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“Hex Teacher, you know the Tree Guardian Can you recall any memories”

“For example, memories related to Hive-like”

The Cursemancer shook his head.

“I dont know,”

“I cant remember.”


Seeing that the Hex Teacher had once again entered his silent and cold mode…

Lin Ye knew.

This guy probably had a sudden burst of consciousness and recalled the name of the tree Guardian, but nothing else.

He wanted to know the bromance between the two secret dungeon bosses.

He still had to make a trip to Hive-like.


He still couldnt figure out how little Mumu could be related to these two creatures.

Is there a problem with Mumus Awakened Talent

Or was it because she had summoned the Big Tree Guardian, a creature from another world, that she had a relationship with the Hive-like dungeon and had the authority to enter it


‘Stop stop stop!

‘I cant help but think about this unsolvable problem again!

Right now, the most important thing for Lin Ye to do was to clear this secret dungeon.

As for researching the connection between the Bionic Tear and the Hive-like dungeon, he could slowly think about it when he had the time in the future!

He convinced himself.

Lin Ye Started to explain his battle plan.

“Hex Teacher.”

“Do you see the dense group of Black Armored Puppet Soldiers by the hillside”

“You can float over to them later.

Be careful not to use Moonlight Thrust.

You just need to attract their attention and make them come down from the hill.”

“If theyre only chasing after you, you just have to run and lure them all over to our current position.”

“If those Black Armored Puppet Archers attack you, aim Moonlight Thrust at me and fly to my side.”

“Otherwise, those Black Armored Puppet Archers attacks would be extremely high.

Their attack speed would be very high, and there would be too many of them.”

“Youre likely to be instantly evaporated by the sea of puppets.”

“I cant even get more HP.”


Hearing this, the Hex Teacher did not say anything.

He only pulled out the black metal greatsword from his back and silently floated towards the Black Armored Puppet army in the distance.

Luring monsters

This was very simple!

Dark Curse release! All attributes were greatly increased! It flew forward!


In the blink of an eye, the Hex Teacher had dashed over ten meters away and quickly floated to the hillside, attracting the attention of the puppet troops who were getting into formation.

Seeing this, the four puppet generals in black armor pulled out their swords and pointed them at the Hex Teacher, who was floating in the air.

Although they didnt say anything, their intention was obvious.

And that was to launch an all-out attack!

Almost a thousand Black Armored Puppet Soldiers pulled out their weapons and walked in unison.

They maintained a square battle formation and walked in an orderly manner toward the Hex Teacher.

The Cursemancer immediately turned around and floated towards Lin Yes ambush point.

On the way, he deliberately slowed down to lure those stupid black-armored soldiers to follow him.

He was a summoned creature, not a creature from another world, so he would listen to Lin Yes orders 100%.


Even if the Hex Teacher knew that if he used the Moonlight Thrust, not only would he be able to deal high AoE damage, but he would also not be hit by the Black-Armored Soldiers long-range attacks.

He still did not make the decision to use Moonlight Thrusts AoE Skill to attack these stupid-looking enemies.

Lin Ye took the opportunity to teach the Tree Guardian, “Brother Tree.”

“Did you see that”

“”The Hex Teacher could have turned around and released Moonlight Thrust to whittle down the black-armored soldiers, but he still chose to listen to my orders and draw the enemy over.”

“Even though it looks like well take less damage this way…”

“But its actually more effective.

It wont disrupt the enemys formation, and when we use our AoE Skills to set up an ambush later, we can get rid of them more efficiently and send them out of the city in an orderly manner without wasting unnecessary mana.”

Upon hearing this, the Big Tree Guardian understood what Lin Ye was trying to say.

He quickly got off his horse and knelt in front of Lin Ye.

He saluted and apologized sincerely,

“Im sorry, Master Lin Ye!”

“I went against your order before and didnt lead the puppet general to your side.

I caused a mistake in your strategy and plan.

Please punish me!”

“Its fine,” Lin Ye waved his hand.

“Just dont do it again next time.”

“Sometimes, no matter how good your ideas are, you must listen to orders and do things.

The main thing is to consider the big picture and not be blinded by the small advantages in front of you.

That way, you can win more easily.”

The Tree Guardian guard lowered his head.

“Yes, Master Lin Ye!”

“I will follow your teachings!”


Then, under the Hex Teachers patient guidance, the Black Armored Puppets arrived at the ambush point without knowing anything.

They still maintained their neat formation and were all close together.



Time of Silence! Reversal treatment set!

Lin Ye instantly killed all the Black-Armored Soldiers in an area!

Heavenly Strike! Normal attack! Refresh Skills! Heavenly strike!

The Tree Guardian Guardian killed its way through the entire battlefield!

Moonlight Thrust! Poison Bubble! Firestorm! Frost!

Little Mumu and the Hex Teacher killed their way through the remaining area!

Just like that…

The army of nearly a thousand Black Armored Puppets were annihilated.

Apart from chasing after the Hex Teacher, they didnt do anything else and fell under Lin Ye and the others knives, becoming cannon fodder in the truest sense of the word.

The remaining four Black Armored Puppet Generals had also taken a lot of damage from various unknown AoE attacks.

“These four guys are wearing heavy armor, their movement speed is very slow, and they dont have any damage Skills.

Well each take care of one and kill as many as we want!” Lin Ye shouted.

“After youre done, go and help the next person!”

“Brother Tree,”

“Remember to pay attention to their summoning Skills.”

“When you see a Black-Armored General summoning a new monster, immediately use Heavenly Strike to help clear the monsters and refresh your Skills!”

“Dont let these black-armored monsterlings stay on the field for more than five seconds!”

“Can you do it”

“Yes,” the Tree Guardian guard quickly replied.

Little Mumu gently nodded.

The Hex Teacher only let out a slight arrogant chuckle.

After that,

Leap Slash! Despair Strike! Deaths Triple Slash! The Horses Hooves Flew!

Positioning, Pulling, Fire Magic, Ice Magic, Kiting!

Moonlight Thrust! Three Consecutive Slashes! Crouching Down, Rising Dragon Slash! Curse Explosion!

Reversal treatment set!


[Prompt: Black Armored Puppet General has been killed [Boss]!]

[Prompt: You have completed the mutated secret dungeon, “Yanan Forest”.

Calculating reward.]

[Prompt: Under the influence of the special ability “Lady Lucks Gaze”, the treasure chest obtained has been upgraded toDiamond (High)!]

[Prompt: Opening the treasure chest!]

[Prompt: Diamond-grade treasure chest (High) has been opened.

You have received Diamond-grade (High) Priest Skill book “Blessing of the Stars”, Diamond-grade (Medium) Sorcerer weapon “Book of divine Thunder”, Platinum-grade (High) portable equipment “Eye of the Sun”, and rare items…]

[Blessing of the Stars (Diamond) (High): Priest-exclusive Skill.

Restores the HP of all designated targets within the range and applies theStars effect.

All attributes of all healed targets are greatly increased, and three random buffs are obtained (can only be dispelled by Diamond-grade buff-type dispel Skills)!]

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