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Chapter 78: Too Scary

The World Tower had very few checkpoints that allowed people to feel safe.

Even some of the previously cleared checkpoints would force the climbers to move quickly to the next level due to a change in the environment.

The level where Wang Wen was was a real-life checkpoint with a strong urban atmosphere.

There was food, drink, and even air conditioning.

If there was no time limit, it was a good idea to rest until one was full before moving on to the next level or staying there for the rest of ones life.

Unfortunately, the drone stated that the levels progress would be automatically updated.

That meant that even if Wang Wen remained motionless, the enemy would find him.

Indeed, before Wang Wen ran through a few intersections, he heard the sound of a car outside.

Wang Wen leaned against the wall and gazed out the window.

He discovered the previous Fat Man gesticulating with a group of people dressed in black suits.

Soon after, the men in black suits approached him with their pistols drawn!

“Its that damn fatty!” The first man recognized the big-bellied man and cursed in a low voice while gritting his teeth.

Wang Wen carefully observed the number of people dressed in black suits and decided to defer the attack for the time being.

He took a shotgun bullet and tampered with it.

He then loaded it into the gun and fired at the approaching men in black.

Dense bullets flew out and struck the people who were approaching slowly.

Wang Wen turned around and ran in another direction.

The first man followed closely and turned to face the black suit outside.

He noticed a layer of yellow fog floating in the bullet-infested area.

Inside, everyone clutched their necks and twitched as they fell to the ground.

That scene made him sweat profusely.

He quickly quickened his pace and followed Mr.


When the second mans character noticed his expression, he asked what was wrong.

The first man said solemnly, “Poison master, its too scary!”

The woman immediately chimed in, “Right The poison master is powerful! That should be the strongest skill among all the tower climbers!”

They were about to finish their sentences when they noticed cars braking in front of them on the street.

A group of men in black suits rushed out of the car and chased them down with pistols in their hands.

Wang Wen paused for a moment before pulling some special materials from his backpack and constructing a few traps on the walls on both sides of the alley.

He counted the people and discovered about ten shotgun bullets.

Then, he turned around and ran in another direction.

They could not figure out how Wang Wen had set up the traps.

They slowed slightly as they waited to see what would happen when the men in black suits chased them into the alley.

A few seconds later, a man in a black suit entered the alley.

A second person followed suit.

Then, the third person.

Just as the trio thought that the trap had failed, the third, fourth, and fifth people swarmed in from behind.

A group of about eight people, who did not know how to activate the trap, were blown up by the exploding bullets.

Their bodies were like beehives, and blood spurted out from all directions as they fell to the ground.

The two black suits in front, who were safe and sound, peed their pants.

They raised their pistols and fired wildly.

The continuous sounds were rhythmic as if they were cheering for that magical trap technique.

The three teammates were dumbfounded.

The first man had a solemn expression.

“Mechanism master! It is truly terrifying!”

The other two immediately followed up.

“Isnt that right This mechanism master is strong! It should be the strongest skill among all the tower climbers! ”

He deliberately imitated what the woman had said before.

His expression was smug and proud, as if the wonderful trap technique was his doing.

The second woman heard the familiar words and curled her lips in disdain.

It was not that she looked down on mechanism techniques, nor that she did not think much of Mr.


It was just that she was unhappy that the second man had seized the opportunity to make a move on her.

It was also because of that that she looked forward to what would happen next.

She hoped that Mr.

A could hear her inner voice and give the second man a hard slap.

In the end, they did not run for long.

The three of them realized that they had somehow circled behind the fat man from before.

The three felt a chill down their spines as they looked at Mr.

A, who was hiding in the alley and silently observing the enemies across the street.

They thought that they were just running aimlessly.

They had no idea there was a plan in place.

How did they manage to dodge and run while casually depleting the number of enemies and, in the end, still successfully move behind their target

Did he already grasp that places terrain in such a short period

Was he a human being

He must be a monster!

The three team members exchanged glances, unsure what to say or do.

That was particularly true for the first man.

He had assumed that as the only fighter on the team capable of reaching the 100th floor, he would be the one to hold up the checkpoint at that time.

Yes, he did.

He did not even get up.

During the first round of combat, the enemy took his rare items and tied him up like a dumpling.

If it were not for the person who only knew how to eat and drink, he would not even get untied.

At that moment, Mr.

A, who was sticking to the wall and looking around, seemed to be caressing the grass in a disorderly manner.

In fact, he was methodically eliminating the enemy.

The first man kept his eyes on Mr.


At the same time, an inexplicable feeling of admiration rose in his heart.


A was able to move, advance, and retreat freely.

He did not panic when facing an enemy that was several times his own.

Instead, he easily toyed with his enemy.

What kind of strength was that

Was Mr.

A an elite from a large consortium A god who had reached the 500th floor

That had to be the case!

There must be no mistake!

It must be the 500th floor!

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to have such terrifying strength!

The first man boldly guessed in his heart.

At that moment, the two beside him came over to discuss that topic.

The woman looked at Wang Wen, who was still observing and making plans, and carefully said, in a soft voice, “How many floors do you think he had reached”

The second man immediately said, “At least 300 floors!”

The first man scoffed at him in disdain.

He boldly and confidently said, “He is a poison master, a mechanism master, and perhaps even a combat master.

With so many skills, you think hes only on the 300th floor Do you think he is worthless I think he must be a 500th-floor expert from a large consortium.”

“The 500th floor” The woman was speechless.

“Are you kidding me Why would such a god appear beside us Didnt they say that the elites from those large consortiums would enter the tower on their own and never form a team”

The second man snorted and said, “Do you think that they are here to climb the tower Maybe they are tired from training and came here to relax!”

The second man turned around and looked at the intersection ahead.

His eyes were filled with envy.

That man must have been there to relax.

It was infuriating to compare the man with them.

The second man nodded in agreement.

However, his tone was different and solemn.

“Did you guys realize that even though this level might not be difficult for him, he still maintains a very high degree of caution Thats how an expert should behave in the World Tower.

I think we can learn so much from him!”

He did not know that the last sentence was the only one that he said correctly.

The other two nodded in agreement to that sentence, determined to learn from the man.

The woman was still brooding over the incident with the second man.

She said, “Lets guess how Mr.

A will deal with that fatty.

Will it be a poison or a mechanism”

The second man said, “It must be a mechanism technique! Its so cool!”

The woman refuted, matter-of-factly, “How is that possible The mechanism technique is more passive.

I think poison is the best way to attack.”

The first mans expression was grave.

He said, “I think that he might fight his way through.

Otherwise, why would he spend so much effort circling behind the fatty Its probably to lure the black suits away and then give him a good beating to vent his anger!”

The three people were having a good discussion.

Wang Wen was leaning against the wall, feeling helpless as he touched his backpack.

He sighed.

There were too many speed mechanisms.

There was no way to replenish the poison powder or the mechanism parts.

He had run out of ammunition and food.


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