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Chapter 97: Words Of Encouragement

It seemed like he wanted to show off what he had left.

Newcomer Liu swung his two-handed ax around, not stopping until it made a blood-red flame.

Like an arsonist, he set fire to the huge cockroach pile in the center of the field.

He set a circle of fire and then moved on to another place.

There seemed to be a certain probability to that move of his.

Sometimes he would cut twice in a semicircle to make fire.

Sometimes he would cut five or six times.

He kept cutting and cutting, making one blood-red burning area after another.

After more than ten minutes, more than half of the square formation was covered by blood-red flames.

The huge cockroaches in the middle were burning and howling.

The blood-red flames were unlike human fire, which could swallow all kinds of stink.

Hundreds of giant cockroaches melted, split, and melted in flames.

They actually could not expand any further for a while.

Newcomer Liu swept all the cockroaches not covered by the flames into the fire ring with his two-handed ax like he was sweeping trash.

At first glance, the scene looked much cleaner and more refreshing.

That scene finally made Wang Wen nod his head.

He threw the machete back to Zhu Xingguo, knowing that he would not need it for a while.

Dragging his two-handed ax and panting as he walked back to the side of the field, Newcomer Liu raised his head toward the burning blood-red flames in the center of the field and asked Wang Wen proudly, “Hows that Did I do well”

Wang Wen nodded his head and praised him.

“Not bad!”

When Newcomer Liu heard that evaluation, his eyelids twitched violently.

He turned his head to look at the drone.

If he did not know that there was no reward for killing in the selected distribution mode, the ax in his hand would have hacked the captains head long ago.

Who cared if the tower forbade it or not


Wang Wen looked at his twitching face, trying not to laugh.

He thought,I heard that young people need a beating to avoid being arrogant.

I just complimented him.

Should I punish him next

Wang Wen weighed it carefully.

He could not bear it.

However, for the sake of the other partys growth, he eventually endured the agony and opined, “It would be better if the efficiency were higher.”

Newcomer Lius face paled.

He almost passed out.

Wang Wen felt even more guilty when he saw his expression.

He would not have praised him if he had known earlier.

It was for the mans sake.

Were young people so undeserving of praise

Wang Wen entered the battlefield, no longer daring to praise him.

He was ready to end that excessively long level so that the medicinal powder did not run out and cause unnecessary complications.

Newcomer Liu was immediately energized when he saw that, and he was in the mood to watch a good show.

He was filled with rage as he thought,His mechanism techniques are fantastic! His poison skills are incredible! I didnt expect him to be so awesome in a fight! Is he an all-arounder tower climber Why is he only on the 100th floor He must go to the 300th floor!

He was cursing in his heart.

He was in a peculiar state.

When he was extremely angry, he would often do something extraordinary.

He could knock down a wall with one punch.

He could finish a bowl of rice in three mouthfuls.

He could grab his hair and lift himself up.

He could step on his feet and soar into the sky.

He could also kill himself in an instant when he was extremely angry.

He was deeply aware of his own abilities.

Hence, he did not dare get angry easily.

He had been provoked to the point of almost breaking his principles and needed to adjust urgently, so he cursed in his heart.

As he cursed, he realized that it was quite reasonable.

His mood instantly lightened.

He took out a small wine bottle and drank it happily.

He watched Wang Wen walk into the arena, thinking of how to mess with him!


He watched helplessly as Wang Wen stood at the edge of the group of monsters.

He closed his eyes and opened them.

The entire SquareFormation seemed to be trembling as if it was about to collapse.

They had the Blood-devouring Demon Ax and the Invincible Cloud Breaker Blade.

Those two high-level rare tools could slash the sky and earth without damaging much of the Square Formations ground.

Newcomer Liu choked, and wine spewed out of his nostrils.

He could not care less about the sharp pain.

He rushed to the edge of the depression, shaking off his tears and snot.

Initially, there were over a thousand Square Formation bosses.

The small monsters had exploded and disintegrated into countless pieces.

He had killed some of them with the ax.

In other words, there were about 1,800 giant cockroaches.

Under that attack, they had all turned into minced meat on the ground!

Newcomer Liu had gone crazy!

The giant cockroaches had also gone crazy!

They cried out as they split again.

The 1,800 giant cockroaches died instantly.

The number of giant cockroaches had nearly doubled and began appearing in the air.

Wang Wen, who was on the verge of depression, closed his eyes again after looking at the number of cockroaches.

It was as if a terrifying prehistoric beast had smashed its head on the ground.

The ground collapsed again.

The height difference was almost three to four meters.

More than 3,000 giant cockroaches shook their carapaces, ready to scream.

They were transformed into meat paste in the blink of an eye.

The Square Formation was almost too small to hold all of the cockroaches.

In the past, they would control the number of cockroaches and eliminate them bit by bit.

No one would go head-to-head with the division.

However, Wang Wen had killed those things on such a large scale.

It was simply impossible to look directly at the scene on the sunken ground.

Strange fragments mixed with weird juices, like the residue at the bottom of a hotpot that had burned to the bottom.

‘I dont want to eat hotpot in this lifetime.

Newcomer Liu had tears streaming down his face.

He suddenly realized that the previous partys remark was actually a compliment!

Compared to the other partys fighting strength, his performance could only be called average.

‘So he had been encouraging me all this time Newcomer Lius brain was overturning, and his desire to die was abnormally strong.

At that moment, Wang Wen felt a little tired.

He wiped his bleeding nose and looked at the massive cockroaches that had resurfaced in the pit.

The number of splits had clearly been exhausted after those two waves of destruction.

There were only about a hundred cockroaches left.

He thought about it.

It was too wasteful to use a big mechanism on such a small number of cockroaches.

It was disgusting to go down and fight them personally.

He knew what he wanted to do.

He could encourage the young man!

His eyes lit up.

He turned his head and said to the newcomer, with tears streaming down his face, “Im sorry for boasting.

I was not able to round them up.

You should do the rest.”

Wang Wen thought for a moment.

He added another encouraging sentence, “Ill cover for you!”

After all, he had to motivate someone to go into a sh*t pit and sweep up trash.

Not everyone was as brave.

There was only one thought in the newcomers mind at the time.

How could that be called boasting

Did he need to cover for him

‘Is he encouraging me again

‘Why is he encouraging me like a father

‘Does he want to be my father

Thinking of that, the newcomer suddenly woke up.

He turned around and glared at Wang Wen, shouting, “I dont need you to say that.”

He drew his two-handed ax and jumped into the deep pit as soon as he finished speaking.

He waved his two-handed ax, covered in mucus, and continued to kill.

The familiar scene appeared again.

A ball of circular flame swallowed the strange debris and strange liquid on the ground.

Occasionally, the flame would jump.

It burped as if it had eaten too much.

“Ugh…” Wang Wen felt he needed to rest after seeing that scene.


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