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When Nan Xiao said this, Shi Ning felt that she had been fooled.

“Why are you like this You don’t mean what you say.”

“Heh, it doesn’t matter if you like others, anyway, I’ll just be the bad guy to the end.” He sneered.

“You’re the people’s soldier, you can’t be a bad person.”

“I’m not a bad person.

I’m only bad to you.”

Shi Ning could not stand it: “Get lost.”

Nan Xiao looked at her exasperated and smiled.

“How come you are very grumpy now that you’re in college but can’t get to tell people to scram unlike before.”

“I won’t talk to you.

It’s getting late, I’m going back.”

Shi Ning was powerless.

She was good with reasoning but she would never this rascal’s match.

Nan Xiao waved the necklace in front of her: “Really you don’t want to”

“No.” Shi Ning insisted.

Nan Xiao was not angry and just put the necklace back in his pocket.

“Okay, I’ll keep it for you and give it to you later.”

“… there’s no later.”

Nan Xiao ignored Shi Ning’s words directly.

“Come on, where is your dormitory I will accompany you back to your dorm.”

After sending Shi Ning downstairs, he turned his back to her, and the trace of playfulness earlier was nowhere to be seen.

His lips were thin and tight, and his eyes were covered with heavy frost.

After seeing Nan Xiao, Shi Ning was surer of her own feelings.

Different, they were both good friends but when Nan Xiao and Lin Suno confessed to her she felt completely different.

She felt overwhelmed and there was throbbing when Suno confessed to her while.

Nan Xiao, on the other hand, she just wants to brainwash him to like other girls immediately.

Otherwise, it would always feel a little unnatural to get along with him in the future.

But she doesn’t know why, after the confession, he didn’t contact her again except for texting her the next morning

Shi Ning was puzzled.

This was the third day, Lin Suno haven’t contacted her for three days.

Shi Ning realized what it means to live like a year.

If this had happened a week ago, she didn’t really care if he won’t contact him for a week but after his confession, everything seems to have changed.

She always thinks of him.

Wondering what he was doing and why he hadn’t contacted her yet.

Was there something she didn’t do well, so he didn’t come to her

If he doesn’t come to her, should she take the initiative to contact him

Her mind was a mess, full of doubts about why Lin Suno hadn’t come to her.

Previously, Shi Ning only thought about these things in her spare time.

On the fifth day, when she found that even in class, she would occasionally think about him Shi Ning began to doubt her life.

Sure enough, she was right not to fall in love before.

No love, no **.

People in dormitory room number 310 of the mathematics department recently found that there was a person in the dormitory who was very different.

That’s Zhang Yunyang, the eldest in the room.

In recent days, he has been calling someone until late at night in his bed every day, and sometimes he even laughs that sounded so in love.

This made the other three single dogs in room 310 think and believed that he must be in love.

Sure enough, one day, they met Zhang Yunyang and his girlfriend.

“Dang! That girl is so beautiful.”

“How can Zhang Yunyang find such a beautiful girlfriend No wonder he has been so in love recently.”

“Doesn’t the girl look familiar Do you know her”

Lin Suno, who had been silent for a long time, spoke.

“I know her.

She belongs to the calligraphy club.

You should have seen her last time when the calligraphy club and the Go club got together.”

“Oh oh oh I remember, the best-looking girls that night are sitting together, they were with the prettiest girl too, what was her name again, Shi what ……”

Lin Suno: “Shi Ning.”

“Yes, yes, the legendary flower of the medical school.

What about Zhang Yunyang’s girlfriend, what is her name”

“Yan Fei.”


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