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Chapter 620, Wrestling



Yan Mo jumped right at Zhuo Fan without preamble, packing a fiery fist just for his face.


The immense power behind it and the burning sensation left Zhuo Fan understanding just how deadly Yin Yang Union Flame was.

So he blocked with his Qilin arm.

While the fire punch was halted, Zhuo Fan staggered ten feet.


Yan Mo’s fiery fist took on another layer of flames, this time blue.

The two flames combined and the power multiplied.


Caught off-guard, it was now Zhuo Fan’s time to barrel through the air and splatter against the back cave wall, creating another hundred-meter-deep hole.

The added rays brought more light into this now somewhat lit cavern.


Yan Mo watched the burning rubble with a cold eye, “What was it you said, naive”


The eyes of everyone twitched.

Yan Mo was like a stranger, calculative and fierce, without any openings.


“This is Hellion Flame’s first genius, Yan Mo!”


Elder Yun sighed in disappointment, “He barely used a third of his power when he was playing around, but now he will hold nothing back in displaying his 5th layer Ethereal Stage cultivation.

There’s no way that guy can take him on, no matter how much of a freak he is.

We’re done for!”


The women cried, mirroring Elder Yun’s despair.

Their hopes of keeping themselves intact were crushed with the fall of the rubble.


Dan’er watched the expanding fire, “Of the two demons, Zhuo Fan is a bit better.

I hope he wins.”


The rest all hoped the same, despite the sheer discrepancy.

They sighed at Yan Mo’s unnatural change, their faith in Zhuo Fan hitting rock bottom.

Only the Demon Scheming Sect’s side kept a straight face.

They were living testament to Zhuo Fan’s power and savagery…




Zhuo Fan crawled out of the burning rubble, shaking his numb hand with a smile, “Yin Yang Union Flame, fusing yin and yang resulting in explosive power.

My Qilin arm almost couldn’t take it.”


[Young and childish, but he has some mentality.

He flipped the switch to having a fight to the death and lost his tantrums on the spot.

He is from a superior three sect for a reason.]


[Guess I’d get serious myself.

I won’t live down being defeated by the same thing I preached.

The shame would kill me, and he is far stronger than those trash elders too.]


Zhuo Fan squinted and an eerie aura surrounded him. 


Yan Mo’s heart tensed, ready for anything.

Despite the gap in cultivation, the feeling he got from him was nothing like any other fight he had.

It was dangerous.


“I now consider you my equal, just like Wu Qingqiu.” Yan Mo spoke.




Zhuo Fan flashed in front of him and used his Qilin arm to claw his chest.


Wraith Style, 2nd move, Ghostly Dragon Claw! 




The draconic roar split ears and the flames on the armor were flickering before the strike even came. 


Yan Mo was startled, [Not even an 8th-grade demonic treasure can take his raw strength Just what treasures does he have]


He chose to trust his intuition still, no matter what doubts he had.

Putting all his trust in the armor on the off chance that the kid would break it would mean certain death.


Yan Mo jumped back while throwing red and blue flames.

They combined with a bang and clashed with the claw.




Zhuo Fan got swallowed by the towering flames.

Yan Mo grinned, though unable to laugh as the claw ran the fire through and came right at him.

He reacted on the spot by taking out two halberds. 




The screeching sound jarred his ears as he was barely holding his own from the eerie burning claw.

Next thing he knew he saw the towering flames dissipate revealing a grinning Zhuo Fan.

Yan Mo’s only logical reaction, “Freak!” 


He then jumped a hundred meters back, to put some distance between them, “High profound ranked martial art, Twin Dragon Devour!”




Red and blue flashed from the halberd as they combined into two Yin Yang Union Flame-made flood dragons charging for Zhuo Fan. 


The same ranked martial art would show different effects depending on cultivation, and with Yan Mo’s Ethereal Stage level the attack was backed by his soul power.


However, there was no reason for Zhuo Fan with his heaven dragon soul to be scared.


“Devouring dragon As if.” Zhuo Fan scoffed, his body releasing black energy and turning into a dragon, “Wraith Style’s 1st move, Soaring Demonic Dragon!”




Zhuo Fan’s body clashed with the two flood dragons, resulting in a spectacular explosion. 


Zhuo Fan pressed the advantage, going at Yan Mo.

Yan Mo shook, finding it hard to believe Zhuo Fan was so tough no attack could harm him.

He had no time to even make a sign as Zhuo Fan pushed him back, using only his halberds to block the resounding blows.


The cave flashed black and red all over as the two sources shifted throughout the cavern.  Yan Mo relied on his Yin Yang Union Flame while Zhuo Fan used raw power as the two wrestled for supremacy using arts or even plain blows.


As the spectacle was ongoing, the spectators’ minds were blown.


“How is the kid on the same foot as Yan Mo! Actually, he’s on the advantage, coming to bear on Yan Mo!”


Elder Yun shook, his eyes wide as dinner plates for seeing something incomprehensible despite having lived so long while the women’s hopes were rekindled.


As for the Demon Scheming Sect’s gang, they treat it as natural, even mocking the rest’s ignorance, “Quit your oohing.

This is nothing.”


“Say what” Elder Yun turned to them.


Fiend Yang cackled in pride, “Disciple leader Zhuo Fan is always modest and withdrawn.

This is nothing.

You ought to be praising Yan Mo for lasting so long, guess he isn’t just another gutter rat.”


Elder Yun was perplexed and snorted, “Don’t get carried away.

The kid may be somewhat great, but he’s just in the Radiant Stage.

I don’t know how he can block the soul attacks, but he can’t keep this up, ha-ha-ha…”


The women were even more perplexed.


“Elder Yun, Zhuo Fan is fighting for us.

If he loses, we die!” Shui Ruohua pointed out like a good disciple.




Elder Yun flushed.


He always looked down on the Demon Scheming Sect, bickering at every chance he got.

A shame his mouth got the better of him this time when both sides were in dire straits, and picking faults with the Demon Scheming Sect now was the same as picking faults with himself when he ought to cheer the kid on.




Meanwhile, the jarring noises stopped and the rest cried at the scene… 


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