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Chapter 9: If I Look At You, Im A Dog

The alarm on the electronic watch went off at 6:30 a.m.

It was a new day.

The bell summoned Wang Wen, who was staring at the ceiling in deep thought.

He turned off the alarm.

He got up and turned on the water, ready to wash his face and brush his teeth.

The water flowed like a severely ill patient.

It was only a matter of time before it turned into a tick.

Finally, it stopped.

Wang Wen noticed that the number on the water meter had been depleted.

There was no other option.

It was necessary to use the water.

He used his card to purchase a large quantity of water for daily consumption.

He put ten points into it.

Finally, he washed up.

It was still very quiet outside when he went out.

When he arrived at the field, he discovered that people were already running laps.

Wang Wen nodded.

There was no shortage of hardworking people in the world at any time.

He stretched his joints, jogged to warm up, and after ten minutes, he started running slowly.

After another ten minutes, he was dead tired.

He panted heavily on his knees, and sweat dripped down his face.

He was so tired that he wanted to swear.

His physical condition at that period was so bad that it was infuriating.

He did a minimal amount of exercise but already felt like falling apart.

His calves were also showing signs of cramping.


Did he not exercise 20 years ago

Damn it!

What a waste of his youth!

He was idle at the age when his body was most flexible.

It was simply unforgivable!

Wang Wen took advantage of that fire to train his stamina.

Then, he lay down on the ground in the field without caring about anything else.

He was like a fish that had run aground; he did not want to move at all.

It was unknown when the other people on the field had left.

Wang Wen was the only one left there.

After resting for a while, he took out his electronic watch and looked at the time.

He stood up and slowly walked around the edge of the field to stretch.

At 7.00 a.m sharp, he returned to his room, soaked the towel in water, wiped his body twice, and then washed the towel clean.

His ears twitched.

He put on his clothes and went out.

A thin boy was standing outside the door, about to knock.

The two of them went to the canteen for breakfast.

Other than regular food, Wang Wen took two bottles of milk—one bottle each for the boys.

The boy drank the milk happily as he asked, “Did you earn money yesterday”


When Wang Wen nodded, he asked, “How much did you earn”

Wang Wen stretched out a finger.

The boy muttered, “It cant be 10 points.

Two bottles of milk cost more than that, so you must have earned 100 points! Can you earn that much in half a day I want that job too!”

He counted his fingers, “I can earn a hundred a day, so 3,000 in a month! Thats like robbery!”

Wang Wen pressed his fingers and said thoughtfully, “Not 100 points.

Its one million points.

Ive received a deposit of 100,000 points, and the remaining 900,000 points will probably arrive in two days.”



A young girl at the table spat out a mouthful of porridge that hit a boy sitting opposite her.

She said, “Im sorry.” Then, she got up and took a tissue to help wipe it off.

She saw Wang Wen and the thin boy look at her and the boy simultaneously.

The girl covered her mouth in embarrassment.

She bowed and apologized before running away shyly, leaving the boy confused.


On the way to the classroom.

The skinny boy looked lonely.

Wang Wen asked him what was wrong.

The boy said, “I have the confidence to try getting 100 points with you.

But one million points is out of the question.

Thats not a number that I can even touch.”

Wang Wen looked at him with surprise.

“Do you believe that I earned one million points”

The boy said, “Why not You dont have to lie to me.”

“Good brother!”

Wang Wen slapped his shoulder.

His heart was filled with joy.

When the two of them entered the classroom, they were stopped before they could take their seats.

Yu Zhi pointed angrily at Wang Wen, turned her head to the head of department beside her, and said, “Sir, you can ask him yourself!”

The head of department was a middle-aged fat man wearing glasses.

He gently adjusted his glasses and asked Wang Wen pleasantly, “I heard that you entered the World Tower yesterday”


Wang Wen shook his head.

The head of department was stunned and looked back at Yu Zhi in confusion.

Yu Zhi said frantically, “Teacher, dont listen to his lies! I saw him enter the teleportation gate yesterday!”

The head of department looked at Wang Wen again.

Wang Wen suddenly understood the situation.

“I didnt enter the tower.

I used the teleportation gate to get to the main square for a walk.”

“You—” Yu Zhi widened her eyes and stared at him in disbelief.


The head of department tried to smooth things over.

“Even if its not the tower, there were many people at the main square.

You have to pay attention to your safety when you go there.

Miss Yus worry was not without reason.

Wang Wen, whenever you go to the teleportation gate, at least report to the teachers in the academy.



Wang Wen nodded in agreement and watched as the head of department left.

Behind him, Yu Zhi said coldly, “Wang Wen, you may be able to fool the head of department, but I know what youre thinking.”

Wang Wen turned around and asked her in amusement, “Then tell me, what do you think”

Yu Zhi sneered, “Do you think I will compromise just because you threaten me You will only make me more disgusted!”

Wang Wens mind flashed back to the girl who laughed during breakfast.

He finally understood the girls feelings at that time.

His thoughts flew thousands of miles away.

On the other hand, Yu Zhi said, “Wang Wen, Ive told you.

We can never be together.

Can you stop pestering me”

The skinny boy could not take it anymore.

He knew that Wang Wen had gone to earn money the previous afternoon.

It had nothing to do with that girl.

When Yu Zhi was still chattering non-stop, he tried to explain.

“Yu Zhi, youve misunderstood.

Wang Wen—”

“Shut up!”

Yu Zhi shouted at the boy, “What does it have to do with you Im talking to Wang Wen.”


It was one thing for him to be misunderstood by a young girl.

That was nothing more than a joke to someone who had lived for two lifetimes.

It was entertaining to watch the fun after a meal.

However, Yu Zhis shout rendered the skinny little boy speechless—he shrank his neck and did not dare to make a sound.

Wang Wen was furious.

He moved to step in front of the boy.

“You should shut up.”

He stared at Yu Zhi expressionlessly.

He raised his hand and pointed away from the table, motioning for her to move aside and not block his view.

Yu Zhi was extremely angry.

“What did you say How dare you use such an attitude to—”

“Get lost.”

Wang Wen could not be bothered to listen to her long-winded words.

He casually slapped the table.

The students in the classroom were attracted by the commotion and looked at them.

Yu Zhi gritted her teeth and nodded repeatedly.

“Wang Wen, you will regret this!”

After saying that, she turned around and left.

The anger in her heart was surging.

She decided that she would never speak to Wang Wen again.

Not a single word!

‘Wang Wen, youre a jerk!

‘Scum! Trash! Useless!

‘If I look at you again in this lifetime, Ill be a dog!


Yu Zhi returned to her seat; she was still furious.

She could not even be bothered to answer her friends questions.

No one had dared treat her like that!

Her appearance was her greatest strength.

No man could resist such a charming face.

‘Wang Wen, youre a jerk!

The more Yu Zhi thought about it, the angrier she got.

She thought of a way to vent her anger and take revenge.

Suddenly, a voice came from the door, “Wang Wen Is Wang Wen here Come out for a moment.

I need to speak to you.”


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