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Zhou Heng was also a little curious.

Su Chong had been with them day and night, so they knew who he knew.

However, after thinking about it carefully, no woman matched him.

Su Chong suddenly had a woman he liked.

This was too unbelievable.

Su Chong covered his head and said in a low voice, “M-masters daughter.

I, I… like her.”

Su Chongs heart raced and he was too embarrassed to say anything.

However, the information he said let Su Hua and Zhou Heng know who that person was.

The Teachers daughter, Lin Yaoyao, was an equally knowledgeable female teacher.

She was 31 years old, while Su Hua was 22 years old.

The difference between the two of them was nine years.


Zhou Heng was deep in thought.

Su Hua thought for a while and said, “Brother, have you thought about it Shes 31, and youre only 22.

Theres a difference of nine years between the two of you.

Thats a big difference.”


There were many men who married women nine years younger than them, so it was not strange.

However, it was rare for a woman to be nine years older than her husband.

It was a huge difference of nine years.

This meant that Lin Yaoyao was wise and mature.

She was definitely not comparable to a girl in her teens.

Perhaps in her opinion, Su Chong was not mature enough.

“Of course I know shes older than me, but I cant control who I like.

What does it matter if shes older or younger than me”

Su Chong lifted the blanket and said firmly with a red face.

With that, he looked at Su Hua and said, “Brother Hua, Little Brother Heng, you have to help me.”

Su Hua and Zhou Heng looked at Su Chong.

Why did they feel that something was wrong

Zhou Heng looked at Su Chong and asked in confusion, “Ah Chong, so Senior Sister Lin doesnt know that you like her”

Su Hua was also puzzled.

“So you have a crush on her”

Su Chong really felt embarrassed, but he admitted it frankly.

He nodded.

“Thats right, but I like her.

I have to work hard to win her heart.

At the very least, I have to let her know that I have such intentions.”

It was said that a fierce woman was afraid of being pestered by a man.

He would try pestering her once.

Su Hua and Zhou Heng had interesting expressions and smiles in their eyes.

Zhou Heng was the first to speak.

“Ah Chong, I support you.

Why dont we do this In a few days, Master will bring us out to see the scenery.

Well casually mention that we want to practice poems with Senior Sister Lin and invite her to go with us.

When the time comes, well practice poems and play Flying Flower Token.”

Su Hua smiled in agreement.

“Good idea.”

Su Chong smiled.

“Alright, alright.

Lets do that.

You know how I feel.

You must help me.”

Su Hua and Zhou Heng nodded.

Su Hua naturally had to help.

Su Chong was his elder brother and they had grown up together.

He knew this elder brother too well.

Because he knew what he looked like when he was really happy, he had to help.

He wanted Su Chong to have no regrets.

If he liked her, he would chase after her to his hearts content.

Zhou Heng lowered his eyes, his thoughts hidden.

If even Lin Yaoyao and Su Chong could work, then Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao would not find it difficult to accept the feelings he had hidden for many years.

With Su Hua and Zhou Hengs encouragement, Su Chongs mood soared.

He got up from the bed and asked Su Hua excitedly, “Brother Hua, how did you reply to mother when she told you about Miss Sun Did you agree”

Zhou Heng also looked at Su Hua.

Su Hua smiled and nodded.

“If Sun Baoqian agrees, Ill marry her.

Shes a good woman and isnt bad at anything.

If fate allows it, Ill like her too.”

He was really not picky about Sun Baoqian.

The Sun family had a good family background.

Even if they were far away from the bureaucracy now, they still had a foundation.

He was knowledgeable, but he was still a nobody.

However, he was now a candidate, and his future was hard to say.

Being chosen by the Sun family would not let him be arrogant, and he would not have taken much advantage if he chose Sun Baoqian.

This was actually equal.

He had borrowed the Sun familys influence and would return it in the future.

The Sun family had taken care of him and was also burying chess for the future Sun Baoshan.

Su Hua did not intend to say these.

It was fine as long as he understood these principles.

If Sun Baoqian agreed, he would cultivate feelings with her with all his heart.

With so many foundations, he also hoped to have sincere feelings and spend the rest of his life with a woman who was compatible with him.

“Brother Hua, have you forgotten Sun Baoshan is also Teachers student.

When the time comes, well invite him to go with us.

Well invite Xiaoling and Xiaolu too.

Then, well let Sun Baoqian go with us.”

Su Chongs eyes suddenly lit up as he said excitedly.

It was always better to see more people than those who barely met.

Su Hua smiled and nodded.

“Thats not bad.

Shes friends with Xiaoling and Xiaolu.

She wont feel uncomfortable with them around.”

“Then lets treat it as jaunting.

Itll snow soon.

When the snow falls, the scenery will be even better.

Bring good wine.

Im looking forward to it,” Zhou Heng said with a smile.

“Why dont we call Daniu and Erniu too Why dont we all go together Were not married yet.

Daniu and Erniu will get married next year.

Theyre going to Furongzhou.

Im afraid itll be hard to see them in the future.”

Su Chong thought for a moment and said.

With more people around, everyone would have a good time eating roasted meat and hot wine.

The snow would be more beautiful too.

Su Hua and Zhou Heng were stunned.

They did not expect more and more people to be invited in the end.

However, on careful thought, this was a good thing.

The two of them smiled and nodded.

Su Hua said, “Alright, Ill tell Master about this during the next snow.”

“Its getting late.

Im going back to my room to sleep.”

Zhou Heng smiled.

It was late at night and their rooms were adjacent.

They could just go out.

Although they were not sleeping on the same bed, they were only separated by a wall.

“Alright, lets all sleep then.”

Su Hua also got up and returned to his room.

Su Chong smiled and got up to close the door.


The next day, Madam Zhao went to the Sun residence to visit.

When she went to visit, Madam Lian welcomed her happily and naturally held Madam Zhaos arm.

“Please sit.”

“Is there an answer”

Madam Lian asked after pulling Madam Zhao to sit down.

Madam Zhao nodded and said, “Yes, my second son, Su Hua, is interested.

If Miss Sun likes him too, then lets set up their marriage.”

Madam Zhao did not mention Su Chong and pointed out Su Hua.

Madam Lian smiled and said, “Thats great.

Qian likes him too.”

Madam Lian had asked Sun Baoqians thoughts from the beginning.

Between Su Chong and Su Hua, she liked Su Hua more.

Speaking of Su Chong, Sun Baoqian was not too willing.

Now, Madam Zhao had given her this answer, it was really timely.

Madam Lian could not stop smiling.

She was really happy.

Su Hua was the number one High Scholar in Furongzhou.

His potential was unpredictable and he had a chance of becoming the top scholar in this imperial examination.

There was nothing to say about his character.

He was scheming, but he also cared about his family.

He was familiar with the four books and five sutras and was talented and good-looking.

With the divine doctor sister around, Madam Lian was not worried at all for when Sun Baoqian gave birth in the future.

Just thinking about it made her happy.

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