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It lay in the middle of the underground Fallout Shelter, slowly floating and rotating clockwise.

Just one look at it would cause ones value to drop madly.

Seeing this—

Without saying a word, Wang Machao rode the black pterosaur that was panting slightly and covered in wounds that were healing up to block the dark waves teleportation gate.

Continuous injuries would speed up the consumption of his fatigue points.

Not to mention, the wounds caused by the enemy would bring a real sense of pain, which was a great burden on the spirit.


Even though Wang Machaos Profession level was higher than Lin Ye and the others, his stamina and willpower were far better than everyone elses.

Even though he Shared Health and stamina with the black pterosaur, he still looked the most exhausted.

But he didnt have any complaints or hesitation.

After all…

Lin Ye wasnt the only one he had to protect.

It was all the students and their parents present, the ordinary people who came to visit, the high school teachers, and the college entrance examination observers from various schools.

If Wang Machao didnt hold back his fatigue and pain to block the door…

Other people present wouldnt be able to withstand the damage from the Cockroach-Men, and they wouldnt even dare to block the dark waves teleportation gate.

They could only sit on the floor and slowly wait for death.


As the saying goes,If I dont enter hell, who will

Only Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan could see the fatigue on Wang Machaos face.

“Brother Chao!”

“Just hold on a little longer!”

“When the city guards arrive, you can go and rest!”

Wang Machao nodded.

“… I know.

Dont worry about me.

I can still hold on for at least half an hour!”

“You guys should leave quickly!”

With that.

Wang Machao turned around.

He looked at the dark wave teleportation portal with a serious expression.

As soon as the distorted waves of the monsters teleportation appeared, he would immediately shoot and use his Skills to get rid of these Cockroach-Men as quickly as possible.

He also took a few hits from the other party and lost some health and fatigue points, which were healed by the students with their Healing Skills.

It was an endless cycle, and the pain was repeated.

Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan quickly ran out of the underground shelter.

On the way, they called little Mumu and took her to the central control room.

They took Lin Yes phone and recorded the appearance of the “culprit” on the surveillance camera.

Then, they brought it back to the underground shelter for Su Mumu to keep.

When this matter was over, none of these scumbags who had almost killed tens of thousands of people could escape!

All of them had to be hung on the gallows!

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Soon, Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan arrived at the entrance of the college entrance exam hall.

They saw that the citys guards were divided into groups of a few people, surrounding the entire examination venue in a circle.

They were fighting against the demon tide of various colors that were constantly surging on the streets, not allowing them to approach the college entrance examination venue in the slightest.

As there were too few Priest teammates, many of the city guards who had split up were injured, with all their attributes reduced.

A small number of members who were seriously injured even directly left the battle and ran to the Priests teammates to receive the other partys healing spells.

When their health returned to more than 50%, they would re-enter the battle and switch to other teammates to receive healing to ensure that the overall defensive line did not collapse.


Looking at the situation…

The city guards were having a hard time too.

With that in mind, Lin Ye stood behind everyone and raised his blade, Hidden Moon.

He released Ocean Moons Oath and summoned The Phantom Moon Jellyfish that could heal more than all of his Skills combined.

Ding! Ding!

[You are blessed by an unknown power! Dispelled all debuffs! Your body is being healed by the mysterious power! Your HP has recovered by 613! Your HP has recovered by 613! Your HP has fully recovered]

With 10 seconds of recovery and a jump of 613 points every half a second, they all had a total of 12,260 points of recovery!

The sudden burst of HP shocked all the guards on the scene.

They turned around to look for the healer.

They wanted to see which big brother from the Professional Alliance had come to their aid.

The result—

They didnt see any Big Brother at all.

They saw two young male students.

Everyone was confused.

‘What the f*ck!

‘A level 10 student could heal a large area of damage! Healing up to 12,000 HP every half second.

This is more than half the HP! level 20 Professional!

‘Are they f*cking God that has descended from heaven


This was not the end.

The Phantom Moon Jellyfishs healing range could not be enhanced by Shangguan Yans talent.

It could only heal the city guards in this area.

Even if it could be enhanced by the Soul Connection talent and increase the casting range, it was impossible to cover the entire college entrance examination venue.

So, after Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan dropped The Phantom Moon Jellyfish in front of everyone, they immediately ran along the edge of the college entrance examination venue in a clockwise manner and frantically healed the city guards.

Stars Godly Glory!

Group damage reduction!

Divine Qi Therapy!


Phantom Moon Jellyfish!

Aqua Tide!

Mass Dispel!

Holy Light!

Summon! 15 seconds!

Stars Godly Glory!

When the “Stars” effect was applied, all the healing targets attributes were greatly increased, and they were randomly given three buffs, directly turning all the players into Big Brothers, becoming a one-versus-ten output demon!

Everyone was flabbergasted.


They were too fierce!

Although these healing Skills were limited by level and the amount of healing was a little low, these two kids had many Skills, fast cooldowns, and many special effects!


This was a critical treatment that helped them in critical need!

It directly pulled everyones health back to a safe range!

If they really had to compare the value and significance of the Skills…

They were hundreds of times more important than the high-level healing spells that cost tens of thousands of yuan per mouthful.

They were truly divine!


Everyone seemed to be on steroids!

“Brothers! Did you see that The students in the college entrance examination venue have all come out to support us! This means that they have successfully recaptured the underground shelter!”

“We dont need to sacrifice ourselves here anymore!”

“Hurry up!”

“Use your Skills!”

“Clear the area! Create an opportunity to retreat! Then, lets would seize the opportunity! Everyone retreat! Go and defend the underground shelter!”


At the same time, after Lin Ye made sure that the city guards HP had reached a safe range, he immediately switched to moonblades Destruction Form.

When he used Silence, he followed up with a reverse treatment package.

While helping everyone clear out the dark wave creatures on the streets, it will also absorb the remnant souls of the dark wave creatures that have been killed, continuing to level up hidden blades grade.

Very quickly–

He saw the system prompt that he wanted to see.

[Prompt: Hidden Moon blade has started to absorb the other partys soul remnant.

Absorption successful.

Hidden Moon blades grade has been upgraded to Gold.

Now, all attributes 25 have been changed to all attributes 50!]

[Prompt: Hidden Moon blade has evolved!]

[Prompt: Hidden Moon Blade has obtained a new Skill and form!]

[Guard Form: Transform the moonlight blade into a blade of protection when stabbed into the ground.

An area of 30 meters around the blade will become a protected land (Can not be dispelled.

Only by unsheathing the blade of protection or switching to the Hidden Moon blades other form will the terrain effect of the guarded ground end).

All enemies and targets in the guarded ground will have their attributes reduced slightly, while their own and allies attributes will increase slightly.

A 100-point damage that can block all forms of damage will be generated every 3 seconds.

(The initial value will be increased by the users HP, and can not be stacked.)]

[Heaven-Shaking Nature: Active Skill.

Gather the power of the moon and summon a lunar meteorite from the sky, causing a large amount of rock-type magic damage to all enemies in the guarded ground (This Skill can not be used without the guarded ground).

Petrify all enemies who hit the target for three seconds and apply a layer of Jade Shield to all allies that can block 500 points of any damage (The initial value will be increased HP).

This can be stacked with the Jade Shield that is regularly generated in the guarded ground.]


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