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After taking a deep look at Mo Yang, Ning Yiyuan suddenly stood up and strode forward.

Although they had survived the second wave of the Beast Tide, the upcoming battle would only become more and more difficult.

They could not afford to let their guard down!

Therefore, when Elder Ning and his men arrived, they saw an orderly scene.

Ning Yiyuan stood straight at the front.

Although there were some blood stains on his resolute face, his eyes were as sharp as swords, and his aura gushed out! No one dared to underestimate him!

“Hows the situation” After taking a few steps forward, Elder Ning looked at Ning Yiyuan with satisfaction and pride.

As expected of a descendant of the Ning family, he did not back down even in the face of danger!

Seeing Elder Ning and the others, Ning Yiyuans deep eyes could not help but flash with a trace of joy! He immediately went forward and reported the situation of the two previous beast tide resistance to them in detail.

He also told them about the measures and preparations he was going to take in the future.

“Not bad!” There were many military bigwigs beside the old man.

When they heard Ning Yiyuans report, they could not help but praise him.

Even though Ning Yiyuan had been given the title of Marshal, he was still a little kid who had just come of age.

It should be his first time facing the Beast Tide, but he was quite skilled in handling it.

He could even be said to be able to handle it with ease.

In the past, when they resisted the Beast Tide, their army was at the front line and suffered the most damage.

But this time, it was Ning Yiyuans turn.

He had reduced the casualty rate to the lowest! This effect was really shocking!

“Alright, stop praising him.

“Elder Nings face was beaming with joy, but he waved his hand forcefully and said, “If this continues, this kid will be too proud!”

“Hey! Whats the big deal” Hearing this, another military officer shook his head, his eyes full of satisfaction towards Ning Yiyuan.

“Well done, you should be praised, you should be rewarded, this is what justice is all about!”

Ning Yiyuan smiled and did not reply.

He just called the military captain beside him over, “Grandfather, since youre here, then you should take over the situation here.

This is the captain of the garrison of the Magical Region of Yinan.

If theres anything, you can just ask him.”

“Look, youre such a good grandson.

Youre directly handing over the commanding authority to you!” Normally, when a young man achieved success, he would usually be hot-blooded and would not let go of the authority he had obtained, however, Ning Yiyuan was able to retreat bravely at the crucial moment, causing the military bigwigs to praise his steady personality even more.

“Theres no need.

You can continue hosting.

Ill just watch from the side.” Elder Nings military rank was indeed much higher than Ning Yiyuans, so it made sense for him to take over the matters here.

However, since Ning Yiyuan did a good job, why did he need to waste his brainpower

However, this group of people misunderstood Ning Yiyuans meaning.

Raising his head slightly, Ning Yiyuan said in a deep voice, “Grandfather, Mo Chu is still inside.”

“What” Elder Ning frowned and did not react for a moment.

“Whosstill inside”

“Mo Chu is still in the Magical Region!” Ning Yiyuan repeated again, but his tone was somewhat hoarse and his gaze was slightly focused.

Elder Ning was not stupid.

He quickly understood what Ning Yiyuan meant.

He frowned and said coldly, “So what You want to leave the business here and go in to save her”

Seeing that the atmosphere between the grandfather and grandson was not very harmonious, the military bigwigs could not help but frown.

They each found an excuse and left, leaving this space for the two of them.

It was not good for them to get involved in this private matter.

“Thats right.” Facing the old mans furious face, Ning Yiyuans gaze was very determined! During the Beast Tide just now, he could not leave due to the responsibility on his shoulders.

Otherwise, he would have long entered the Magical Region to look for Little Chu!

“Are… Are you crazy” The old man was so angry that he was about to vomit blood! “Take a look for yourself.

How many magical beasts are there in the Beast Tide To put it bluntly, just the pressure alone can crush you into meat paste!”

During the Beast Tide, the Magical Region was completely turned into a dark swamp, once youre trapped in there, dont even think about coming out!

Although the old man did not like Mo Chu, when he heard this news, a trace of sadness flashed through his heart.

After all, it was a fresh human life that had been lost just like that… However, now, when he heard that Ning Yiyuan was going to take the risk to go in and look for him, the sadness in his heart was instantly replaced by anger!

Is this grandsons brain made of wood He himself was not clear about how dangerous the Beast Tide was, but now he was actually thinking of running in to look for the little girl

“Ill leave the situation here to you… Im sorry.” After giving the old man a deep look, Ning Yiyuan turned around and ran into the Magical Region!

“Adjutant Li,” the old man cursed, but he could not just watch him throw his life away! He waved his hand and shouted sternly, “Stop him!”

Although the old mans adjutant was in a difficult position, he had already given the order.

He could only force himself to take a few steps forward and try to stop Marshal Ning.

However, the difference in elemental cultivation between the two of them was too great.

His attempt to stop them was just like a mantis trying to stop a chariot, it was useless!

On the other side, Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin, who were about to send Mo Yang to the Drive Machine, naturally saw the movement.

Their expressions could not help but change! The Boss had just stopped Mo Yang, so why did the other side run in by itself

Although Mo Yang was drugged, he was still conscious and had sharp ears and eyes.

When he heard this, he was a little stunned… So, it was not that Ning Yiyuan did not plan to look for Little Chu.

Instead, he was planning to hand the situation over to Elder Ning before taking action

“Boss…” Zhong Wen frowned as he ran over.

He had just opened his mouth when he was blocked by Ning Yiyuan.

“I must enter the Magical Region today!”

“Your obstruction only consumes my physical strength and elemental energy.

Theres no way you can stop me.

You should be very clear on this point.” Ning Yiyuans eyes were clear, and the determination in his eyes was like a rock, unable to move.

“So, dont cause any more trouble for me at this time.”

Hearing this, Zhong Wen could not help but pause.

When he saw the determined look on his Bosss face, he took a deep breath and finally stepped aside.

“Thank you.” Ning Yiyuan Strode into the Magical Region and softly said to Zhong Wen.

Seeing his Bosss figure walk far away, Zuo Lin hurriedly ran over and fiercely patted Zhong Wens shoulder.

“Are you stupid Didnt I ask you to stop Boss just now Why did you let him leave”

Although Bosss cultivation was high, this was a Beast Tide! How many times had he lost his life by accident

“Ha,” zhong wen chuckled and shook his head.

He asked in return, “When did Boss make a decision and change it”

“Well…” Zuo Lin looked hesitant.

“The situation is different this time!”

“Forget it! Instead of stopping Boss,” looking at Ning Yiyuans figure, Zhong Wens eyes lit up.

“Its better to believe that he will bring Mo Chu out in one piece!”

Seeing Ning Yiyuans expression of not turning back until he hit the wall, the old man was so angry that he was trembling! He shouted directly to the soldier beside him, “Immediately, stop him immediately!”

The soldiers face showed some difficulty.

He turned around and gave a standard military salute.

“Im sorry, our immediate superior is Marshal Ning.

We cant follow your orders.”

The old man was already furious.

When he heard these words, he became even more furious!

“Dont go.” At this moment, a female voice suddenly sounded.

It was especially obvious in the silent magical Region.

“Mo Chu… Shes dead!”

Ning Yiyuans figure that was walking forward instantly stopped!

When he turned around, it was actually Qiao Shan! He did not know when this woman had arrived, but she only spoke at this moment.

“What did you just say!” Ning Yiyuan lowered his head slightly, covering his wild and bloodthirsty eyes.

His voice was a little cold, as if traces of coldness were creeping up his spine.

“You should know very well what I said.” Qiao Shan took two steps forward.

Her hair, which had been tied up high, fell down in shock.

It draped over her shoulders, giving her an additional feminine charm.

However, in Ning Yiyuans eyes, he only felt disgusted! “Ning Yiyuan, accept the truth! Dont struggle for nothing!”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan raised his head abruptly.

The killing intent on his face was about to solidify!

When no one expected it, Ning Yiyuan arrived in front of Qiao Shan like a gust of wind.

He stretched out his strong hand and grabbed Qiao Shans delicate neck!

He had never wanted to kill someone so badly!

Ning Yiyuans eyes were filled with hatred and madness! If it was not for this woman, how could Little Chu be kidnapped into the auction house If it was not for her, how could Little Chu be trapped in the Magical Region now Now, she actually dared to curse Little Chu

“Eh– “Qiao Shan obviously did not expect this scene.

Her expression changed abruptly.

She could not breathe because Ning Yiyuan was strangling her tightly.

Soon, her face turned red!

“Ning Yiyuan, what are you doing!” Elder Nings eyes widened as he panted heavily.

One had to know that openly killing Federation women was a serious crime!

The Qiao Family also reacted at this moment and quickly went forward to rescue Qiao Shan.

However, how could one or two of them compare to one of Ning Yiyuans fingers Ning Yiyuan merely stretched out his long leg and kicked.

The few of them were kicked to the ground as they wailed in pain!

Ning Yiyuans grip on Qiao Shan tightened.

“Uh uh…” Qiao Shan instinctively resisted, her eyes turning white.

Seeing this situation, everyone could no longer stand idly by, especially Elder Ning.

He stretched out his hand and forcefully grabbed Ning Yiyuans arm as he said coldly, “Whats wrong with you, Kid Have you gone mad Why arent you letting go Are you trying to anger me to death”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan turned his head slightly.

When he saw the undisguised worry and anxiety in the old mans eyes, he stopped what he was doing.

Then, he closed his eyes and forcefully threw Qiao Shan into the Magical Region, this force was not small.

Everyone present heard an extremely loudBang sound!

“Ning Yiyuan, we will remember this!” The Qiao Family member who had been lying on the ground and wailing a moment ago finally recovered.

He stood up shakily and did not forget to say some harsh words, “You even dare to attack our Qiao Family member.

In the future, dont even think about taking the pills from your Ning family!”

“You… talk too much.” Ning Yiyuan glanced at him coldly.

The sinister intent in his words made Qiao Zhao shiver.

He could not say the rest of his words.

At this moment, a scream suddenly sounded!

Everyone looked over when they heard that.

Their eyes could not help but reveal some horror as they subconsciously took a few steps back!

“Blood Luminescent Beast!”

“Holy sh*t! How did this thing appear here!”

“Oh my god, everyone, look at Qiao Shans leg!”

“So miserable!”

When these words were said, most of the people shifted their gazes from the Blood Luminescent Beast to Qiao Shans side.

When they saw this, they could not help but be shocked as they fiercely swallowed their saliva!

It turned out that when Ning Yiyuan had thrown Qiao Shan, he had actually thrown her into the inner circle of the Magical Region.

Just like that, she had been targeted by the Blood Luminescent Beast that had just appeared.

With a fierce bite from its sharp teeth, Qiao Shans lower body was cleanly bitten off!


The surging fresh blood was accompanied by Qiao Shans high-pitched cry of pain as it splattered out! Just the sight of it made one shudder in fear!

Throwing the two legs it had bitten off to the side, the Blood Luminescent Beast spat twice in disgust.

It was no longer a beast that could eat anything dirty!

Those who had been frightened by the appearance of the Blood Luminescent Beast earlier could not help but be startled when they saw this scene.

were their eyes playing tricks on them Why did they feel that the movements and expressions of this ferocious beast were so human-like

However, they soon changed their minds.

The Blood Luminescent Beast raised its two large palms and slapped Qiao Shans two broken legs with force.

Blood and flesh splattered everywhere, and bone and flesh flew everywhere.

The scene was simply terrifying!

Seeing her two legs instantly turn into meat paste, Qiao Shan did not react at this moment.

She was still a little stunned!

“Hi, how does it feel” A clear female voice suddenly sounded.

Qiao Shans eyes widened in disbelief when she heard it.

She looked at the figure of the Blood Luminescent Beast and started to howl! ——”Mo Chu!”

How could it be her Shouldnt she be dead Why would she appear here safe and sound

“So noisy!” Mo Chu frowned and dug his ears as if she was disgusted, but her eyes were cold and indifferent.

When he heard this, the Blood Luminescent Beast immediately patted Qiao Shans remaining half of her body and looked at Mo Chu with a fawning gaze.

Look, how fast my reaction is!

When his gaze landed on Roundy, Mo Chus gaze clearly became much gentler.

She stood up and was about to reach out to touch its head, but when Roundy returned to its original form, its body became much taller and Mo Chu could not reach it at all, hence, Roundy simply half squatted down and sent its big head to Mo Chus underling.

Come, touch it!

The corners of Mo Chus mouth could not help but raise up into a smile.

She really placed her hand on the Blood Luminescent Beasts head and forcefully rubbed it a few times.

The people beside him were completely dumbfounded.

The expressions on their faces were like two big words in a daze!

Haha! They must have been too tired from resisting the Beast Tide just now.

Otherwise, why would such a scene appear The ferocious and terrifying Blood Luminescent Beast had actually transformed.

It was docile and easy-going like the harmless fat uncle next door, allowing others to trample on it! Heavens! This world was too mystical!

“Mo Chu!” Ning Yiyuans ecstatic action of running towards the Blood Luminescent Beast made everyone more certain of their thoughts.

Look, Marshal Ning was also dumbfounded.

He actually ran towards the Blood Luminescent Beast with a smile on his face!

“Ao ao –” The round and huge body blocked Mo Chu firmly.

His two claws slapped the ground forcefully, stirring up a cloud of dust.

His bright red eyes were wide open.

Why are you running here, you annoying fellow.

Hurry up and scram!

“Little Chu, how are you Are you injured” Who knew that Ning Yiyuan completely ignored the Blood Luminescent Beast that was pretending to be fierce He even slapped the Blood Luminescent Beast twice in disgust, as if it was blocking his way.

This action caused the hearts of the people behind him to tremble!

Its over! The stimulation today was too great, and the little heart was already unable to bear the load!

“Im fine.” Mo Chu smiled lightly and shook her head slightly.

After such a short period of time, the effects of the spirit fruit were almost fully displayed.

The wound on her forehead had also healed, and the effects of the knockout powder had also disappeared completely!

Even so, Ning Yiyuan was still worried.

His eyes looked up and down as he sized Mo Chu up again and again! After confirming that he did not find a wound on her body, he let out a light sigh.

“Awoo –” Roundy howled a few times and rolled his eyes at Ning Yiyuan.

With this Young Master here, how could Little Chu be hurt

The development of the matter had already completely exceeded the expectations of the Qiao Family.

Qiao Shans status in the Qiao Family was not low.

Now that such a thing had happened, they did not dare to hide it and immediately reported it to the higher-ups.

Elder Qiao, the head of the Qiao Family, had originally wanted to make a trip to the Magical Region of Yinan.

Now that he saw the news, he could not hold it in any longer and rushed over as fast as lightning!

When he arrived at the scene, he saw the huge Blood Luminescent Beast at first glance.

The shock in his heart had not subsided yet.

When he looked down, he saw Qiao Shans broken figure.

His expression instantly changed, and his body swayed a few times, if it was not for the person behind him catching him, he might have collapsed just like that!

“Shaner!” Elder Qiao shouted in grief as he ran towards her in large strides! The grief in his eyes could not be faked! Qiao Shan was his direct granddaughter, and the relationship between the two of them was usually pretty good.

Now that he saw her like this, how could he hold it in He shouted towards the back, “Why arent you guys coming over to save her!”

Behind Elder Qiao was an Alchemist Grandmaster from the Qiao Family.

However, at this moment, he completely lost his usual arrogant temperament.

He looked at the Blood Luminescent Beast not far away, and his lips trembled slightly! Miss Qiao Shan was right beside the Blood Luminescent Beasts feet.

How were they going to lift her up

“Awooo!” Roundy could tolerate Ning Yiyuans approach because Mo Chu had acquiesced.

Now that another group of people was preparing to come over, how could he be willing It opened its big mouth and roared in an imposing manner! All of you, scram!

Although Elder Qiao was unwilling, due to the pressure of the Blood Luminescent Beast, he could only stop in the end!

“Ning Yiyuan, what are you still standing there for”In the end, Elder Qiao could only turn his target towards Ning Yiyuan, “Still not bringing my granddaughter over! Have you forgotten that the Federation has a protective policy toward women Are you prepared to know the law and break the law now”

Tsk! Break the law

The person beside him glanced at Elder Qiao.

If it was not for Elder Ning stopping him, Ning Yiyuan would have strangled Qiao Shan to death already! Youre still placing your hopes on Ning Yiyuan Arent you here to make a joke

Qiao Shan also noticed the strange gazes of the people beside him.

Qiao Zhao, one of the Qiao Familys disciples, dragged his leg that was injured by Ning Yiyuan and took two steps forward.

He lowered his head and told him in detail about the situation just now.

Qiao Zhao only had the time to send out the news that Qiao Shan was in danger.

He did not have the time to say anything else! As he listened to his narration, Elder Qiaos expression became even more unsightly!

On the other side, when he heard Elder Qiaos rude words, Elder Ning was also unhappy.

Heh! Whats wrong with my grandson Is it your place to speak Just as he was about to fire at Elder Qiao, a female voice sounded out first.

“You are… Master Qiao” Mo Chu took a few steps forward and stood in front of everyone.

The corners of her mouth curled up into a smile.

“Why Do you want Qiao Shan You have to go through me first!”

Elder Qiao frowned.

“You are… Mo Chu”

He naturally would not know someone like Mo Chu.

He was reminded by Qiao Zhao who was beside him.

“Thats right!” Mo Chu nodded with a smile.

That pure and clean temperament became more and more eye-catching.

However, now that the two great killing beasts, the Blood Luminescent Beast and Ning Yiyuan, were standing behind her, the atmosphere instantly became strange.

“Hmph, what do you want to do” Elder Qiao probably still did not understand the current situation, or perhaps it was because he had been sitting in a high position for too long that he was habitually arrogant.

“In this situation, do you think a little girl like you can escape the blame Or do you think that with the protection of the Ning Family, everything will be fine”

Heh! Look, as expected of someone who played politics.

One sentence not only condemned Mo Chu, but also implicated the Ning Family.

Hearing these words, the smile on Mo Chus lips grew wider.

Her gaze was like watching a clown jumping up and down in front of her!

“Roundy.” Mo Chus lips slightly opened.

The Blood Luminescent Beast behind her immediately understood.

It slapped Qiao Shans body a few times with its large palm.

That sound was simply cracking!

The people behind could no longer bear to watch.

Looking at the happy expression on the Blood Luminescent Beasts face, they could not help but guess in their hearts.

Did this beast treat this as a game Aiya, stop it! If they continued, Qiao Shan would probably be smashed into pieces.

Elder Qiao was furious at Mo Chus arrogant actions! However, he could not just watch Qiao Shan be played to death! He could only endure his anger and ask in a deep voice, “What do you want Let Shaner go.”

“Yes…” Mo Chu tapped his face lightly with her finger and lowered her head in deep thought.

However, Ning Yiyuan stepped forward and took Mo Chus hand, and placed it on her body.

She said gently, “If you want to knock, knock me.

Dont knock yourself.”

The eyes of the person on the other side were about to fall out.

Her face was full of tears! Marshal Ning, is this the time to show off their love Can we restrain ourselves a little

“Stop fooling around!” Mo Chu retracted her hand and coughed twice.

He then turned her head to look at Elder Qiao, “Why dont you beg me Perhaps, when Im in a good mood, Ill let her go!”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this!

This was the famous Qiao Family head! Wasnt Mo Chu a little too bold Wasnt she afraid that the Qiao Family would take revenge on them later

“Let me tell you, Mo Chu, dont go too far!” Before Elder Qiao could speak, Qiao Zhao could not help but speak first.

“What, youre not willing” Seeing the hesitation on their faces, Mo Chu could not help but raise her brows, “Thats such a pity! Looks like you dont love Qiao Shan that much.

You could have saved her life with just a word, but youre not willing!”

These words were setting Elder Qiao up!

He bit his lip hard.

The Qiao Family head had never suffered such humiliation in so many years! However, looking at Qiao Shan by the side, he closed his eyes and finally opened his mouth, “Alright, Im… begging you!”

Hearing this, everyone could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Alright, alright, Mo Chu could finally let her go this time.

If the two sides continued to stand in confrontation, they would be scared to death!

Unfortunately, Mo Chus reaction was once again out of everyones expectations.

“Tsk Tsk,” Mo Chu sighed softly.

There was a hint of slyness in her eyes.

“Why do these words sound so insincere Why dont we do it again This time, be more sincere”

The others were almost on their knees for Mo Chu! Miss, what are you trying to do Can you just say it straight!

“Enough!” Elder Ning also spoke from the side.

If they provoked Elder Qiao, they would be in deep trouble.

“Alright, then Ill return her to you.” Mo Chu laughed lightly.

It was considered giving face to Elder Ning as an elder.

Then, she nodded at Ning Yiyuan.

Although the two of them did not speak, it was obvious that their tacit understanding was perfect.

Thus, Ning Yiyuan lifted Qiao Shan up and threw her forward.

His actions were extremely crude and neat!

“You… !” The Qiao Family did not have the time to punish Ning Yiyuan.

They quickly ran over to catch Qiao Shan, afraid that she would be further injured by this fall!

“Dont worry!” Mo Chu narrowed her eyes.

“She wont die yet!”

How could she let her die so easily This woman had harmed her twice without batting an eye.

If she did not return the favor, she would be letting herself down.


Fortunately, the Qiao Family finally received Qiao Shan safely.

They quickly sent her to the accompanying medical specialist and Alchemy Grandmaster.

“Quick, take a look at how Qiao Shan is doing.”

Just a moment ago, he had only taken a look from afar.

Now, when he took a closer look, Elder Qiaos breathing suddenly stopped!

Qiao Shans current appearance was extremely terrifying.

Her lower body was completely empty, and blood was continuously seeping out and flowing all over the ground.

The appearance of the broken part was even more shocking!

The Qiao Familys Alchemy Grandmaster hurriedly gave her a life-saving pill.

She was finally able to maintain Qiao Shans state of life.

However, her lower body had been injured for too long, and the possibility of her getting a full repair was already very low.

However, she could still choose to use artificial limbs to recover.

“Very good!” Hearing the medical experts judgment, Elder Qiao was so angry that he laughed instead of getting angry.

His dark eyes stared fiercely at Mo Chu, “Do you know what Qiao Shans identity is”

“What identity” Everyone was frightened by their aruas, but Mo Chu raised her eyebrows, “Could it be that shes not your granddaughter, but your own daughter”

“Pfft –” Someone laughed out loud! At such a serious and tense moment, Mo Chu was actually making a joke.

Her funny personality had not changed!

Elder Qiao did not laugh, but the expression on his face became gloomier and gloomier.

“Qiao Shan is the only top-notch pharmacist in our Qiao Family.

Shes the only one who can produce top-grade medicinal pills!” Elder Qiao said each word clearly, but it was also full of threats.

“Now that youve hurt Shan-er, just wait and see!”

Hearing this, the expressions of the special ability users by the side could not help but change!

They were all clear about the effects of top-grade medicinal pills, and they were drooling over them! However, they did not expect that the person who had produced them would actually be Qiao Shan! At this moment, everyone was staring at Mo Chu with a strange look in their eyes.

Having hurt such a person whom they could not offend, Mo Chu was afraid that the rest of his journey would be difficult!


Upon hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but raise her eyebrows.

So Qiao Shan was the top alchemist that had been hiding in the Qiao Family.

It was no wonder that Elder Qiao valued her so much.

He even gave up his face just now to save her life!

Strength determines treatment! Mo Chu once again felt that this sentence was the truth!

However, after this incident, she decided to use this sentence on herself! Wasnt it just strength She just happened to have it!

“What, are you afraid” Qiao Zhao glanced at Mo Chu who didnt say anything and stared at her with disdain, his tone full of contempt.

Hearing this, Mo Chus expression did not change.

She simply slightly raised his eyes and lightly said, “Im afraid that your Qiao Familys medicinal pills arent as good as you think, right”

“Ha, youre saying that grapes are sour because you cant eat them!” Qiao Zhao fiercely glared at Mo Chu, the disdain in his eyes fully revealed.

That was true.

could a country bumpkin like Mo Chu, who came from District 12, still have enough money to buy the top-tier medicinal pills of their Qiao Family That price would probably smash them to death one by one!

“Is that so What a pity.

I think…” Before Mo Chu could finish his words, a handsome male voice sounded!

“I can testify!”

Everyone looked over when they heard the voice.

A slender man was standing at the side.

His body was bathed in blood and he wore a mask on his face.

Only his sparkling eyes could be seen!

“I can testify!” The mans tone was firm.

“There is indeed a problem with the Qiao Familys medicinal pills!”

“Who are you” A nobody dared to stand out Did he really think that the Qiao Family was a pushover

Some members of the Qiao Family even started a conspiracy theory.

They looked at Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan suspiciously.

“This man cant be a scapegoat that you found, right”

This method was too low-level.

Did he want to destroy the Qiao Familys reputation with just a few words Wasnt this a little too foolish

“Youll know who I am after you take a look, wont you” The man raised his eyebrows slightly and suddenly reached out to take off the mask on his face!

A handsome and elegant face was revealed!

“Song Qingsong!” Seeing this familiar face, someone shouted out involuntarily!

Everyone could not help but feel puzzled.

Wasnt Song Qingsong suffering from a genetic collapse Why was he here

“Ah–” Before Song Qingsong could nod and admit his identity, another mans expression changed and shouted out loud! “You… Youre Song Qingsong The person who was standing beside me just now”

“But I see that your elemental ability is at least at tier 7!” Just now, this masked man was standing beside him.

The accuracy and control of his elemental ability was extremely good, and he killed several tier 6 magical beasts in one move! To be able to easily defeat several tier 6 magical beasts… It was definitely a skill that only tier 7 could have!

When the man said this, everyone could not help but be shocked!

How was this possible

Song Qingsongs condition was well-known throughout the entire federation.

It was said that his special ability had already fallen to the middle tier of tier 5.

After hiding for more than a month, he had directly jumped to tier 7.

This was a little too inconceivable!

“Could it be… your gene collapse disease has already been cured by Domineering Roundy” Someone asked in surprise.

He felt that the knowledge he had gained today had been completely overturned!

The savage and unrestrained Blood Luminescent Beast had actually become Mo Chus pet, and the gene collapse disease known as the incurable disease had actually been cured one day! Its over! The world has changed too quickly.

Im a little unable to accept it.

How can it be broken

“Thats right.” Song Qingsong nodded with a faint smile.

The smile on the corner of his mouth made his entire temperament appear even more elegant and refined.

It was completely different from the decisiveness and decisiveness when he used his elemental ability just now, “It was indeed Domineering Roundy who cured my gene collapse disease.”

“Wow! Thats amazing!” Basically, everyone present had special abilities.

No one dared to guarantee that they would not have a similar disease in the future.

However, after seeing Song Qingsongs cure with their own eyes, the admiration and respect they had for Domineering Roundy grew even stronger!

“However, whats wrong with the Qiao Familys medicinal pills” Someone quickly reacted to what Song Qingsong had said at the beginning and hurriedly asked.

When he mentioned this problem, Song Qingsongs expression instantly turned cold and hard! “My genetic collapse is very likely caused by consuming the Qiao Familys medicinal pills!”

Song Qingsongs thoughts were extremely sharp! Although Domineering Roundy did not mention the cause of his illness, just the wordsDo not consume any medicinal pills for the time being from the doctors order was enough to find out a lot of information!

Before his genetic collapse broke out, the only medicinal pill he had consumed was from the Qiao Family! Wasnt this enough to explain the problem

“What The genetic collapse is caused by the Qiao Familys medicinal pills”

“Heavens, I only took one pill previously! Can I still take it out now”

“Damn… youre so disgusting, please scram!”

Song Qingsongs words instantly caused a huge uproar!

Who dared to say that they had never bought the Qiao Familys medicinal pill before Now that they heard that the medicinal pill had become poison, they were so frightened that their faces instantly turned pale! There were even some who directly took out the pill they were carrying and threw it on the ground in disgust!

The citizens wanted nothing more than to avoid it.

It caused the members of the Qiao Family to feel even more humiliated! It had always been others who supported them and begged them, so why was it the other way around now

Hmm… Actually, Song Qingsongs genetic collapse was only caused by consuming one of the pills.

It did not mean that there was a problem with the other pills.

However, looking at the miserable appearance of the members of the Qiao Family, Mo Chus eyes narrowed.

She wisely did not say anything.

“What nonsense are you spouting That Domineering Roundy doesnt even have a medical specialists certificate.

How dare he spout such nonsense Moreover, its not even certain how much credibility his words have!” Qiao Zhao immediately retorted.

When Song Qingsong heard this, his handsome face immediately drooped.

To him, Domineering Roundy was no different than his benefactor! How could he listen to such words

The fireball in his hand flew straight at Qiao Zhao!

The members of the Qiao Family had some attainments in alchemy, but when it came to elemental cultivation… They could only chuckle! Just as the fireball that Song Qingsong threw at him was getting closer and closer, he was unable to retaliate at all, and his face was injured by the fireball!

Song Qingsongs action was too fast.

No one could react.

When they looked again, Qiao Zhao was badly injured and rolling on the ground in pain!

How was not just hitting Qiao Zhao.

It was clearly hitting the Qiao Familys face!

At the thought of this, Elder Qiaos face became more and more ugly!

“Song Qingsong, dont go too far!” Elder Qiao glared at him!

Even if Song Qingsong was still a direct descendant of the song family, his status was still inferior by a large margin! Now, he actually dared to be ruthless towards the members of the Qiao Family.

He was really audacious.

“Too far” Mo Chu walked towards them.

Behind her, the Blood Luminescent Beast and Ning Yiyuan also followed him.

“How is it too far I feel that great Almighty Song has done a very good job!”

Awoo— Seeing the Blood Luminescent Beast walking over carelessly, everyone took a step back in unison.

They were afraid that they would be targeted by this killing beast later.

That would really be an injustice!

“Everyone, dont be afraid.” Seeing everyones fearful look, Mo Chu could not help but smile.

“Roundy is still very obedient, right”

As he said that, Mo Chu even stretched out his hand to scratch it.

This Blood Luminescent Beast had indeed changed from its previous savage look.

It even turned its body towards Mo Chu in a fawning manner.

This adorable look caused everyone to be stunned! However, even though they were shocked, they still did not dare to get too close to the Blood Luminescent Beast.

They could finally see that this fellow was only special to Mo Chu alone!

“Roundy” Song Qingsong suddenly frowned.

He turned his head and looked at Mo Chu carefully.

He swallowed his saliva.

A shocking thought popped up in his mind, but he did not dare to ask!

“Ao ao –” Upon hearing Almighty Song call its name, Roundy still gave him a face-saving glance.

Why did you call me

However, when it saw Song Qingsongs gaze completely focused on Mo Chu, it stomped its feet fiercely.

Then, everyone felt their entire bodies shake! This power was tremendous!

At this moment, Qiao Shan, who had taken the life-saving pills, woke up.

The intense pain made her realize the truth of the matter.

Her eyes could not help but glare fiercely at Mo Chu.

“Just you wait, I will definitely kill you ruthlessly!”

“Is that so” Mo Chu laughed lightly.

The smile on her lips was even more alluring.

“What a pity, not only will I kill you, but I will also let you see the Qiao Family fall bit by bit with your own eyes!”


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