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Chapter 74: Do You Recognize Me

“Little Brother” After looking at him for a while, she finally confirmed his identity.

She quickly went up to him.

The three people around them looked at each other.

Little brother

Who else could it be other than Wang Wen

They saw Wang Wen, who looked half-dead and foaming at the mouth on the ground.

When he heard her voice, he pondered it.

Then, as if he remembered something, he raised his head and saw that it was indeed the witch!

He was instantly energized!

Ignoring the fact that his body was nearly exhausted, he forced himself to stand and took advantage of the opportunity to avoid the other partys hands that were reaching out to support him.

He gave her a wary look.

“What brought you here”

Wang Wen reacted as soon as he said that.

That was the World Tower.

To ask such a stupid question revealed how bad his condition was.

He calmly cleared his throat and changed the subject.

The woman could not decide whether to laugh or cry.

“Do you have any water”

The woman was irritated that he was still on guard against her despite his condition.

She puffed out her chest.

“Do you dare to drink my water” she asked, smiling.

Wang Wen examined her figure, which did not correspond to her youthful appearance at all.

He took another quiet look around and changed the subject.

“Luckily, this looks like a store.

There should be plenty of water when the checkpoint is activated.”

“I want to bite you if you keep changing the topic!” The woman whimpered like a kitten.

The other three people walked closer and looked at Wang Wen with a strange gaze.

They thought he looked familiar, but it was difficult to reconcile that humiliating appearance with the one from their memories.

After all, they had only met once.

They did not have much contact.

He looked very different too.

Even if they had some educated guesses, no one took the initiative to bring it up.

The first man rolled his eyes and asked the woman, “Do you know him Can you introduce him ”

He knew what everyone was thinking.

If he were really that person, the woman would definitely say something.

Then he could act enlightened and shake hands with the man.

He could alleviate the awkwardness of not recognizing the man and deepen the mans impression of him.

The woman unexpectedly rolled her eyes and said, “No, Ive never seen him before!”

She raised her chin and threateningly asked Wang Wen, “What about you Do you know who I am”

Wang Wen had already sat down on the ground, gasping for breath.

He shook his head decisively when he heard that.

“I am not familiar with you.

I dont even know what your name is!”

The woman looked like a kitten on the verge of exploding after that.

“You didnt look at what I wrote My name is Mi Lailai! Do you even remember” she yelled.

Wang Wen shook his head repeatedly.

“I dont remember it.”

Mi Lailai was so angry that she kept poking Wang Wens arm with her finger.

“Why didnt you call me”

Wang Wen said helplessly, “I told you about my sweaty hands.”

Mi Lailai rolled her eyes.

“Then can I write somewhere else next time”

Wang Wen wiped his sweat and said expressionlessly, “There are so many people here.

Can you restrain yourself”

The first man retreated.

His face was ashen as if he had suffered a huge blow.

He pulled the other two and asked, “Do you guys think they know each other”

The drone in the air did not give the five of them endless time to rest.

The drone interrupted them with a mechanical voice:

“Times up.

Please confirm the distribution mode of this checkpoint.

The default is to divide it equally.

If there are no changes, the checkpoint will be activated.”

The first man nodded and said, “Activate.”

Wang Wen promptly told the drone, “Wait, change the distribution mode to work distribution.”

“Everyone, please confirm the distribution mode as work distribution mode.”

Faced with everyones stares, Wang Wen waved his hand weakly and said, “I am so tired that I need to rest for a while.

I doubt I will be able to accomplish much at this level.

It is not fair to divide it equally.”

The first man said, “Its only a few points.

It doesnt matter.”

However, Mi Lailai said, “Confirm, confirm, confirm!”

The three of them shrugged and agreed to the change without saying anything else.

After everyone had confirmed it, the drone started the level.

“The 20th floor, begin.”

The environment around the shelves became clearer as the mechanical voice faded.

Unlike before, when items were fixed in place like statues, they could now be touched and moved.

Wang Wen grabbed a bottle of water and twisted it open.

He took a thin transparent bag from his pocket and poured the powder into the bottle.

He shook the bottle and poured the liquid into his mouth.

Then he picked up a bag of snacks and looked at the foreign language on the packaging.

He tore open the bag and poured the contents into his mouth.

The four people around him were stunned when they saw him wolfing down the food.

The first man frowned and tried to say, “Lets go and look at the situation.”

Mi Lailai and the other two nodded.

Wang Wen, who was engrossed in his food, raised his hand, gesturing for them not to wait for him.

The four people did not mind because it was a work-based distribution model.

He probably would not get any points if he ate and drank like that in that round.

The 20th level was not so difficult that it could not be handled by four experts who had already been to the 100th floor.

It did not matter if one person was missing.

They exchanged glances before walking out of the aisle in pairs.

Before they could make it out of the supermarket, they heard a foreign language shout, “Robbery!”

When the tower climbers first heard the chaotic sound, they did not feel anything.

The four of them were startled when a gunshot rang out repeatedly.

They quickly hid in the aisle and leaned against the shelves to watch what was going on outside.

“What bad luck! Its only the 20th floor.

Why is there a gun here” The first mans expression was solemn as he searched for suitable tools on the shelves.

However, there was only food as they were in the food aisle.

The first man carefully looked outside.

He said, “I hope its not a gunfight!”

The first woman, who was hiding behind him, snorted.

“What are you thinking How can you avoid the gun owner when its so obvious that its a robbery ”

The first man stubbornly said, “What if the gun belongs to the owner of the supermarket The owner of the supermarket might have killed the robber.

We just need to wait for the police to come.

At that time, everyone else was speechless.

The second man noticed that situation and touched his nose awkwardly, “What did I say wrong”

The first man covered his forehead and did not say anything.

Mi Lailai patiently explained, “If the person who fired the gun were the owner of the supermarket, the situation would be even worse.

Those packages are all in foreign languages, meaning this is the western region.

The security in the western region is not as reasonable as in the eastern region.

They are violent.

The owner of the supermarket might kill us all.”

The more she spoke, the paler the second man got.

He was already sweating profusely by the time she finished speaking.

Logically, the climbers who had reached the 100th floor should not be so timid.

At the very least, they would not be as terrified if they saw a gun.

He said, “I lied.

I havent really completed the 100th floor.

Last week was my first attempt.

I only passed because of the mysterious mans armor.

I didnt go through the 101st floor; I just left.”

The first mans expression became even more solemn after hearing that.

He asked, “So, youve only reached the 100th floor Then how many floors have you cleared”

The second first man said with shame, “Only the 98th floor.”

The rest fell silent.

The first woman, who was leaning on his back, stealthily moved a little further away.

All climbers knew the difference in strength between the first 100 floors and the levels beyond that.

The 100th level was a violent extreme level.

Every violent extreme level would have many good things that the smaller extreme levels could not compare.

If one could stay on the 100th level, no matter how bad luck one was, they would still have many life-saving methods if they accumulated their experiences.

However, if they only had one experience…


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