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Ch61 - The Teenager’s Singing is not Perfect

Feng Jiaming’s Regret


In the recording studio, the teenager with the youthful atmosphere took a deep breath in front of the microphone.

He nodded outside, signaling that he was ready.

Then the moving melody sounded slowly.



The clear voice of the teenager and the melody sounded.

The teenager’s voice is quite special, not that it’s amazing, but it’s very comfortable, just appropriate, with the unique sweetness in the air after the clouds and rain disappear.

It is also like the cold first snow in the early spring when the ice and snow have not yet disappeared, which made people engraved it in their hearts after hearing it.

Outside the glass of the recording studio. 

Angus, who was sitting in the corner of the recording studio, stood up excitedly and exchanged glances with Wesson.

Years of tacit understanding allowed them to understand each other’s meaning with just one glance.


This teenager was the one they had been looking for.

Compared to Angus, Wesson’s eyes are still restrained, but his fingertips, which were white from gripping too tightly, had betrayed his mind.

It’s a song he wrote when he was young, and it carries too many emotions he couldn’t confide in.


After years of sitting on the shelf, he revised the song, and now it resurfaced.

His dark brown eyes looked at the teenager with a hint of imperceptible anticipation.

Fu Xiao opened the door and entered to see this scene.


Behind him was Xiao Liu, who was holding a pile of documents.

Needless to say, they rushed over from the conference room. 

He opened the door gently, without disturbing anyone.

There were many people inside the door, but as soon as Fu Xiao looked up, he saw a teenager with headphones inside the glass wall.

The headphones carried the trivial black hair of the teenager, making the teenager’s face even smaller.

His blue eyes were down, and the teenager’s curly thick and black eyelashes were slightly fluttering, it was like the fluttering feeling in Fu Xiao’s heart.

He made it. 

He breathed a sigh of relief, then closed the door gently and walked to the middle of the crowd, and turned his ears slightly.

The melody of the song carries a touch of nostalgia, and the voice of the teenager is like a train of time passing slowly, bringing people back to the memory in the evening at dusk on the rooftop of the playground, where the pale yellow light fills the red runaway.

It was the purest and most beautiful age.

But for Fu Xiao, that time was also the busiest.

He was always running around in the company and his studies, like a tree silently absorbing nutrients, growing up constantly, in order to resist the unknown wind and rain in the future. 

Forever alone, walking in a hurry.

Are you lonely


For the most part, it was lonely.

Do you regret it 

Never regretted it.

He was thus freed.

Fu Xiao lowered his head and chuckled lightly, he lifted his eyes, and unexpectedly ran into the teenager’s, filling his heart full.

The teenager’s eyes looked at him as if the stars were lit up, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help curling up. 

Just because the teenager smiles, Fu Xiao also smiled for no reason.

He never imagined that one day he would also be delighted by the joy of others.

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The lights in the recording studio were all on the teenager, but Fu Xiao felt that there was nothing around him that was more dazzling than this teenager.

His teenager was like a prince sitting on a throne in fancy clothing, worthy of all the praises in the world.

He seemed to be the light itself.

Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but focus on his teenager, but the teenager’s eyes were only on him.

Thinking of this. 

Fu Xiao couldn’t help but breathe heavily.

The song ends.

No one spoke in the studio.

Su Zening walked out, and rushed towards Fu Xiao with a smile.

He looked at Fu Xiao and said with joy: “How is it” 

Fu Xiao was silent for a moment, his throat tightened slightly, and he stared at Su Zening for a while and said: “Good.”

The teenager laughed even more happily.

He brought his face closer, the tip of his nose was very close to Fu Xiao, and Fu Xiao seemed to be able to feel the hot and humid breath from the tip of his nose.

The teenager seemed to be saying something, but he didn’t hear anything.


He just wanted to stretch out his hand and pull Ning-Ning into his arms fiercely, so that the tip of Ning-Ning’s fair nose slammed into his chest.

He took a step back, and said to Angus: “Is this the person you’re looking for” 

Angus knew nothing of the undercurrent surging between the two, and said with joy: “Yes.” Then he looked at Wesson.

Wesson nodded slightly hesitantly.

The teenager’s voice has a wide range, and he has no difficulty singing any range.

And his voice seems to be born with the ability to express emotions, and he uses this skill flawlessly.

He has never seen such a perfect person who combines emotions and skills.

His air tone expresses hesitation, and his vibrato expresses excitement, and he always used it appropriately, as perfect as a textbook.

This is very difficult. 

But the emotion of the song is not only conveyed by expression, but more of the singer’s inner feelings.

The teenager, on the other hand, did not.

That’s why sometimes, some songs are so messed up in their singing techniques, but they can still be deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

But the teenager is perfect like a beautiful and delicate doll in the cupboard. 

Beautiful but not real.

Pretty but the impact is not enough.

It cannot be said that the teenager did not handle the song well, the teenager is definitely one of the most talented people he has ever seen.

He’s more than enough to sing the theme song, but he has high regard for the teenager, and hopes that the other could do better.

But Wesson himself felt that it was too hard to bear, the teenager in front of him was only under twenty years old, so how can he bear to ask him to understand that many emotions in the world 

What he was thinking, others were completely unaware.

Angus glanced at Fu Xiao and Su Zening.

Su Zening stood behind Fu Xiao and could not help but secretly glance at Fu Xiao from time to time.

Angus knew it in his heart, and he said to Fu Xiao: “I hope that he can participate in the recording of our theme song, all other conditions are good.” Although they didn’t notice it themselves, it was as if there was a boundary between the two that separated the others.

Between the two, it was Fu Xiao who obviously made the decision. 

Fat fish is really fat fish!

Cat food is coming in again.


Su Zening’s eyes lit up and turned his head to look at Fu Xiao pitifully.

He forgot that he was not Little Sugar Cake now, and he didn’t need Fu Xiao’s consent at all.

Fu Xiao said as usual: “Okay, you can send me the contract.” 

The two of them didn’t find it strange at all.

Xiao Liu, who had been a wallflower behind them for a long time, looked at them at a loss and hesitated.

Director Angus was content and Wesson left to start working on a contract.

Su Zening and Fu Xiao walked out one after the other.

Fu Xiao, who is the president, instead followed Su Zening’s lead. 

None of them found it strange.

The only unfortunate thing is that Xiao Liu’s expression became more tangled, as if he had discovered a shocking secret, and he felt at loss whether to say it or not.

Xiao Liu and Secretary Zhang, who were a few steps away from the two, walked side by side.

Secretary Zhang glanced at him, he pushed his glasses expressionlessly and said: “Do you know why some people can live a hundred years” 

Xiao Liu:

Secretary Zhang said with a smile: “Because they never meddle.”

Xiao Liu only felt a chill rise from his spine, and felt lucky in his heart: “I don’t know anything.”

Secretary Zhang sneered: “If a third person knows——” 

Xiao Liu swore: “I definitely won’t.

If there is, I will bring the person up to see you.”

Secretary Zhang walked away satisfied.

Following behind Su Zening, Fu Xiao looked at the teenager’s back.

The teenager’s butterfly bones were looming under the white shirt, fragile but beautiful, which made Fu Xiao feel a desire to protect.

“Yi Ning.” Fu Xiao’s heart was moved, and he couldn’t help but speak out. 

Su Zening turned his head and looked at Fu Xiao with a puzzled look on his face.

Is Fu Xiao going to say something to him


Fu Xiao was silent, just looking at him.

Fu Xiao’s eyes were like the stars, there were too many things that Su Zening couldn’t understand.

After the two looked at each other for a moment of silence, Su Zening’s heart was beating wildly.

Then Fu Xiao smiled suddenly, and he stretched out his hand to himself.

Su Zening couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

What is Fu Xiao trying to do, reaching out his hand like this 

The hand kept getting closer to Su Zening, and was then placed on Su Zening’s hair.

Fu Xiao pressed down the strand of hair that was raised because of wearing headphones: “You’re hair is messy.”

Su Zening suddenly felt a little disappointed, but it disappeared in an instant.

The teenager jumped away to the side in frustration and said angrily: “Don’t touch my hair.”

Xiao Liu, who was following behind the two, shivered, and only felt a chill in his neck.

Even if he sewed his mouth shut. 

He also can’t carry the craziness of the parties involved in leaking secrets, ah.

This floor has the top recording studios under Xingchen, each of which has an investment of more than eight figures, and their performance is well known in the industry.

Suddenly there was a commotion from the recording studio next door.

The attention of the crowd was drawn to it. 

The recording engineer of the recording studio said angrily: “The rules are the rules.

You can only used the recording studio maximum of three days at a time.”

A female voice next to him sneered: “When is this the rule, I used to have a week’s appointment.”

That person is Feng Jiaming.

She saw the crowd looking over, and she looked at Fu Xiao and the half-grown kid she didn’t know beside him with a complicated mood.

She just saw Fu Xiao put his hand on the top of that person’s head.

She knows Fu Xiao.

Fu Xiao keeps a distance from everyone, always resists others from entering his world, and has never been so close to others.

She was inexplicably uncomfortable, and she always thought about the relationship between the two in her mind. 

At this time the recording engineer pushed all sorts of excuses, and Feng Jiaming’s mood was worsening.

She explained to the new recording engineer: “You just came, you may not know, I’ve been doing this for a week before, why not this time”

The recording engineer was very aggrieved and said: “No way, no way, ah. This is the set rule.”

Feng Jiaming was so angry and amused.

She has used this recording studio for so many years, and she has never heard of this rule.

She said: “Who could have set this rule”

At this time, the supervisor came, he saw Feng Jiaming and smiled apologetically: “Miss Feng, it’s not that we are embarrassing you, this is indeed our rule here.” 

Feng Jiaming said in disbelief: “But there was none before.”

The supervisor faltered and didn’t know what to say.


It’s buzzing over there.

Fu Xiao didn’t care at all, and took Su Zening to wait for the elevator at the entrance of the pathway. 

Secretary Zhang couldn’t help but came over and sneered, and said towards the supervisor: “Just say it directly.”

The supervisor glanced at Secretary Zhang and said: “You see, the recording studio was built using Mr.

Fu’s private funds.

Naturally, you don’t have to abide by the rules here, but now——” He didn’t need to continue, and Feng Jiaming also understood.

Why should she be allowed to use it now

Secretary Zhang looked at Feng Jiaming and shook his head. 

Because Feng Jiaming always refused to go to Mr.

Fu’s recording studio in the villa, so Mr.

Fu also built one in the company.

With the money he paid, naturally Feng Jiaming could use it as an exception and not only did she have the priority to use it, but she can also use it for as long as she wanted.

As for the present——

Secretary Zhang had already informed him that Feng Jiaming would never be that exception again.

So it’s Fu Xiao again 

These days, Feng Jiaming was deeply aware of the difference, and she was already numb.

She couldn’t help but look in the direction of Fu Xiao and the teenager with a blank expression.

The elevator came, but Fu Xiao stretched out his hand, stopped the elevator, and let the teenager in with a protective stance.

The teenager didn’t feel anything wrong at all, and walked in while looking up and talking to Fu Xiao.

After the teenager entered, Fu Xiao walked in and looked down at the teenager. 

Across a corridor, Feng Jiaming, however, felt that Fu Xiao’s eyes were like hot and cold snow that just melted.

She was puzzled for a while, wondering what she was thinking about.

What does it matter to her how Fu Xiao is

These days Fu Wei lives with her.

He was banned by the entire industry, and no one would rush to hire Fu Wei at the request of Old Master Fu. 

And she could also feel that someone was targeting her.

Fu Wei was not in a hurry, but told her that he could take advantage of this time to rest and adjust.


How is this possible, her dream has not come true, she has not proven herself yet, how can she stop.

Thinking of this, Feng Jiaming decided to have a good talk with Fu Wei. 


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