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Tyrannical Wangs Beloved Wife Chapter 30: Relieved Regret Testing

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Chapter 30: Relieved, Regret, Testing

Sun Yi Lin was rather surprised. Grandmother usually never bothered with the grandchildren generations marriage affairs, why did she suddenly say this Nevertheless, this was for his own good. Unknowingly for some reason, a plain face flashed through his mind. It wasnt a devastatingly stunning beauty, yet still carried in certain aspects the feeling of absolute dominance. At the time, she possessed a hard to reach confidence. That vigor was not at all ostentatious, yet was especially moving. However, this was also only a short-lived thought. Sun Yi Lin didnt want his own mother to be at odds with grandmother, thus shook his head. That girl, who he might only ever have that one chance meeting and didnt even know the name of, perhaps, forever burying her in the bottom of his heart wasnt bad either.

Sun Old Madam didnt miss that split second reaction of Sun Yi Lins. She was certain, even if he didnt have a person he liked, there was definitely a girl that somewhat occupied a special position in his heart. “My words are effective until your mother sets a fiancee for you.”

“Grandmother, cant I switch with younger sister The girls are always the one to likely suffer.”

Sun Old Madam waved her hand, “The Empress wont agree.”

Sun Yi Lin stared blankly, “But didnt you….”

“Dont tell me you dont know the sayingopenly repairing the passageway, attacking the city in secret[1]‘. Im only entering the palace to prevent her from bestowing a marriage through an imperial decree. What kind of personality the Empress has, I cant be more clear. She wont interfere openly, but will secretly hint at your father. The person I chose, she will definitely not agree. Even if I insist on it, shes still the Empress, secretly messing up a marriage matter is practically too easy for her, and we are powerless to do anything about it.”

“If between the two of us, at least one must marry for the sake of Kang Qinwangs ambitions, I can too.”

“Then, Lin boy, carefully think about it, of the various families in the capital, are the families with eligible bachelors more advantageous, or the families with daughters waiting to be married more advantageous”

Sun Yi Lin carefully contemplated, then went silent. A noble daughter that was able to match with his status and had influence and power behind her, majority were all the other princes supporters. And those in the neutral faction that were worthy of roping in, their families eligible bachelors really did occupy the majority. Younger sisters marriage was more valuable than his.

“They naturally hope for the both of you to marry politically. On Jia girls marriage matters, if I first express an unyielding stance, then yield, only then can I interfere with your marriage. Between the two of you, its not that I can only help one, rather I can only help you.”

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“Many thanks grandmother.”

“Go for now then, remember my words.”

“This grandson will take his leave.”

Sun Old Madam was somewhat absentminded. Luo Old Madam could, for the sake of her own granddaughters wellbeing, not want high status and great wealth, then why cant she also consider for the sake of her own grandchildren for once Thats right, she didnt believe that Luo Old Madam doesnt know her grandsons situation. Then naturally it goes without saying her reason for refusing. When she was younger she wasnt as determined as her, causing herself to be unhappy her whole life. But now, there was no reason to still be defeated by her. Although this kind of comparison ofstrengths was very senseless, its not like anyone will know. Sun Old Madam still couldnt help but to want to do a bit of something.

Outside, Sun Yi Lin saw Sun Yi Jia, who was waiting for him alone, “Little sister…”

“Fifth brother.”

The two siblings proceed side by side, remaining silent for a long time. In the end, Sun Yi Lin spoke first, “Previously, Kang Qinwangs matter, were you unwilling”

“Fifth brother, now I can finally go see cousin-in-law with a clear conscious. Although I can only send her off one last time.”

“Is it only because of guilt” Sun Yi Lins mouth was somewhat dry.

“No, perhaps because I was born with a high status that I yearn for the ordinary. In a lot of peoples eyes, this is probably not knowing what is good. But I really do think like this. Whether its naive or ignorance, I can only just think about it.” Sun Yi Jia was aware that she herself couldnt escape from the fate of a political marriage.

“Sorry, fifth brother is useless, unable to help you.” Because of eldest brother, he conceded and refused the Emperors offer of promoting him.

“Dont say that, eldest brother is our older brother. If you two fight, Ill be heartbroken too.”

“But, I dont want to keep retreating. I cant interfere in your marriage, but I at least can to be your support in the future. Before it was Kang Qinwang, if he bullied you, I cant help you vent your anger, but now its not the same. There isnt another suitable prince or wangye for marriage. Aside from them, these imperial family descendants, the others I can always think of a way to sort out.”

Sun Yi Jia suddenly laughed with apfft, “Alright, Ill be waiting.”

But, not long after, they will once again learn whatthe heavens toy with the mortals means.

Li Hong Yuan probably didnt expect either that his interfering in Sun Yi Jias marriage would cause Sun Yi Lin to enter officialdom ahead of time. However, as for the troublesome matters it brought him later on, he rather felt it was insignificant. He was long accustomed to it and was able to resolve it with a wave of his hand.

Jing Wan was sitting next to Luo Old Madam, her thoughts somewhat scattered. Recalling Sun Yi Jias expression, she strangely felt sorrowful for some reason.

“Wan Wan, whats wrong Worried about that matter with Ru Yu Junzhu” Luo Old Madam somewhat worryingly asked, “Ru Yu Junzhus father is only a junwang[2]. The reason why she was conferred as a junzhu was only because the Empress is her maternal aunt. To say it was out of fondness, it was better to say for the sake of face. After all, with that unlikable personality of hers, even statues would get angered. The number of people that couldnt stand her and could suppress her actually arent in the minorities. You dont need to be too mindful.”

Jing Wan shook her head and said out loud her own assumptions about Sun Yi Jia.

Luo Old Madam helplessly laughed, “Our Wan Wan is rather benevolent. Your own matters still havent been settled, yet you still have the leisure mood to worry about others.”

“Just feel that such a prideful, bright, and talented girl was too pitiful.”

“To be born in that kind of family, this kind of thing is unavoidable. As long as the elders make the decision, then one cant escape it, cant avoid it. Come to think of it, grandmother is still the fortunate one, choosing a good husband for myself, and also getting my wish.”

“Then arent I even more fortunate” Jing Wan happily smiled.

“Its still too early to say this. Wait until you reach this grandmothers age, and experienced everything you should experience, only then will you know if youre really fortunate or not. However, grandmother is willing to believe that Wan Wan is a fortunate person.”

Arriving back at the Luo Manor, the party descended the horse carriage and neither slowly nor quickly walked towards the inside of the manor.

Luo Jing Ying then timely expressed her concern for Jing Wan, “Ru Yu Junzhu is stubbornly unruly and also domineering. For her to have suffered such a big grievance today, she naturally doesnt dare to do anything to Jin Qinwang, but she will inevitably hold a grudge against third sister. In the future, it cant be avoided for her to come looking for trouble. What to do” She appeared deeply worried and sick at heart, “Actually, I should have long told third sister about the various noble daughters in the capital. If third sister knew Ru Yu Junzhus character, perhaps you wouldve been able to endure a bit. Then there probably wont be these troubles.”

“Fourth sister how can you say it like that That Ru Yu Junzhus words were too offensive, slandering third sister. If third sister were to tolerate it, troubles are saved, but her reputation would also be ruined. The reputation of seducing outside men, can it be tolerated, can it be shouldered Dont say a junzhu, even if it was a princess, also need to retort back. Could it be that just because were daughters of an officials family that we need to suffer in silence on all things towards the daughters of the imperial family If third sisters reputation is ruined, fourth sister will be able to benefit All the unmarried daughters in our Luo family wont be able to escape.” Luo Jing You angrily retorted.

Luo Jing Ying was once again choked. She can confirm, Luo Jing You really is relying on the fact that Luo Jing Wan is here, and is starting to go against her without reservation. What honest and quiet, clearly sharp-tongued. In the past, she most likely was pretending. “Grandmother, this granddaughter definitely didnt have that intention. This granddaughter was just worried, thus momentarily said something stupid, thats why……” Luo Jing Ying hurriedly explained herself with a tearful look.

“Enough, just go back to your own courtyard.” Luo Old Madam somewhat impatiently waved her hand. Not learning anything good, but learned a pile of dishonest things.

Luo Jing Ying watched them walk further away, yet unexpectedly didnt get angry. Just, her eyes appeared all the more gloomy. Those words just now were actually just a test, a final test that stemmed from her unwillingness to resign. She wanted to see, if grandmother really was unconditionally protective of Luo Jing Wan. As expected, it was still like so, completely didnt go beyond her expectations. She gave up. In the future, she wont delude herself any longer, thinking grandmother will dote on her. And she wont make things difficult for Luo Jing Wan in front of grandmother anymore. Mother was right, it was useless to say anymore, saying was far from doing.

[1] The more literal translations of this idiom isopenly repairing the passageway (specifically the plank walkway constructed on the face of a cliff), infiltrating Chen Chang in secret. Theres rather long anecdote relating to this idiom. Its one of those military tactics used in actual history, specifically by the founding Emperor of Han dynasty, Liu Bang. The short version of it is, during one of Liu Bangs campaigns, he ordered his subordinates to burn a plank bridge to indicate to the enemy side he wasnt planning on conquering further. Later on when he finally had enough manpower, one of his generals suggest for him to order a bunch of construction workers to repair that plank bridge in a months time. Of course, it was a huge project and couldnt really be fixed even in three years, but this is all a coverup anyway. While they are openly repairing this pathway, he sent the rest of his troops through small and secret passageways and infiltrated the city Chen Chang.

[2] Junwang – Wang of second rank



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