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Chapter 92: The Life Harvester Machine

Zhang Wei and Zhang Lanlan secretly looked at their captain, who was sitting against the wall.

They were thinking to themselves that the big shot was genuinely impressive.

He did not seem to be concerned about the numerous dangerous traps and monsters.

Nonetheless, he was frowning in such a secure, stable, time-limited secret room.

Zhang Lanlan was a woman.

She went to find Ren Ruoruo, a woman, and asked, “Why is the captain so worried about the time-limited secret room”

Ren Ruoruo looked at Wang Wen, curled up in a corner and resting with his eyes closed.

She sighed.

“You saw it on the way here.

Most of the checkpoints we encountered had higher rewards and higher difficulty levels.

It might be because we bumped into the towers unknown law.

This time-limited secret room is also obviously strengthened.

There might be a spiritual attack too.

Every time, the captain would silently face the attack alone, not letting us suffer even the slightest damage.”

Zhang Lanlan clicked her tongue and turned to look at Wang Wen, her eyes shining with admiration.

“A saint is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others”

Ren Ruoruo shrugged helplessly.

“Otherwise, why do you think we are so loyal to him that we never think about leaving the tower ahead of time”

Actually, she was thinking about another thing she did not say out loud.

Zhao Xingguo was loyal to him, but she thought he was not good enough.

Ren Ruoruo, who claimed to be a professional tower climber, was always of the opinion that they were not a qualified tower climbing team.

It was too emotional.

If something unexpected happened, the entire team could be wiped out.

She preferred a calm and rational environment.

‘Dont risk your life for anyone.

‘Dont sacrifice yourself at the drop of a hat.

They each had their own responsibilities.

It was sufficient for them to perform their own duties well while not doing anything extraneous.

In short…

She was not optimistic about the team.

As an adult, it was impossible for her to say such things casually.

She could only follow the crowd and become a fanatical believer for a short time.

She could blend in to help with the problems, but nothing had happened yet.

It surprised Zhang Wei and Zhang Lan Lan, who had just joined the team.

They were still the typical tower climbers.

They had climbed the tower together for so long that they had witnessed far too many schemes and plots between tower climbers.

Suddenly, they encountered a team that did not appear as cunning.

They were not used to it at all.

As a result, they became increasingly cautious.

They were afraid it was a new trick.

Everyone in the room was competent at scientific decryption.

Furthermore, they had an expert like Ren Rourou, who had once briefly reached the Broken Might level, to lead the way.

The secret room, which had a time limit, was quickly unlocked.

Wang Wen, who had been resting against the wall for a while, was given special attention by Zhang Wei and Ren Rourou.

Wang Wen, expressionless with his eyes closed, turned pale when the secret room was unlocked.

It was as if he had been struck from nowhere.

Two streams of nosebleed gushed out of his nostrils at the same time.

The way the blood gushed out, it appeared as if it would kill him on the spot.

The two of them were stunned.

They exchanged terrified glances before quickly pretending not to notice.

Like the other two members, they packed their belongings and prepared to leave.

Zhu Xingguo went to assist Wang Wen after completing his packing.

Wang Wen quickly shook his palm to demonstrate that he was fine.

Zhu Xingguo silently sighed as he looked at Wang Wens pale face and bleeding nostrils.

They made their way to the 69th floor.

They immediately noticed the world-famous 13 Disorder Mechanisms and the slowly rising yellowish-green poisonous gas.

Zhang Lanlan sighed.

“Ah, were so unlucky to have encountered the Life Harvester machine.

Lets get out of the tower and have a good meal, shall we”

Zhang Wei agreed with his girlfriend, which was rare.

“We cant hold our breath for that long.

We should retreat from this floor.

Lets have a hotpot barbecue together.

Ill book a table.”

Zhang Lanlan cheered, “I second the hotpot!”

Ren Ruoruos mind flashed back to the first time she met Wang Wen.

She had also confirmed that he was a poison master at the time.


“Captain” Seeing that the poison gas had not spread, Ren Ruoruo asked Wang Wen, “If I remember correctly, youve been encountering the Life Harvester for two weeks in a row”

Zhu Xingguo also reacted when he heard that and looked over in surprise.

Wang Wen said helplessly, “I cant help it if my luck is bad.”

He turned to look at Zhang Wei and the other two and said, “Those who still want to follow me, prepare to hold your breath.

Ill take you through the level in three minutes!”

Zhang Lanlan suspected that she had misheard.

“Three minutes Not eight—”

She could not continue.

Before the poison gas rose, everyone saw Wang Wen enter the arena and disassemble the mechanism.

The target of the attack was not the three-arrow trap but the five-finger diagram, which was usually ranked second in the sequence!

Everyone held their breath as a result of that strange method.

They took out various strips of cloth used to filter the gas and covered their noses and mouths, eager to see what shocking result they would get.

Could it really be three minutes

Ren Ruoruos eyes flashed with genuine emotion.

Zhang Wei whispered to Zhang Lanlan, “If it doesnt work, dont force yourself.

Wait for me outside the tower.”

Zhang Lanlan nodded, but her eyes were fixed on Wang Wen, who had entered the arena to dismantle the mechanism.

She had a hunch.

That day could be the day that changed her worldview!

A short and long minute passed.

Wang Wens movements were quick and precise, and he had dismantled more than half of the traps.

However, Zhang Weis eyes revealed a look of disappointment.

Everyone had prior experience.

They knew that the later the mechanisms were set, the more complex they would become.

Being fast in the front was pointless.

Perhaps the last mechanism was longer than the total length of the mechanisms in front of it.

After a minute, half of the mechanisms remained unsolved.

That kind of interlocking trigger mechanism was very challenging, so three minutes was definitely not enough.

He began to signal his girlfriend, Zhang Lanlan, to pay attention and get ready to leave the tower.

The second minute had also passed.

Everyone was holding their breath to the limit, and some were already experiencing dizziness.

Wang Wen was still working on the second and final mechanism and had not even begun on the third.

Zhang Wei was disappointed.

He knew that even if he started solving the last and most challenging mechanism at that moment, the usual calculation combined with the time spent would still take at least two minutes.

He was only a tower climber who had reached the 100th floor and had no extraordinary enhancements.

Holding his breath for two to three minutes was already the limit during his daily training.

Four minutes

It was impossible.

He would be unable to hold his breath or pass out at that point.

Either way, he would die from inhaling poison gas.

There was no need to take that kind of risk.

He decided to leave the tower.

He tugged on his girlfriends sleeve before the countdown ended, signaling her to leave the tower.

Zhang Lanlan, on the other hand, seemed fascinated as she watched the disorder mechanisms being dismantled, one by one.

Zhang Wei had no choice but to grit his teeth and announce his departure quietly.

His body glowed with white light five seconds later, and he was teleported away under the watchful eyes of those around him.

Two and a half minutes.

The time had come for Zhang Wei to leave the tower.

Zhang Lanlan became terrified when she saw her boyfriend leave.

The initial time limit was three minutes.

Was it proper to leave then

Her heart was trembling.

She cast her gaze toward the arena as if asking for help.

She saw Wang Wen begin to dismantle the last mechanism.

The last mechanism!

Zhang Lanlans eyes widened!


How could it be


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