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Among these people, Lin yuelan, little three, little six, and little twelve had never heard of Feng Zhishuis great name.

But to Lin Deshan, Doctor Zhang, and Guo Bing, Feng Zhishuis name was like thunder to their ears.

Little three asked in confusion, ” who is Feng Zhishui ”

Guo Bing looked at the painting carefully and said, ” Feng Zhishui was a great scholar of poetry and painting.

He was a famous figure in my great-grandfathers generation.

Ive heard from my grandfather that every single one of Feng Zhishuis paintings would be fought over by all the influential and powerful families.

This was especially true for one of his most recent works, the enigma of the peony and butterfly! Its regarded as a work with a sky-high price.”

At this point, Guo Bing suddenly thought of something.

He furrowed his brows and said with some confusion, ” but according to the rumors, this painting was given to a good friend of Feng Zhishuis.

Why would it appear in the corner of the Lin family Village And whats even more ridiculous is that it was in the house of an ordinary farmer.

As soon as Guo Bing said this, there was some doubt and silence in the crowd.

However, at that moment, Lin Deshan suddenly burst into tears and started crying.

This gave everyone a huge shock.

What was wrong with Grandpa Lin Why did he suddenly cry

Lin yuelans eyes glinted as she immediately said, “Grandpa, Feng Zhishui gave this painting to your family!” This was not a guess but a confirmation.

As soon as Lin yuelan finished speaking, everyone was shocked and asked in bewilderment, ” no way Could it be such a coincidence”

However, after crying for a while, Lin Deshan held the painting and said emotionally, ” LanEr is right.

This painting is indeed the masterpiece that Feng Zhishui gave to my father!”

Although there were speculations and suspicions, hearing Lin Deshans confirmation, everyone was even more surprised.

If Feng Zhishui was the one who gave this painting to Grandpa Lins father, why would it be in the Lin family Village Could it be that the Lin family Village was the ancestral home of Lin Deshan

Guo Bing asked in shock, ” Grandpa Lin, how did the painting end up here And youre treating it like trash.”

Lin Deshan wiped his tears and told the story.

He said, “My family used to live in Qingsheng city and opened Lins medicine shop.

Lins medicine shop was the largest medicine shop in Qingsheng city.

Back then, even though my father and Feng Zhishui had a 20-year age difference, they became best friends.

When Feng Zhishui was 60 years old, he painted a masterpiece and gave it to my father.

“After my father received the painting, he would look at it and touch it every day.

“At that time, I was still young.

I saw my father looking at a piece of white paper every day.

I asked curiously,father, why do you look at this painting every day

“My father just smiled and said to me,son, this is a priceless treasure.

In the future, you must keep it well for me!

“At that time, I just nodded in confusion.

“However, forty years ago, when I was fifteen, my father was framed for his business and got into a lawsuit.

After that, the Lin medicine shop was set up, and he was in huge debt.

When the Lin familys servants saw that the Lin family was in dire straits, they all took the Lin familys valuable items and ran out.

This painting went missing at that time.

I searched for the entire Lin family, but I couldnt find it.

“I thought that I would never be able to find this painting again in my life.

Who would have thought that this painting would appear in the Lin family Village, and then in front of me The heavens have been kind to me!”

Everyone was silent after hearing what Lin Deshan said.

They didnt think that the usually optimistic and cheerful Grandpa Lin would have such a tough life.

They didnt even know how to comfort Lin Deshan.

A moment later, Jiang Zhennan asked Lin yuelan with a hint of hostility in his eyes, ” miss YueEr, which family does this painting belong to ”

“Its Lin Chongs family!” Lin yuelan said with a similarly cold expression.

It seemed that they had let Er Gouzi off easy by making him a fool.

Lin Chongs house!

Everyone was stunned for a moment.

Then, they all looked at Lin Deshan.

“whats Chong Lins fathers name ” Lin Deshan asked.

“Lin Fuxiang!”

Lin Deshan was shocked when he heard the name.

“Lin Fuxiang” Lin Deshan was in disbelief.

“Its Lin Fuxiang!”

“Grandpa Lin, who was Lin Fuxiang ” Guo Bing asked in surprise.

Lin Deshan gritted his teeth and said, ” hes my servant who has been serving me since I was a child.

Hes my playmate! When he was six years old, he joined my family.

I treated him like a brother.

I didnt expect that when the Lin family fell, he would immediately turn against me.

Later, when the servants scattered and ran away, he also ran away.

“I didnt expect him to escape with this painting! He must have heard me say that this painting was a priceless treasure, so he stole it and exchanged it for money.

In the end, no artist could understand this painting, so it wasnt sold and was left at home.”

Lin yuelan said, ” perhaps it was his retribution for stealing from his masters family.

The next year, Lin Dexiang died of an illness, leaving behind an orphan and a widow to rely on each other! And this painting has gone around in circles and returned to you, Grandpa.

Perhaps this is all fated! Grandpa, dont be sad! Ill return this painting to Grandpa!”

Hearing Lin yuelans words, Lin Deshan was stunned for a moment and then immediately became excited.

This time, he said with tears of joy and relief, ” good, good, good!”

After this painting, she also obtained some treasures from these pieces of junk.

Although they were not as valuable as the previous painting, they were all treasures that were worth more than a thousand taels.

Guo Bing was a little surprised.

‘I thought these people were poor, but I didnt expect that there were priceless treasures hidden in the corner of their houses! What a pity! These people have no idea!

Just as Lin yuelan and the others were happily discovering these treasures, the Yan family came to their door!

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