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In response to Meng Changjin’s two questions, Xiao Si directly ignored the former and began to answer more seriously.

“When the next mission opens depends on when the right client is selected, and it normally takes no more than five days, so please wait patiently.”


Meng Changjin naturally heard Xiao Si’s deliberate refusal to answer the first question.

Still, she asked as if she didn’t notice, “Then how many missions do I need to complete And what are the criteria for selecting the right client”


Xiao Si saw that he couldn’t get away with it and was silent for a while before he spoke.

“It’s not clear how many missions you need to complete.

It depends on the energy gained from a mission world, and the criteria for selecting a client rests under my control.

In any case, I won’t screw you over.”




Meng Changjin just softly snorted.

What this snort was aimed at would be a matter of benevolence.


“Then you can at least tell me how much energy is gained now and how much energy is ultimately needed At least so I can feel a little better, right”


Xiao Si was silent for a while.

When Meng Changjin thought he didn’t want to answer, he quietly disappeared, and large golden words suddenly appeared before her.


Meng Changjin took a closer look and realized this was her profile.


Name: Meng Changjin


Race: Human


Gender: Female


Age: current body age 16 years old (actual age unknown)


Birthday: December 25


Height: 167cm


Weight: 48kg


Title: Rookie


Skill: Divine Sense ( unusual skill )


Items: a motorcycle aged 2.8 years old, 99 barrels of motor oil


Mission completion: 156/10000


The golden writing on the wall ends here, and Xiao Si’s boyish voice sounded in due course.

“This is the numerical information of the energy gained and the energy eventually needed, respectively.”


Meng Changjin: ……!


She did not expect Xiao Si to give her this.


She thought Xiao Si had disappeared because he didn’t want to answer her question.

To her surprise, Xiao Si had gone to work on this thing.


But ……


Meng Changjin quickly calculated using information from her previous mission world and concluded that the energy obtained from the first mission world was about one-sixty-fourth of the total energy.

If calculated this way, it meant that sixty-three more missions needed to be completed before the final point required could be obtained.


Meng Changjin told Xiao Si the result of her calculation.

In response, Xiao Si calmly said, “Your calculation is good, but the amount of energy obtained from each mission world is not certain.”


“What’s the point” Meng Changjin humbly sought advice.


If possible, she certainly hoped that each mission world obtained more energy.

But she knew nothing about the relationship between missions and energy, so she had to ask for advice without shame.

There was nothing to be ashamed of.


“Let’s put it this way, you remember you asked me to strike Hao Jianye five times.

That is also energy.

Also, the time I helped you collect the ginseng required energy.

When you use my hand to do something, it will consume energy.

If there were no lightning strikes and ginseng collection, this task’s energy should increase by about 70 points.

In addition, the difficulty of the task, as well as the degree of impact, is also related to the energy.” Xiao Si was not playing tricks.

If Meng Changjin could collect enough energy as soon as possible, it would only benefit him and not harm him.

There was no need for him to screw her at this time.


Meng Changjin heard the sincerity in Xiao Si’s tone, but now she regretted it a lot.


If those 70 points were added, the energy gained from that first mission would be one-forty-fourth of the total energy, a reduction of twenty numbers at once!


In addition to that ……


“Isn’t it true that the greater the impact, the more energy there is” Meng Changjin grasped a point of control.


“You could say that.” Xiao Si expressed Meng Changjin had no problem with this understanding.

“But it must be the degree of influence of the task, and the influence that has nothing to do with the mission is useless.”


Meng Changjin’s thought of doing something was silently dispelled.


Meng Changjin’s “body” had already been fed with medicine during the conversation between one person and one fish.


The bitter taste coming from the tip of her tongue stayed for a long time.

The state she wanted to be in looked like the legendary vegetative state, right


Her divine sense watched as the middle-aged woman gently laid her body down after feeding her with medicine and carefully tucked her in.

She wiped the corners of her moist eyes with her hand and walked out of the room with the medicine bowl without saying a word.

Meng Changjin’s divine sense subconsciously wanted to follow her.


She had no other idea and wanted to understand the situation of her current body through this middle-aged woman.


It was a pity that the divine sense could not continue to chase after the door because the range would stop here.


Meng Changjin’s original divine sense was naturally not so weak.

But after dying once, it was narrowed down to the extent that it could be used.


If it wasn’t for her previous mission world, where she practiced almost every day to exercise her divine sense, it would now spread out to an even smaller range.


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