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1199 Feng Jianings Ending

“What! Someone picked him up! Beining, how can you treat me like this How can your Cao family let others pick up my child! You said that my son was picked up by the cleaner How can you do this Youre too wicked.

The child is still so young.

Im his mother.

He has parents.” Feng Jianing scolded crazily.

That child was her only hope now.

Now that the child was gone, all her plans were destroyed.

Feng Jianing roared, “Cao Beining, f*ck you.

Let me go quickly and let me look for the child!”

Cao Beining carried the steel pipe and walked up to Feng Jianing.

He pressed the cold steel pipe against Feng Jianings chin.

“In order to welcome that little bastard, the Cao family gave you a room, gave you money, and even spent all their money to hold this wedding for you.

Now, not only did our Cao family not gain anything back, but weve also completely become a laughing stock in the eyes of everyone.

Feng Jianing, how are you going to repay our Cao family”

Feng Jianing said, “Beining, let go of me and help me find the child.

Then, send us to Country F so we could look for the childs father.

The childs father is very rich.

When I get the money, I will definitely compensate your Cao family.

I can give you as much as you want, alright”

Cao Beining couldnt help but raise his head and laugh loudly.

After laughing for a while, he gritted his teeth and said, “Feng Jianing, as expected, you cheated on me with that Charles when you were participating in the International Fragrance Competition in Country F.

This little bastard should be that old bastards, right At a time like this, you still want to trick me into sending you to Country F.

Dont think that I dont know what youre scheming in your heart.

I definitely wont let you go.

Ill forever tie you up like this.

I dont know how many men have f*cked a slut like you.

Since you like to sleep with men so much, Ill satisfy you properly.

Ive prepared many, many toys for you.

From now on, I guarantee that youll be ecstatic every day.”

Feng Jianing would never know how terrifying Cao Beinings gaze and expression were.

Feng Jianing panicked.

“Cao Beining, what are you trying to do!”

The next second, Cao Beining stabbed the steel pipe into Feng Jianings privates.

Feng Jianing let out an incomparably shrill scream.

At first, she begged for mercy, but after she was stabbed a few times, she fainted.

Cao Beining didnt let her faint.

A basin of cold water with ice cubes was poured on her head before Feng Jianing slowly woke up.

Another burning cigarette butt pierced into her privates.

What awaited her was endless destruction and death.

In the Capitals Xie Manor.

A few subordinates reported to Feng Qing about what had happened in Penang.

Later on, the child Feng Jianing gave birth to was sent to the Childrens Welfare Institute by Feng Qing.

When he was slightly older, she would find a good family to adopt him.

This was also agreed and authorized by Charles, who was far away in Country F because Charles didnt want to affect his original family because of this illegitimate son.

Feng Qing instructed her subordinates not to ask about the Cao family and Feng Jianing anymore because their lives werent important to Feng Qing at all.

Feng Qing changed her clothes and found Little Wu in a dark corner.

She was in an especially good mood today.

She planned to bring Little Wu to shop.

Little Wu was wearing a black suit and did not have any other clothes.

Feng Qing simply found a set of her own clothes for Little Wu to wear and held Little Wus arm as she walked out.

To her surprise, her brothers and Di Tianxing actually wanted to follow her out.

boxn ovel.


Feng Qing frowned.

“Cant the few of you stay at home”

Di Tianxing looked pitiful.

“Daughter, they all think that Im crazy.

I want to go out with you, alright”

Feng Qing was speechless.

“Although theyre telling the truth,… alright then.”

Han Jintian said, “In order to prevent the entire Capital from being in chaos, I have to follow Dad.”

Han Jinlu also said, “Han Jintian has a fiery temper and is easily impulsive.

If he can go, I can naturally go too.”

Xing Yue smiled and said, “Anyway, there are so many people.

It doesnt make a difference if I went too.”

Feng Qing : “…”

Although she felt that what they said was very improper, when she thought about it carefully, it seemed to make sense.

After three months of continuous acupuncture in the Seven Stars Continent, she had successfully controlled Di Tianxings illness.

However, this illness was innately incurable.

When it acted up, it was like an obsessed child.

However, once the illness was controlled, it would completely expose the nature of a child.

Sometimes, Feng Qing could not understand Di Tianxing, so her brothers could help her take care of Di Tianxing.

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