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Looking at the text message sent by Shangguan Yan, Wang Machao was dumbfounded.


How the—!

This was only the first wave of attacks, and the whole process had only taken less than a minute.

The others were probably still carefully studying the enemys Skill mechanism to prevent themselves from being killed instantly!

That Lin Ye kid knew all the enemy players HP…

Just like that

‘Oh my God!

‘What kind of terrifying observation and calculation ability is this

Even some high-level Professionals above level 30 who had participated in countless dark wave battles could not figure out the exact amount of HP of these Cockroach-Men in such a short time!

‘Including me….

He was also stunned for a long time.

Even he couldnt figure out the Cockroach-Mans HP!


‘Forget it.

The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous he felt.

He could only say…

Lin Yes observation Skills were on the level of a monster.

‘No wonder he was able to keep Cao Yuans HP below 5% without the help of the system notification, allowing us to capture this evil fallen from the abyss without much effort.

He thought.

Wang Machao turned his head to look at the students who had gathered in the middle of the college entrance examination venue.

He started to think about Lin Yes suggestion.

“Hmm, Ill be the meat shield and attract all the Cockroach-Mens aggro, and then the Mage students will hide behind and attack from afar, pushing all the way to the entrance of the underground shelter”

“Isnt this too dangerous”

After all…

If they wanted to block the entrance of the examination venue, they only needed Wang Machao to stand by the entrance on his pterosaur, and they would be able to ensure that there was no gap, not even a Cockroach-Man would be able to enter.

However, if he took the initiative to lead the team and charge out…

The spacious corridors, the guest halls along the way, and the room next to this were all there.

Wang Machao and his black pterosaur couldnt block the way at all.

If these Cockroach-Men werent stupid and had half the intelligence of the Goblin King, they would definitely make good use of this environment.

They would circle around from the two sides to Wang Machaos back and attack the Mage students who came with them first.

By that time, without Lin Yes insane AoE damage, he wouldnt be able to instantly clear all the Cockroach-Men present.

The students would be like sheep entering a Tigers Den, their heads crushed by these Cockroach-Men with their explosive attack power.


Wang Machao had never thought of borrowing the students strengths from the very beginning.

It was too dangerous.

Even with the smallest mistake, the participating students would definitely be wiped out.

There was no way to save them even if he wanted to.

It was also unrealistic to form a brainless formation with tanks in the front, damage dealers in the back, and Priests in the rear to advance all the way to the underground sanctuary.

Even if a level 10 student chose the tankiest Class, it would be impossible for them to withstand the siege of a dozen or so Cockroach-Men.

How many level 10 Priests could heal thousands of HP in one breath and ensure that their teammates in the front row would not die

Not to mention the mental problem mentioned before.

Getting them to work together to fight against the dangerous dark wave creatures was like getting five primary school students to fight a level one team in a Kings Game.

They would definitely get first blood and five kills in seconds.


“I think its better to forget it.”

“I cant risk the lives of these students.”

‘When Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan fight all the way to the underground shelter from the East Gate, they will block the dark wave from entering the college entrance exam venue from the North Gate anyway.

Now, I just need to block the South Gate and I can guarantee the safety of everyone inside the venue, haha.

He thought.

When a few new texts came into his phone.

[Brother Chao.]

[Lin Ye has tested the attack patterns of those Cockroach-Men.]

[Their intelligence is very low.

They only attack the enemy closest to them and have no intention of taking the initiative to cut to the back.]

[As long as there are tank Professionals who are tough enough to hold the aggro, these level 20 Cockroach-Men from the dark wave are even easier to deal with than the elite monsters in the level 10 dungeon.

We can just mindlessly stand there and support them.]

[In other words, we made a mistake in our judgment and overestimated their combat power.

They are not as terrifying as we thought.]

[Brother Chao, you can also rest assured and bring the Mage students from the college entrance examination venue to attack from the South Gate.]

[Dont worry about their safety.]

[But be careful.]

[You have to keep the students at least 20 meters away from you.

Its best if theyre 30 meters away.

Thats the safest distance.]

[We havent tested anything closer.]

[There might be a problem.]

Reading that, Wang Machao let out a laugh.


‘I really am f*cked!

‘You guys dare to test this thing

‘Arent you afraid that the Priest students who went to battle with you guys would die

‘From 20 meters to 30 meters, the group of Cockroach-Men would only need three to four seconds to reach the students faces and crush their heads in one go.

Hey, arent you guys just messing around

He couldnt help but reply with a text message:

[Hey! Youre putting all the other students in danger by doing this! How can you test this kind of information so casually]

Shangguan Yan replied:

[Dont worry,]

[Dont worry!]

[After Lin Ye cleared the Yanan Forest, he got a new AoE Skill that can apply AoE debuff on monsters and greatly reduce their movement speed and attack.]

[He could guarantee that the Cockroach-Men would not threaten the Priests in the back row, so he specifically went to test the intelligence level and attack mode of the Mantis-men.]

[Were not risking the lives of those students.]

[Brother Chao, you dont have to worry about us.]

[Hurry up and come over.]

[We will wait for you at the entrance of the underground shelter.]

Wang Machao could only stare at his phone screen with shock.


‘Group weakening

‘What the f*ck

‘He has a Diamond-grade damage and crowd control Skill

[Prompt: The Cockroach-Man has been killed!]

[Prompt: Hidden Moon blade has started to absorb the other partys soul remnant.

Absorption was successful.

Hidden Moon blades grade has been raised to Silver.

All attributes 20 has been changed to all attributes 25]

Ignoring the system notification, Lin Ye lowered his right hand and looked at the dead bodies of the Cockroach-Men on the floor.

He asked,

“How did it go”

“Has Brother Chao decided what to do”

Shangguan Yan put away his phone.

“He did.

Hell lead the team and attack from the South Gate.

Hell cooperate with us to take back the underground shelter and block the portal of the dark wave.”

Lin Ye nodded.

“Alright,” he said.

“Then well wait for them here.”

After a moment of silence, Shangguan Yan suddenly said,

“Now it seems …”

“This dark wave teleportation gate and the Cockroach-Men inside are no longer a threat.”

“Shouldnt we consider how to deal with those Fallen students who sneak over to place the dark waves teleportation gate”

“Do you know who they are” Lin Ye asked.

Shangguan Yan revealed a mysterious smile.


“I know.”

“There are hidden surveillance cameras in the corridor of the college entrance examination venue.”

“Just like the underground shelter, other than the Professional Alliance Education Department, no one else knows.”


“We just need to go to the control room to check the surveillance.”

“We can catch all those guys.”

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