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The crowd automatically shuffled aside and opened up a path.

After a while, the end of the tunnel was empty, and only the cold wind of the deserted island blew slowly.

Dead silence.

“Where is he” Qiu Ye was full of questions.

“Director Qiu, Mister Gu said hes going to take a shower…” Someone raised his hand to answer.

Qiu Ye was speechless.

“D*mn it, another lunatic!”

He wanted to take a shower on such an important occasion.

Did he forget his mission

“Ill go find him right away!” Qiu Ye said and strode away.

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows and turned to look at Bo Silin.

Bo Silin was still reminiscing about that name.

Combined with the gift that Qiu Ye had just mentioned, he suddenly had an ominous feeling.

“Bo Silin.”

Su Feifeis voice brought him back to his senses.

Under the warm yellow light, her side profile was firm and her eyes were fixed on him.

“Whats wrong Remember to teach me how to chase you.” Su Feifei said.

Xiao He was speechless.

Did I hear it wrong

What did she just say

“Alright,” he said.

Bo Silin curled his lips, the lipstick marks on his face looked extremely coquettish.

[Chase what Teach what]

[Bo Silin, what did you say to Su Feifei! What did you say!!!!]

[I think things are slowly going in the wrong direction.]

On the other side, Qiu Ye arrived at the director teams camp.

The people he bumped into were all staff, but he didnt see the figure he wanted to see.

“Wheres Gu Sheng” Qiu Ye frowned.

He turned around and saw a faint light in his tent.

What was going on Was someone there

He immediately went forward and crouched outside the tent.

Then, he suddenly lifted the curtain to see a thin figure turned around.

His eyebrows were well-defined, and his phoenix-like eyes were sharp.

His nose bridge was high, and his eyebrows were perfectly crafted.

When he turned to look out the door, a cold light instantly appeared in his eyes.

A book flew over from the other side.

Qiu Ye was shocked and dodged.

“What are you doing”

He was stunned when he saw what Gu Sheng was holding.

Wasnt that Su Feifeis support t-shirt

“F*ck! Dont even think about taking this!”

Qiu Ye ran quickly and pulled the T-shirt back.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at Gu Sheng.

Gu Sheng looked down at his empty hands and said nothing.

“Im warning you, no! Everything else is fine, but not this!”

Qiu Ye clutched the cloth like a treasure.

“This is Su Feifeis autograph! If you want it, go get it yourself!”

“I dont want to.”

A cold and stern voice sounded.

Qiu Ye sneered.

“Come on! Do I not know you You signed up to enter the deserted island, and Ive been stopping you! I know that youre also that… Right”

“Also what” Gu Sheng squinted.

“Stop pretending! Im a fan of hers too! Just admit it!”

Qiu Ye hugged his t-shirt, feeling very happy.

“Qiu Ye.”

Qiu Ye glanced at him.


“Not everyone is as useless as you.”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

Was this a personal attack

“Gu Sheng! You b*stard! Were both fanboys, why do you think that youre one level higher than me Is this about dignity or something!”

Gu Sheng left him and walked out.

“Hey! Dont forget to report to the camp!”

“Su Feifeis side is under military management.

She goes to bed and wakes up on time! Youre the one who wanted to join her team, so youd better follow the rules.

Dont blame me for not reminding you!”

The person left as Qiu Yes speech eventually came to a mumble.

He hurriedly put the clothes away and immediately chased after him.

This time, several members assigned to Su Feifeis camp gathered behind Qiu Ye.

Qiu Ye called them together and lined them up.

His expression was extremely solemn under the moonlight.

“Im going to tell you a few things, you must remember them clearly!

“First of all, dont bring your squeamish habits into the team.

Youve already signed these in the contract!

“Ill make it clear in advance that the group youre in is a devilish training group!

“The captain is Su Feifei, and Su Feifei is the ruler!

“If anyone wants to opt out now, this is your chance.

Dont blame me for not warning you in advance!:

As soon as he finished speaking, the team lazily replied.

“Director Qiu, is there a need to do this No one can be more devilish than Gu Sheng!”

Qiu Ye glanced at Gu Sheng.

“What kind of devil is he”

“Weve been filming overseas for the past few months and hes woken up even earlier than the early birds.

Hes a fitness maniac! He even forced us to train our physical fitness!”

Qiu Ye rolled his eyes.

“Your drama is a historical drama.

There are fighting scenes in it.

Gu Sheng is doing this for your own good!

“Yes, yes, yes, its all for our own good.”

The person who spoke had a pair of inverted triangular eyes and a lustful gaze.

His name was Ji Ran.

“But Ill be honest with you.

We havent been here for a long time.

The closed-door training has been suffocating us! Its not bad to be able to see beautiful women as soon as you come!”

Qiu Ye glanced at him and did not say anything.

[Look at the way Qiu Ye is looking at him.

Doesnt it look like hes looking at a dead man]

[Closed-door training.

Im boldly guessing that you didnt watch Su Feifeis live broadcast, right]

[youre finished, triangle-eyed man.]

[Its fine if youre already content with your life.

If you really want to court death, the entire countrys audience will mourn for you.]

They arrived at Su Feifeis camp.

It was already dark here.

There was still smoke coming out of the put-out fire, and it was obvious that the person had already gone to sleep.

“This…” Qiu Ye did not know what to do.

“Ill call someone over.”

“No need.”

Gu Sheng pointed to the tent at the side.

“Didnt you leave the tent for us”

“You guys know how to play” Qiu Ye raised his eyebrows.

Gu Sheng did not answer.

He walked straight up and started to set up the tent.

In two or three moves, the nail was wedged into the ground.

Then, it began to take shape.

The whole process was very smooth, and the movements were clean and neat.

Qiu Ye was shocked.

When did he know how to do it

“Dont you underestimate Gu Sheng!”

Ji Ran strolled around the campsite and said as he walked, “Gu Sheng is the head of the household who has solved all of our problems overseas!”

“Shut up.”

Qiu Ye placed his hand on Gu Shengs shoulder.

Gu Sheng immediately avoided the touch.

He knew that Gu Sheng was like this, so he didnt mind.

“Alright, then Im relieved! I didnt expect this, youve learned a lot of things outside.

Youre not as delicate as before! When you wake up tomorrow morning, remember to participate in the team training.

Be obedient and dont cause trouble!”

Qiu Ye gave his instructions one last time before leaving.

After he left, the tent had already been set up.

Ji Ran reached out to fiddle with the fire.

“Dont move!”

Gu Sheng chuckled.

Ji Ran immediately retracted his hand.

“Oh, Gu Sheng, why is that”

“This place is smoking.” Gu Sheng pointed to the fire and said, “Its because half-wet rotten leaves were added to it.

It takes a few hours to dry the leaves with the smoke.

Add it after a few hours, and after repeated use, the residual heat generated can be preserved.”

[I only found out after watching Su Feifeis live stream.

How did he know]

[Who is this handsome man]

[Finally, someone who knows how to survive in the wild.

He looks young.]

[Ges an actor, okay Hes just not very famous.]

[Hes not very famous because he hasnt been in any dramas! He used to be popular!]

[Gu Shengs fan of five years reporting for duty! Hes currently changing his genre of acting.

Please support him!]

“Go to sleep.” Gu Sheng set up the tent and went in.

Before he left, he took another look at the fire.

His eyes were burning with emotion.

The next day, before the sun came up… A whistle was blown!

“Get up!”

Su Feifeis clear voice reverberated throughout the camp.

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