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In the eastern area of the college entrance examination venue…

They led to the underground shelter, the East Gate, and the South Gate of the exam ground.

Lin Ye stood in the middle of the road, holding the famous sword in one hand.

He was like Zhang Fei, the brave Yan person from Changban hillside.

Countless Cockroach-Men were stopped 50 meters away from him and Shangguan Yan, not daring to get any closer.

Shangguan Yan carefully observed the other partys every move.

“These guys seem to be afraid of you.”

“They dont even dare to come over.”

“Its normal.” Lin Ye said,

“These Cockroach-Men are all believers of the Abyssal Demons.”

“They have the blessing of the abyss.”

“They can communicate with the group of Abyssal Demons in the Abyssal Realm through long-distance telepathy.”

“They were so fearless now.

I guess they didnt really want to die, but the Abyssal Demon behind them kept forcing them to charge.”

“Now that the Abyssal Demon in charge of the command has been killed, its naturally dominated by the instinct of fear and doesnt dare to come and find trouble with us.”

“Yes,” Shangguan Yan thought for a moment, “Thats true.”

“If I estimated the time correctly,

“Our people have almost reached the king of the abyss in the final beheading operation, hehe.”

As he spoke, the black pterosaur that Wang Machao was riding on suddenly appeared from the corner of the corridor that led South.

It was like a black ostrich that was running at full speed, lowering its body and head, raising its two front claws, and using only its two hind legs, it ran in front of everyone in a short moment.

Behind it, there was a large group of Mage students dressed in Mage robes.

They either held a magic staff in their hands or had a magic book floating in front of them.

Some even had a crystal ball or a doll hanging on their chest.

Su Mumu and little Mumu were also in the team, but they were holding the meteorite before entering the dungeon.

Now, they were holding the book of Divine Thunder that Lin Ye gave them.

That Diamond-grade Spellmasters special Skill.

Under normal circumstances, Wang Machao was the highest-level Professional present at the college entrance examination venue.

He was also the leader of the Abyssal Encirclement and Annihilation Team with the most combat experience.

He should be the one to direct the follow-up combat thinking and become the leader of all the students present.

However, Lin Ye had already demonstrated his ability and awareness as a genius top student.

He also had enough insight into the battlefield.

Powerful calculation ability.

Commanding ability, etc.

Wang Machao wasnt someone who cared about fame.

He knew that Lin Yes command would be more efficient and less likely to make mistakes than him.

Therefore, he asked decisively,

“Lin Ye, were coming.”

“How are we going to fight next”

Lin Ye accepted the role of commander that Wang Machao tossed over to him without any hesitation.

“Shangguan Yan and I will lead the way.

Well use our AoE Skills to clear out an open space first.

Brother Chao, youll rush up and attract the aggro of all the Cockroach-Men in the underground shelter.

Make sure that they wont pass your position and attack the back row.

Then, let the others enter the field and fire freely.”

“Then, just like in the dungeon, well rely on Brother Chao to attract aggro and damage, while we slowly use our AoE Skills to open up a path.

Well open up an empty space, occupy a distance forward, and slowly push to the demon waves teleportation gate.”

“When the battle reaches the dark waves teleportation gate, Brother Chao will be fully in charge of blocking the gate.

Shangguan Yan and I will go to support the city guards outside the college entrance examination venue and cover their retreat.”

“When the time comes,”

“There are high-level city guards who are using the underground shelter to help share the pressure of the defense.”

“Were completely out of danger.”

“Also, Brother Chao, when youre halfway there, you must be careful.”

After he explained the details of the battle, Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan started to move together.

They ran along the spacious corridor to the steel door of the underground shelter that was opened and directly swaggered in.

Originally, Lin Ye wanted to give out the standard healing package as soon as he entered the underground shelter and send all the Cockroach-Men at the entrance to heaven.

Then, he would let Wang Machao and the Mage student team in to suppress them with fire and push forward to block the road.


Neither he nor Shangguan Yan had expected this.

The Cockroach-Men who had witnessed their own kind being crushed by the healing package were now like weak cockroaches.

They quickly fled to the back.

They no longer had the courage to crush human heads with their bare hands and devour everything like locusts.

“…” Lin Ye stared silently.

Shangguan Yan could only stare, “…”

He turned around and asked, “What do you mean”


Lin Ye nodded, “Press!”

The two of them understood tacitly and stepped forward in sync.

They observed the situation on their left and right while using heavy steps to force the terrified Cockroach-Men to continuously retreat.

‘If you retreat, we will advance.

If you advance, we will fight.

‘Choose one

The Cockroach-Men had no choice.

After they came out of the dark wave teleportation portal, they could not teleport back.

It was as if the entire human world had become aone-time dungeon that they had to conquer.

They had to kill the enemies inside or be killed by the enemies.

And so…

When the Cockroach-Men had no way to retreat,

They could only face their extreme fear and rush toward Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan like cornered dogs.

They were going to fight with their lives on the line.

Seeing this, Lin Ye pulled out his sword decisively.

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