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Chapter 296 - Doomsday of Humanity (4)


Calling it a coincidence would be too strange.

The number of original owners that possessed the Seats of power was thirteen, and it was the same for the number of monarchs.

However, only six of the thirteen monarchs had invaded the earth.

Most of them were in deep sleep.

They were a faction that wasn’t interested in humans.

Moreover, the six monarchs that had invaded the earth had been optimized to torment humanity.

The first was Abundance (Proliferation), who could replicate monsters, no matter how many were killed.

The second was Abyss (Movement), who could send monsters into cities despite the endless barriers protecting those seats.

The third was Negligence (Scheme), who led the heroes down the wrong path.

The fourth was Oblivion (Assassination), who secretly got rid of beings on the blacklist, including strong constructs.

The fifth was Time (Futility), who was capable of rewinding everything to the original point, no matter how much the humans struggled.

Finally, the sixth was Confusion (Demise), who had gifted confusion before humanity met its end.

In reality, Confusion had spread the seeds of confusion twenty years ago.

He had done it in preparation for humanity’s end, and it was called Fear. 

After twenty years, he was trying to spread new seeds of destruction, three of them!


- Breaking news! The world is currently collapsing under the monsters’ assault.

- Currently, 78 cities within France, the US, and other countries are being destroyed.

The casualties are slowly growing.

If they could invade the cities, the monsters would eat the humans.

However, most of the world had changed their domes to use the Serpent Bearer’s dome.

This was why the situation was relatively safe.


“Ahhk!! Help me! My little brother is trying to kill me!”

“The disciples are killing their allies!”

“The dome manager is dead! The dome is being opened! Ahhk!!”

People started killing each other within the domes.

It was pandemonium.

- The number of casualties has spiked.

The cause isn’t the monsters.

The reason is humans fighting each other— Kuhk!!

- It’s as if half of humanity is trying to kill the other half.

It’s a bizarre— Ahhhk!!

Confusion’s third child, War, was provoking the humans to fight each other.

Then there was the second child, called Famine.

- This is bad! Disciples in parts of Asia, including China, have lost the ability to use magical energy!! 

- They are hemorrhaging magical energy for some unknown reason!

- It’s causing continuous damage— Ahhk!

Famine used sickness and shortages to bring humanity to its knees.

Then there was Confusion’s firstborn.

Called Death, it was something living beings couldn’t avoid.

- Breaking news! People in the southern hemisphere are dying for some unknown reason— Kuhk!

- H-Hey! Wake up!

- H… He isn’t breathing! Doctor!

It hadn’t even been a day since the unknown civilization had started its invasion, yet the world was in a state of chaos.


At that moment, the main culprits appeared in front of Lee Gun.


The disciples who were assisting the evacuation were frightened when the enormous dragons appeared.

However, they didn’t even have time to be surprised.


As soon as the enormous beasts appeared in the sky, an unimaginable wind pressure appeared to flatten the city.



“Ahhhk! Help!”

Accompanying a dizzying scream, Hugo almost fell unconscious.


The wind pressure that flung everyone came from the front, and the light blinded them.

Even the trees, buildings, and street signs were swept away.

Kwahng! Kwahng!

The screams of people being sent flying and crashing into various locations were everywhere.

Then the blackout occurred.


It felt like one was being sent back and forth between heaven and hell.

Hugo freaked out when he gained consciousness within the blackout.

“The city…!”

The city was nowhere to be seen.

It was as if a nuclear bomb had been dropped. 

Everything within Seoul, including buildings and trees, was destroyed.


The only things left were a large crater, tree roots, and building foundations that showed buildings had existed there.

Hugo froze.

This was the end of humanity.

It was the end of humanity’s future.

He was experiencing it with his body instead of his mind.

‘There is no way there are survivors…’

However, it seemed a miracle existed even in this situation.


“W-we aren’t dead”


Hugo was surprised.

Shouts rang in all directions.

“We-We are alive!!”

“I’m alive!!!”

Despite the city being leveled, the humans remained unharmed.

People who had fallen from dozens of stories high were fine.

They didn’t have a single wound.

The reason was simple.

“This light…!”

It was thanks to the green light surrounding them.

This was the Serpent Bearer’s defensive ability.

[Guaranteed to Work Physical Version (SSS)]

- Defensive skill against physical attacks

- The body is protected from all types of physical attacks.

(100% Absolute Defense)

- The effect is absolutely perfect, but one will have to suffer side effects (one of the following: painful migraine, stomachache, unconsciousness, muscle ache, and pain).

Shocked, Hugo looked down at this body.

This was clearly Lee Gun’s defensive skill.

It surprised him.

‘Gun used his defensive ability!’

For a short time, a field belonging to the Serpent Bearer had been unleashed, and all living beings within its range were imbued with the defensive skill.

And the ones being protected weren’t just the disciples of the Serpent Bearer temple.

Aside from the monsters, it included all animals and plants.

Since it was the Serpent Bearer’s defensive skill, it was 100% effective, but…


Hugo almost threw up, feeling a sudden wave of nausea.

The Serpent Bearer’s defensive skill was perfect.

Taurus’s skill couldn’t be compared to it.

However, the storm that hit afterward was significant.

The reason was the side effects brought on by the perverted Life. 

[Life says one can appreciate the preciousness of life by feeling pain.]

As proof of this, the sound of people suffering from migraines and stomach aches spread in the area.

“Ahhhk! I got a stitch on my side!”

“I’ve got cramps!”

“Huhk— I got motion sickness! Oohk!”

Still, it was infinitely better than being dead.

“H-Huzzah for Lee Gun-nim!”


Having been saved, everyone cheered.

The disciples looked at Lee Gun as if he had performed a miracle.

“Lee Gun-nim.

Thank you very—”

At that moment…



Blood flowed out from little Lee Gun’s mouth, and Hugo immediately realized why.


The range of the strike that had leveled the city was unimaginable.

‘The entirety of Seoul might have been blown away.’

Lee Gun would have lost a considerable amount of magical energy since he was covering all the humans within the range of the attack.

However, Lee Gun nonchalantly wiped away the blood flowing down from his mouth.

Then he looked at the sky in contempt.

“Why the hell did they suddenly use the destruction ray”

People fell on their butts when they looked up at the sky.


Monsters of various colors were spread across the sky.

They were black (Death), brown (Famine), and gray (War).

Then there was the blackish-red blood nearby.

“W-What the hell are those”

“There are three Disaster-rank monsters…!!”

On the other hand, Lee Gun seemed angry for an entirely different reason.

“Hey, Yong Yong.

Why the hell are you over there”

Yes, his cold gaze was directed toward Red Eye.

Of course, it wasn’t as if this was unexpected.

‘At the end of the day, it is a monster.’

By the look of them, Red Eye seemed to be amongst its brothers.

It was understandable why Red Eye had a change of heart when those it trusted had made an appearance.

As proof, the three siblings were overjoyed to see Red Eye.

[Look who it is Isn’t it our youngest]

[I heard you were defeated by a lowly human, but you look fine.]

[Father will be happy to see you.]


Red Eye fiercely roared when its siblings greeted it.

This made the disciples nervous.

They unsheathed their weapons.

“Shit! Just Red Eye alone was almost able to drive humanity extinct!”

“There are three more of them!”

Hugo also raised his guard.

‘They are strong.’

He had heard about them from Lee Gun, but they seemed much more experienced and powerful than Red Eye.

Moreover, they were the culprits making a mess of the world.

Unless they were killed, the events occurring around the world wouldn’t stop.

‘How are we supposed to get rid of them!’

It was like facing off against four monarchs! 

On the other hand, the three monsters seemed to be in a good mood because they had seen their youngest siblings.


The brothers spoke in a teasing manner.


We’ll get rid of the human that tormented you.]

[We’ll give you proper revenge.]

Lee Gun raised Heaven’s Punishment in response, but Hugo also put himself on high alert.

He knew it better than anyone because he was a disciple of the Serpent Bearer.

‘Gun is very short on magical energy.’

Lee Gun had used almost all his magical energy to save the people here.

‘It’ll take him a bit to recover.’

However, the monsters seemed to know Lee Gun was weakened.

[We won’t give you time to recover your magical energy!]

[You’re the mortal enemy of our youngest!]

However, when the three calamities tried to attack Lee Gun…



Red Eye pushed away its siblings.

It stepped in front of Lee Gun as if it was trying to protect him.

This sight shocked Lee Gun, the disciples, and its siblings more than anyone.



Red Eye violently roared as if to say they shouldn’t lay a hand on Lee Gun.

Understanding the roar, its siblings were dumbfounded.

[It seems you have lost your mind after being trained by the human.]

[It was just a short amount of time, but you seem to have been brainwashed.]

[Do you really think we’ll let you live considering what you’re doing to us]

They spoke in contempt, yet Red Eye was resolute.


Lee Gun grinned when he heard the fierce cry.

“It seems you know your place.”

This was the result of killing it over and over again.

Or maybe it really liked the Taurus Saint gum that Lee Gun had given it.

At the same time, Lee Gun furrowed his brows.

‘I’m sure the voice I heard earlier was Confusion.’

The voice had been trying to provoke him.

Moreover, Lee Gun couldn’t feel his presence unlike how it was with the other monarchs.

He wondered why, but it didn’t take him long to find out.

[Confusion is hiding amongst the humans.]

[The energy of his skill cannot be detected since it is covered up by the smell of humans.]

‘Despicable bastard!’

It seemed Confusion was pretending to be a human.

He created chaos as he hid.

However, that wasn’t the most puzzling part.


The glass doll, which notified Lee Gun of Yeonwoo’s location, started flashing.

It seemed those calamities had swallowed Yeonwoo’s soul.

‘Did Confusion receive the soul from Time’

At that moment, Red Eye tried to help its owner buy time to recover his magical energy.


The furious siblings gnashed their teeth.

[You are ungrateful toward our father!]

[We’ll get rid of you alongside the humans!]

[Do you really think you’ll be able to beat us with your power]

Finally, the three beasts clashed against one in the sky.


It felt as if the humans would be ripped apart by the incredible winds.

“Koo-oohk! Gun! Are you sure this will be fine! Is it capable of buying time!”


It isn’t just buying time.”

“What are you…!” Soon, Hugo became surprised.

After becoming the prisoner of the Serpent Bearer, Red Eye had become much stronger.

[Yong Yong has received the blessing of the Serpent Bearer.]

[Yong Yong’s attack has increased.]

[Yong Yong has become sturdier by repeatedly dying through Super Regeneration.]

[Yong Yong has used “Fear.”]

Red Eye ruthlessly used its ability.


It was domination!


Waves after waves of unseen pressure pushed away its siblings.

[Koo-oohk! You bastard!]

[Ill-mannered bastard!]

[This is all that human’s fault! Our youngest will return to its normal self if we kill him!]

As if to say how dare they aim for Lee Gun, Red Eye was about to stand in front of Lee Gun and protect him.


However, Red Eye flinched.

It felt as if someone was glaring at it.

The place was too far for a human to see it, but Rey Eye could see it clearly with its vision.

It saw a familiar face near a destroyed building.

That face belonged to none other than Confusion!

Red Eye became afraid when it finally crossed gazes with its father.

Its father was a figure that it had sometimes seen next to Lee Gun. 

He was not too far away from Lee Gun, monitoring Lee Gun with the face of someone who would raise suspicion.

The figure finally laughed as it spoke.

[My cute child.

Do not do something that will disappoint your father.]

When it heard the voice, Red Eye shook.

Its confidence was completely broken.


[Did you hear Father]

[How dare you attack us!! It is way too early for you to do so!]

War, the reckless gray monster, bit into the neck of the cringing Red Eye.


Red Eye faltered in the air as it shed blood.

It refused to bow to its fear of its father.

Its body trembled as it tried to raise its head.

[Kee-ehhk… Kee-ehhk!]

However, it had reached its limit.


“Ah! Red Eye is…!”

In the end, Red Eye fell to the ground.

[That upstart is only a wannabe, yet it tried attacking us!]

[Yong Yong is qualified to become a Construct.]

[Its Divine status has reached 80%.]

[Its magical energy is full.]


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