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Just as Lin Ye and the others killed the Black-Armored Puppet General, cleared the Yannan Forest dungeon, received the final reward, and were about to exit the dungeon…

The huge display screen in the college entrance examination venue was still playing the scene of him summoning the Cursemancer.

“What the f*ck!”

“Isnt that the Hex Teacher!”

“Lin Ye actually got the Hex Teachers summoning card!”

“Heavens! Hex Teacher and Golden Knight! Two dungeon Bosses appeared together! Hes so cool!”

“This can shock my mom for an entire year!”

“Woof, Woof, Im Boss Lin Yes dog.

I want Boss Lin Ye to be my master.

No one can stop me!”

“Dont even think about it.

The Twin-pigtailed girl and the little loli girl are both pretty and cute.

You dont stand a chance.

Just give up!”

*Sob!* “I dont care! Im going to confess to Lin Ye!”

“I want to have a baby with him!”


The crowd cheered, but they didnt realize that a few students had quietly left their seats, bypassed the teachers line of sight, and walked to a remote corner of the corridor.

“The Heavenly King covers the earth Tiger”

“Pagoda suppressing the river demon!”


After confirming their secret code, they nodded.

These people were werewolves.

“Whats your mission”

“Open the door.”

“Cut off the communication line.”

“Keep watch,”

“Lure the city guards outside.”

“Ill go with you to summon the dark wave teleportation portal.”

“I dont know…”


“Forget it!”

This guys superior Abyssal Demon was probably killed by the Professional Alliances attack force while he was passing on the message.

Thats why he didnt get the memo.


‘Damn it!

This meant that the human troops had already advanced to the deepest abyss underground Palace.

It wouldnt be long before they beheaded all the Abyssal Demons in there.

“As for our current mission…”

It was just a counterattack from the Abyssal Demons before they died.

They wanted to take advantage of the fact that Jiang Citys current weak defenses to kill as many students who came to take the college entrance examination as possible and weaken the overall strength of mankind in the future.

As he thought about it, thewerewolf mole waved his hand and said in a low voice,


“First, listen to me.”

“The Abyssal Demon that was commanding us is finished.”

“Theres no way to control us with the power of the abyss.”

“Thats why we dont have to listen to their orders anymore.

We dont have to complete the missions that we obviously cant return to.

Well just lose our lives in vain.”

“Do you understand”

The person beside him asked, “What do you mean”

“You dont want us to place the dark wave teleportation gate”

The Wolfman spy said, “No.”

“The teleportation gate can be placed.”

“But dont cut off the circuit, destroy the door, or lure the city guards away.”

“If you do this, the Professional Alliance will definitely find out your identity as a Fallen and kill you on the spot.

You will die without a burial.”

“Its the opposite,”

“Well leave after releasing the dark wave teleportation gate and return to the College entrance examination venue.

Well immediately blend in with the students and wont be discovered by the Professional Alliance.”

“And the dark wave wont attack us, the evil Fallens.”

“When the time comes, no matter how intense the fight is, we can retreat in one piece.”

“After the battle outside is over, we can use the matter ofreleasing the teleportation portal of the dark wave to claim credit for this with the newly arrived Abyssal Demons.

We can say that this was our own decision and not the idea of those Abyssal Demons who are about to die!”

“Then, everyone will survive together, and we will be promoted and rich together.”

“Why do you have to die with those Abyssal Demons ”

The person beside him thought, “That makes sense, what do you guys think”

Everyone said, “Agreed,”

“This plan is even better.”

“I agree,”

“I also agree.”

The werewolf revealed a smile.

“Alright,” he said.

“Since you all think so.”

“Then lets get started.”

“First, well go to the underground shelter and set up the dark wave teleportation gate.

Then, well return to the College entrance examination venue and blend into the crowd again without anyone knowing.”


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On the other side, Lin Ye and the others returned to the real world.

Everyone immediately stood up and cheered their names loudly, giving them a warm round of applause.

Long live Lin Ye, Big Boss!

“I love you!”

“Mua Mua! (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ”



The man in the black suit took the initiative to walk up.

“Lin Ye.”

“That was a beautiful fight.”

“Thank you,” Lin Ye politely replied.

After a pause, he asked in a serious tone, “Brother Chao, can I ask something”

“Whats the situation in the abyss now”

“Did we win”

Hearing this, Wang Machao pulled off the white tie around his neck and unbuttoned his black suit, revealing the white shirt inside.

He said honestly,

“Were about to win.”

“Theyve already fought their way to the underground abyss palace.”

“Theres a special item that seals the entire abyss.

The Abyssal Demons and Abyssal Lords inside will die today without a doubt.

Theres no way they can escape.”

Lin Ye sighed in relief, “Thats good.”

“But those Abyssal Demons are really ruthless.

Seeing that they cant win, they want to drag the ordinary people of River City to die with them.

They summoned a large number of dark wave teleportation gates outside.” Wang Machao said helplessly.

“What!” Lin Ye furrowed his brows.

A portal from the dark wave!

“How big is it What level was the monster Can our Jiang Citys defense force resist it Should we temporarily give up the outer city”

‘Well, Ill be!

‘As expected, a genius is a genius through and through!

All the other students were thinking about whether they would die today, whether their family members would die, and whether the valuable items in their homes would be damaged.

They were all thinking about their own interests!

While the genius had asked the most crucial questions!

‘This kid was obviously considering the overall situation of Jiang City! Wang Machao thought.

“Dont worry,” Wang Machao quickly said.

“Its just a small mana tide, and the monsters are all below level 20.

Although we cant defend the outer city, we can definitely defend the inner city.”

“The only problem now is that there are still many people from the outer city who havent escaped into the inner city.

We dont have enough manpower, so we can only send out a dozen rescue teams.

Im afraid that we may lose many people today.”

Lin Ye sighed, “Theres no other way.”

“Today is the best time to kill the king of the abyss, hehe.”

“Once we let it go, we may not have such an opportunity in the future to kill the Lord of the Abyss who has the phase transfer skill.

We may not even be able to get close to it again.”

Wang Machao also sighed, “Thats right.

I hope those who have sacrificed themselves for this can understand our difficulties.”

“Its all for the sake of more peoples survival…”

In the silence, a huge commotion suddenly broke out in the auditorium.

Many students ran out of their seats in a panic and ran towards Lin Ye, who was in the center of the exam venue.

Wang Machao looked up subconsciously and found a two-meter-tall black cockroach-man standing in the empty audience seat.

It was holding a student in its hand and crushing his head like it was crushing a watermelon.


Blood splattered everywhere!

The student died on the spot!

Seeing this, Wang Machao turned pale with fright.

“Thats a Mayfly dark wave creature!”

“Damn it!”

“Whats going on!”

“How did they get in”

“Did the city guards outside the college entrance examination venue get annihilated!”


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