super Single Legendary Pendant.

The two of them worked together and relied on their extremely compatible talent abilities to directly fight a battle effect that could only be achieved by a complete level 20 Professional Alliance team.

They had successfully took back the underground shelter of the college entrance examination venue from the Cockroach-Men.

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