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As soon as these words were out, the expression of Boxing King Potian immediately turned cold.

His entire face seemed to be covered by a dark cloud.

Seeing his stormy appearance, the female attendant smiled and said, “Boxing King Potian, actually, you dont have to do this.

Were just under orders to help you shower and dress you.

We wont do anything to you, much less violate you.

Therefore, you dont have to be so resistant at all.

Moreover, our service will make you feel very comfortable.”

Speaking up to this point, the female attendant snapped her fingers.

Then, two other female attendants walked over.

One of the beautiful female attendants took the initiative to reach out and take off the clothes of Boxing King Potian, but the man instinctively grabbed her wrist.

At the same time, the man raised his leg and kicked the female attendants waist.

Then, the female attendant flew out and hit the wall, vomiting blood on the spot.

Boxing King Potian said in a cold voice, “Its not impossible to serve me, but you have to find a few male attendants.

Im a clean freak and dont like to be touched by trash.

Also, if you women dont go out, turn around.

Otherwise, dont blame me for destroying the flowers!”

Everyones expressions were very ugly when they heard the warning of Boxing King Potian and looked at the female attendant who had already fainted.

Hence, the female attendant in the lead could only pass on the words of Boxing King Potian to her superiors.

They could not make the decision on this matter and could only let Ziwei Star decide how to deal with this man.

However, after hearing the report, Di Qianmo scolded impatiently, “Theres too much ** and urine on a lazy donkey.

How f*cking pretentious.”

He only wanted the female attendants to put on the clothes for Boxing King Potian because he wanted to test him.

Boxing King Potian had treated Feng Qing as his spoils of war and took her away.

Therefore, Di Qianmo subconsciously thought that Boxing King Potian was a lecherous person.

Moreover, he had kept harassing and teasing Feng Qing last night.

This confirmed his thoughts even more.

However, this also made him inexplicably angry.

Especially the scene of Feng Qing calling Boxing King PotianDaddy last night, it almost made him explode.

It was only this morning that his subordinates reported to him that the two people had done something else in the surveillance camera last night.

Boxing King Potian had kissed Feng Qing forcefully.

When he first heard this news, Di Qianmo had entered a violent state.

After smashing a room, his violent aura dissipated.

However, after calming down, he was even more puzzled.

Didnt he spend so much effort to kidnap Feng Qing because he wanted to use her to take revenge on Xie Jiuhan The more Feng Qing was tortured, the happier he should be.

Why did he become so unhappy

After thinking about it, Di Qianmo finally felt that perhaps Boxing King Potian had not done enough.

He should have gone overboard with Feng Qing and not just forcefully kissed her.

This made him instantly feel that there was no point.

However, this also made Di Qianmo dissatisfied with Boxing King Potian from the bottom of his heart.

It was useless even if he was given a chance!

Di Qianmo asked, “Hows Feng Qing”

A bodyguard replied, “Fourth Young Master, Miss Feng just finished bathing.”

Di Qianmo raised his chin and said coldly, “Very good.

Arrange for a few male attendants to help her change her clothes immediately.”

The bodyguard was stunned.

He wanted to confirm again, but after seeing Di Qianmos cold gaze, he immediately nodded and said, “Alright, Ill do it now.”

In the presidential suite.

Feng Qing had just finished bathing and walked out of the bathroom.

Her black and beautiful hair was covered in water droplets.

Wherever she passed, a long water mark would be left on the ground behind her.

A female attendant who was already waiting outside wrapped a towel around her and brought her to the next room.

When Feng Qing saw Boxing King Potian, she heard the attendant say, “Lord Ziwei Star just ordered Miss Feng to help Boxing King Potian change his clothes.”

Just before Feng Qing walked out of the shower, Di Qianmo changed his orders at the last minute.

He wanted to force Feng Qing to help Boxing King Potian change his clothes.

This way, he could humiliate Feng Qing better, which was equivalent to humiliating Xie Jiuhan.

Hearing the female attendants words, Feng Qing was slightly stunned.

How could letting her change her husbands clothes be considered humiliation to her

Feng Qing nodded without hesitation.

“It doesnt matter.

Anyway, Im his spoils of war now.

So what if I help him change his clothes”

With that, she walked straight to Boxing King Potian and reached out her slender and fair hand to undo the mans belt.

Boxing King Potian lowered his eyes and his gaze landed on her wet hair.

The man said coldly, “Go and dry your hair before helping me change.”

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