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Chapter 1273: Resolved By Force

The busybody immediately gossiped, “Who is this Tong Bing His cultivation is so low and his qualifications are so poor.

He didnt even pass the assessment, but he still got admitted.

Now he even wanted to stay in the No.

1 Dormitory.

As the results, he was thrown out by Mr.

Xuan Mu.

He really deserves it, haha…”

Several people next to him agreed, but Hexi had a headache.

Whats going on Didnt I ask the dormitory officer to arrange a single dormitory for Tong Bing Did the officer steward secretly disobey me

Tong Bing also discovered Hexi at this time.

His original crying face became more pitiful.

He said pitifully, “Mr.

Xi, please let me live in this dormitory with you, can you”

Hexi frowned, “The officer didnt assign a dormitory for you”

“No! No!” Tong Bing shook his head hurriedly, “Its me who wants to follow Mr.


Altho… Although my cultivation is not high and stupid, Im diligent.

I can serve Mr.


Even if you let me do anything, I will not say no.

Besides, I really dont want to live alone in an empty courtyard.


Xi, can you please let me stay”

As he spoke, tears fell.

Against his delicate little face, he really felt a little pitiful and weak.

Hexi only felt a headache.

She was really not used to such a weak man.

However, Tong Bing was an old acquaintance after all.

He even said that he could do anything, so she couldnt really refuse him.

The crowd watching was in an uproar.

They didnt expect that this weak and useless trash actually knew Xi Yue.

Shit, did we go over the board just now and offend Xi Yue

Fortunately, Xi Yue didnt intend to question them, which made them relieved.

But they were getting more and more disgusted with that weakling Tong Bing.

In Miracle Healer Academy, strength had always been respected.

Without strength, he even tried to ride on someone elses coattail with a pitiful face.

They despised such people the most.

Seeing Tong Bings eyes swollen from crying, Hexi smacked her tongue, “Okay, wait here, Ill discuss with Xuan Mu.”

After 15 minutes, Hexi walked out of the dormitory slowly.

Everyone was surprised to find that Hexis clothes had been changed, and there were several scars on her hands and neck.

Hexi looked at Tong Bing who was still sitting on the ground and said, “Come in.”

As soon as these words came out, the audience was shocked.

No way He agrees to it Master Xuan Mu just agreed to let this little weakling live in!

Is Mr.

Xuan Mu so easy to convince

Tong Bing suddenly stood up from the ground with a happy smile, “Really Mr.

Xi, can I really live in!”

Hexi nodded.

When she lifted her hand, she hurt the wounds on her arms, making her hiss in pain.

A student from the Huang Medical Branch couldnt help but asked cautiously, “Xi Yue, whats wrong with your hand and neck”

“Nothing.” Hexi bared her teeth, “If there is disagreement among the members of the dormitory, of course, we have to resolve it by force.”

“Woah—” The people around took a deep breath.

This time, they didnt see Hexi as an adored genius but at a monster.

Omg! Xi Yue is only at the Foundation Establishment stage, but he can resolve it with force with Mr.

Xuan Mu

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