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The next day, while Ortansia was taking a lesson as usual from Annabelle, the nagging education officer, an incident occurred.



"Excuse me.

Oh, this is the Duke's daughter!"


"How lovely!"


"My arms are ringing"


A couple of women in outlandish costumes, not to mention a few in flashy outfits, bursted into the lesson room with a bang.


"Who are you people I am in the middle of teaching her a lady's etiquettes! Now get out of here!" With a deep frown on her face, Annabelle approached the intruders in anger.

However, the ladies did not seem to care about her, and announced as matter-of-factly, 


"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm late.

I am Solange, a designer, and I am here at the request of Mr.


This is my assistant."


Ortansia, who had been watching the proceedings with a blank stare, widened her eyes in surprise as soon as she heard the name.


'Solange You don't mean Madame Solange of "Sorcières"'


"Sorcières" is the most popular and well-known brand in the kingdom.


In her past life, Ortansia was not very familiar with the latest fashions.

But even she had heard of Madame Solange of "Sorcières" fame.


She was a charismatic designer of a popular brand that was always at the forefront of fashion, creating one innovative and beautiful design after another.

All the daughters of nobility wanted to wear "Sorcières" dresses.

Ortansia was not uninterested, but as the daughter of a Mistress, she did not feel comfortable ordering a dress from such a famous brand, so she never once wore a Sorcières dress.


'Why is the designer of such a popular brand here…'


To answer to Ortansia's question, Madame Solange smiled.


"Then, young lady, please come over here.

I'll take measurements right away"


"Um… What"


"What kind of dress would you like, miss 

After all, it's Gerard-sama's request.

I will make you a wonderful dress that will enhance your lovely appearance!"




Annabelle cleared her throat when Ortansia was dazed.


"...Excuse me.

Did you just say that it was Master Gerard's request"


"Yeah, that's right.

I received an order directly from Master Gerard to "make a dress suitable for Lady Ortansia"


Madame Solange held out a sheet of paper to Annabelle.

As she read it, Annabelle's brow furrowed.

She was not sure what was written on it, but Ortansia could see Gerard's signature in beautiful handwriting at the bottom of the page.


'Does that mean that Onii-sama really ordered my dress to be tailored...'


"If it was ordered by...

Gerard-sama,then I have no choice.

Miss Ortansia, today's lesson is over, but do not let your mind wander.

I ask you to always be aware of a lady's etiquettes.


"Yes, yes!"

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Ortansia was taken out by Madame Solange immediately, and every inch of her stunned little body was measured.


'Onii-sama, my dress...

no, no, why'


Since she came to this duke's house, she has been provided with at least enough clothes to wear every day.

And yet, why did he go out of his way to call a popular designer to the mansion to tailor a custom-made dress for her!



'Wow, I don't get it...

Did my father order Onii-sama to do so But that never happened in my previous life.'


But Gerard's inexplicable behavior did not end.

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From then on, famous designers who were well-known in the capital began to visit the duke's residence one after another.

They always claimed to be present at Gérard's request, and Annabelle, who was constantly getting her lessons interrupted, began to argue with them.


As the wrinkles between Annabelle's eyebrows increase, so does the number of Ortansia's dresses.


And before she knew it, Ortansia's closet was filled with brand new dresses.


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