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Chapter 30: Birthday

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On the eve of Saturday, He Miao was busy in the kitchen for a long time and finally made a plateful of delicate desserts.

He Wei looked at the desserts on the plate in surprise. “Sister, you know how to cook”

“Yes.” He Miao took out a piece and handed it to her.

He Wei smiled and took a bite, then praised, “So delicious! By the way, are you giving the snacks to someone by putting them in a box”

He Miao nodded. “Yes.”

He Wei was immediately alarmed. She knew that it was Jing Yans birthday tomorrow.

He Miao was not planning to give it to him, right Had she not given up on Jing Yan yet

“Im going to the Jing family house to celebrate Jing Yans birthday tomorrow. Are you coming ” He Wei paused and probed.

He Miao was stunned for a moment, then she asked with a frown, “Its his birthday tomorrow Im going to see Grandpa Jing.”

He Wei heaved a sigh of relief. She knew how much Grandpa Jing favored He Miao, but she was not jealous. After all, no matter how much Grandpa Jing liked her, they had already broken off the engagement. As long as she did not fight with her for Jing Yan, she would not care about this.

“Thats great. Lets go together tomorrow.” He Wei invited her with a smile.

He Miao nodded and did not refuse.

After carefully packing the box of desserts, she sneaked back upstairs and casually placed them on the desk.

Jing Yan, who was on the bed, raised his eyes and saw the box in her hand.

He got up and jumped onto the table. He put his paws on the box, his meaning obvious.

He Miao laughed at Onions hints. She gently picked it up and handed it a piece of dried meat. “This is a gift Im giving to someone tomorrow. I cant give it to you. You should have some meat.”


Jing Yans eyes lit up. He did not tell her that it was his birthday tomorrow, but she still prepared a present for him

So she knew his birthday. Jing Yan wanted to laugh, but he was a dog now and could not laugh. He could only wag his tail.

It seemed like this woman still cared about him.

He Miao saw that it was enjoying the food, so she fed it a few more pieces. Onion had been particularly picky recently, and they refused to eat even a bite of his dog food. It was always fighting with her for snacks.

However, she had always pampered it. As long as it liked to eat, she would simply buy more.

The next morning, He Miao packed up and went to the Jing familys house with He Wei.

Jing Yan woke up early this morning. Although he did not do anything good for He Miao the day before, he did not delay his awakening and still woke up at six o clock sharp.

Thinking that He Miao would bring him a gift, Jing Yans gloomy face finally showed a smile.

After Mu Xiao entered the Jing familys house, he noticed the change in Jing Yan at first sight. He said jokingly to the others, “You guys didnt see Brother Yans gloomy face a few days ago. I was so scared for a few days that I didnt even dare to speak to him.”

“Its Brother Yans birthday today!” Meng Hui said with a smile. Of course, we have to be happy. Oh right, I heard that He Wei will be coming too”

“Yup, today,” Mu Xiao continued with a smirk, “the big star has specially cleared her schedule to celebrate brother Yans birthday.”

“No wonder Brother Yan is so happy! So theres a beauty coming here today!” Meng Hui looked as if he had come to a sudden realization.

Just then, a car drove into the front yard.

The driver opened the car door, and two beautiful figures got out of the car one after another.

One of them was dazzlingly beautiful, with exquisite makeup on her face. She was holding an obviously expensive branded bag, and she walked towards them with a smile. “Jing Yan, happy birthday to you.”

The other one was not dressed up, but she was also a beautiful woman. She was also carrying an exquisite box, but she asked, “Where is Grandpa Jing”

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Jing Yan did not take the gift from He Wei. Instead, he kept staring at the bag in He Miaos hand. His voice was cold and flat. “Grandpa is on the second floor.”

He Miao nodded. “Then Ill go find Grandpa Jing.”

Meng Hui nudged the dumbfounded Mu Xiao with his elbow. “Why didnt you tell me that you knew such a beautiful woman! Youve been holding out on me!”

Jing Yan suddenly turned around and glared at him.

Meng Hui touched his nose in confusion. Mu Xiao quickly reminded him in a low voice, “This is the Second Young Lady of the He family, He Miao, whom Jing Yan broke off his engagement with.”



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