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After killing the two Black-Armored Puppet Bosses, Lin Ye and the other two once again rode on the huge golden warhorses and rushed north like lightning.

They soon arrived at the location of the next wave of monsters and the dungeon Boss.

There were a total of three Black-Armored Puppet Generals and countless Black-Armored Puppet Soldiers.

And right above their heads was a witch with long orange hair, wearing a black strappy strapless dress, and a witchs hat, sitting on a brown broom, quietly floating in the air.

However, Lin Yes attention wasnt on her.


‘Four dungeon Bosses

‘Is this the dungeons final battle

He thought to himself.

Suddenly a system notification appeared.

[Prompt: Due to Campfire Explorers heating effect, the strength of the unknown enemy in the dungeon has been further improved!]

Then, the system notification disappeared.

The big-breasted witch suddenly waved her hand and summoned a brand new Black-Armored Puppet General and countless Black-Armored Puppet Soldiers.

Lin Ye stared speechless at the scene.

‘Good God!

‘The four Bosses have now become five Bosses

‘Arent you a rascal

‘Forget it!

‘Id better scout out the enemy first!

[Name: Silent Witch ()]

[Level: lv 10 (Dungeon Boss Panel) (Witch Class Panel) (Clone)]

[Qualification: ]

[Skill: ]

[Description: ]

Lin Yes eyes bugged out at the pure question marks on the panel.


‘What the hell is this

‘A dungeon Boss with question marks on its Skills and information

‘Could it be a new challenge mode

‘Simulation of reality

Sensing that someone was peeking at her, the big-breasted witch suddenly raised her head and looked in Lin Yes direction.

Her deep eyes looked through the trees and debris in the middle and landed on Lin Ye and the others.


“This is really interesting!”

“Hive-like entry pass, Tree Guardian, Soul-Summoning Bell, and a Bionic Tear! No wonder I received such a system Prompt!”

“Alright, since our meeting is so fated, Ill let you pass this level for free!”

“I hope you can also pass the Hive-like trial, little boy!”

With that, the big-breasted witch rode on her brown flying broom and flew into the sky, disappearing into the clouds.

[Prompt: The dungeon BossSilent Witch has disappeared!]

Lin Ye stared in confusion.

‘She ran away

‘A Boss monster could actually run away

‘Is it a special dungeon Boss required by the plot

‘Is she here just for show

‘Is she there to attract monsters

While he was thinking, the Big Tree Guardian sat upright on the golden warhorse and looked nervously in the direction of the big-breasted witch.

He whispered.

“Silent Witch…”

“F*ck, Brother Tree, do you know her” Lin Ye quickly asked

The Big Tree Guardian guard shook his head.

“I dont know, but she feels very familiar.”

“She has the same Hive-like mark on her body as you, Master Lin Ye.”

“There are also a few markings of the same origin asHive.”

Its definitely not the so-called creatures of the secret dungeon.

“And shes very dangerous,”

“Something strange.

Since Master summoned me with the Soul-Summoning Bell and let me absorb a portion of Campfire Explorers power, I could feel the witch is also emitting odd power, similar to the Campfire Explorers.”

“Its as if…”

“Thats something she made herself….”

“She was probably the one who personally gave this dungeon new power, changed its structure, and created a new monster…”


‘Brother Tree, do you have the nose of a hound


‘Not only could you smell the Hive-like admission pass, but now you could even smell the origin power of Campfire Explorer

Although Lin Ye was confused, he didnt ask further.

He had already talked to the Big Tree Guardian before and knew its personality and behavior.

If this fellow knows anything, he will definitely tell you everything and explain it clearly to you.

If this guy only said half of the story, it meant that he didnt know about it either.

He only knew the general idea.

It felt like when the Soul Summoning Bell summoned him, his memory was wiped, and he had forgotten all the key information.

This included Hive-like admission pass.

This guy could smell if you had a Hive-like entrance pass on you.

He also knew what the Hive-like entrance pass was used for, which was to allow you to enter the large-scale dungeon.

However, if you had to ask what kind of place Hive-like was; what was inside, what monster will you meet, and what items could get….

He didnt know anything.

Lin Ye could only say, Su Mumus “Bionic Tear” talent:

Its obviously not ordinary.

It seems to be hiding some big secret.

But now was not a good time to worry about Su Mumus Awakening Talent.

The right way was to quickly destroy the army of four Black-Armored Puppets and take away the final reward of this college entrance examination dungeon.

“Brother Tree,”

“Dont bother about the Silent Witch anymore.”

“Shes already left anyway.”

“Get ready,”

“The Black-Armored Puppets in front of us should be our last enemies.”

“Destroy them and our college entrance examination will be over.

Then, we can start preparing to challenge the Hive-like dungeon that youve been thinking about day and night.”

“Understood, Master Lin Ye!” The Big Tree Guardian nodded.

“How should we fight this battle”

Lin Ye took out the summoners summoning card and said as he performed the summoning ritual, ”


“There are a lot of people on the other side.”

“Ill get a powerful helper to help us first.”

Consume the Fate of Meeting!


Level 10 — Cursemancer!


With a flash of white light, the Cursemancer fell from the sky like a Gundam and landed steadily on the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.

The domineering half-squatting posture when it landed, coupled with the black armor and the black iron greatsword on its back, was simply too cool.

Even the Big Tree Guardian was stunned and subconsciously said, “The Cursemancer”

“You know him” Lin Ye asked.

The Big Tree Guardian shook his head.

“I dont know,”

“But it feels very familiar.”


“My memory is out of my grasp.”

Lin Ye waved his hand.

“Alright, you dont have to say anymore.

I can guess that your powers are somewhat similar.”

“Am I right”

“Yes.”The Big Tree Guardian nodded.

Lin Ye took a deep breath.

‘I knew it!

‘As expected, your memory was erased by something when you were summoned here!


What Lin Ye didnt expect was…

Just as the cold and arrogant Hex Teacher got up from the ground and used his spell Skills, as usual, his huge body floated in the air.

He actually opened his mouth to speak for the first time.

“You… Tree Guardian”

Lin Yes eyes bugged out.

Impressive, a fellow townsman meeting a fellow townsman, two teary eyes

‘Wait a minute!

‘Hex Teacher, arent you a summoned creature with no memories of your past

‘Why do you still remember the Big Tree Guardians name

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