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Chapter 72: Good luck

Compared to Brawny Man, who was bitten out of the tower by the bats, Wang Wens handling of the boss monsters was much more professional.

The combination of spiritual power and poison effectively rendered the giant cockroaches incapable of fighting.

Wang Wens only limitation was that he was only on the tenth floor.

The first nine floors did not have many wild survival checkpoints, so the poison powder in his hands was insufficient.

Otherwise, he could farm until the weekend to reset the Square Formation.

He refused to leave the tower until he had amassed hundreds of millions of points!

Even so, when Wang Wens poison powder ran out a few hours later, the Square Formation checkpoint on the tenth floor was already crawling with more bats.

He had to be cautious when stepping on them.

He might have stepped on one or two of them and killed them if he had not been careful.

The ground was crawling with small bats, but there were only a few large cockroaches.

That was all thanks to Wang Wens rich experience.

In his previous life, he almost vomited when he fought in the Square Formation.

Naturally, he came up with the best plan.

Like the other regular tower climbers, they would only fight with their heads down.

The smarter ones would avoid killing the bats so the cockroaches would not split too much.

Wang Wen was not like that.

Even though he had ways to kill all the cockroaches, he did not do that.

Most of the time, he would leave enough cockroaches to make them split!

In other words, he only killed the cockroaches until only one or two were alive to avoid accidentally clearing the level.

Then, he would kill another small monster to make the boss monster split again.

That way, he would always have two or three boss monsters alive at any one time.

After that, he would keep repeating the process and collect the points.

Apart from Wang Wens team, it seemed like only very few climbers knew that the boss monsters in the Square Formation could recover the number of splits by killing the small monsters during the final stage.

Even if others were aware of the method, it would be extremely difficult to implement.

It was not so much that the boss monsters were too powerful to defeat as the small monsters were too weak, and there were too many of them.

If one were not careful, it would be easy to kill a large number of them, which would cause the boss monsters to split and explode multiple times.

Only Wang Wen, who used special poison powder to kill all the bats and keep them out of the way, could consistently control the number of bosses to accumulate points.

As a result, a tower climbers most valuable assets were experience and knowledge.

After Wang Wen had used up all the poison powder, he could not hold on for long.

After all, he had only reached the 100th level.

He could not ignore the bats attacks.

He could only try to avoid the bats and hang on without the poison powder.

He went through the circular steps one by one, harvesting the boss monsters health.

He held on until the sky was once again covered in bats.

Only then, with a sad expression, did he kill the last two giant cockroaches.

He finished the Square Formation level and cleared the tenth floor.

The drone announced the reward points before proceeding to the next level.

Wang Wen had received 217 hundred million points on his own.

It was equivalent to him killing 217 giant cockroaches.

Such a harvest finally made Wang Wen feel like his small wallet had recovered.

He would have to buy an optical computer to reward himself after leaving the tower.

Light and shadow swirled in front of his eyes.

With a joyful plan in his heart, Wang Wen entered the 11th floor.

His luck was not bad⁠—it was the speed mechanism.

He had been in the Square Formation for too long; it was a good time for exercise.

He took the opportunity to stretch his joints before the mechanism was activated and then shot out like an arrow.

The speed mechanism on the 100th floor needed the climber to run a distance of about one kilometer at the speed of a 100-meter sprint.

Those who were slightly weaker would be caught and killed by the mechanism.

They would not even have a chance to leave the tower in seconds.

It could be described as extremely dangerous.

But only in comparison.

It was a harmless and relaxing entertainment segment for those who were physically strong, had clear self-awareness, and were confident that they could run the entire distance without being caught by the mechanism.

Those who did not know how to survive, those who were not skilled in mechanisms, those who did not know how to decipher scientific codes, those who did not know how to use the time-limited secret room, those who did not know how to use spiritual power, and those who did not know how to use illusions⁠—they would have a problem with that level.

Levels that could be cleared by running were too gentle.

Wang Wen liked all gentle things, and a gentle level was no exception.

After finishing the one-kilometer sprint, he swung his legs and panted heavily, sweating profusely.

He turned around to face the potentially lethal mechanism that was still ten meters away.

He smiled as he waved his hand and walked into the next floor.

He waited for the light and shadows in front of him to vanish like water.

Wang Wen was taken aback when he saw the scene on the 12th floor.

He was too lucky.

It was the speed mechanism again!

He wiped his sweat and shook his hands and feet as he took a deep breath.

He dashed out again as soon as the mechanism was activated.

No one had expected that.

Wang Wen had practiced long-distance running every day.

He was not like Cheng Qiaoyi, who would cry after running a few kilometers.

A mere two kilometers in a row


As Wang Wen ran, he still had time to ridicule others in his mind.

He was not in a hurry to move on to the next level after finishing another kilometer.

Instead, he paced in front of the door, trying to calm his breathing.

He hoped to experience the Survival in the Wild level quickly.

He wanted to take a bath, eat, and drink.

When he thought of the wonderful Survival in the Wild level, Wang Wens mouth felt dry.

He fantasized about the clear spring water and the fish and prawns.

He calmly watched as the deadly mechanism almost crashed into him.

He only stepped into the next level then.

Light and shadow swirled.

Wang Wen wanted to cry but had no tears.

He looked at the mechanism behind him.

It was still the speed mechanism on the 13th floor!

He felt a wave of nausea in his stomach.

It was as if he was pregnant.

He barely made it to the 14th level.

What appeared in front of him was still the speed mechanism.

Wang Wen began to control his speed.

He no longer pursued a long lead.

He ran forward at a pace similar to that of the speed mechanism.

Even so, it was still much faster than regular jogging.

Furthermore, he had already completed three one-kilometer sprints before that.

The 15th floor..

Speed mechanism…

In his previous life, he had never encountered the speed mechanism five times in a row.

The veins on Wang Wens forehead bulged.

He began to consider his physical strength and the necessity of leaving the tower ahead of time.

The 16th floor…

Wang Wen vomited when he saw the familiar scene again.

His stomach, which had not even consumed water, had nothing to vomit.

He vomited a few drops of bitter gastric juice and felt the sky and earth spin.

The 17th floor…

The man who had lived for two lifetimes and thought his will was already unyielding hesitated for a moment after the end of the light and shadow, and he did not dare to open his eyes.

Then, he saw the scene in front of him.

It was the time-limited secret room, which he had not seen in a long time and had previously despised as dull and monotonous.

At that moment, it seemed so cute.

Wang Wen collapsed on the floor of the secret room.

He did not care if lying down after a long run would endanger his life.

He panted heavily.

He felt a piercing pain in his chest, along with a burning sensation.

He could smell the blood in his throat with every breath.

He struggled to get up after lying down for a while.

He could gradually regain his strength, but he could not remain idle in the secret room.

Almost every minute should be put to good use there.

He might be buried alive if he were slow.

When the tower climbers reached the pinnacle of their unique abilities, they were awarded the master title.

There were, in fact, divisions within the master level.

Wang Wen, as an all-around tower climber, could essentially advance to the master level with each of his skills.

However, he could only advance to one level.

He was an entry-level master.

Similar to Cheng Qiaoyis achievements in the mechanism techniques, even if it was twenty years ago, he could only be one level higher.

That level had a special name⁠—Broken Might master.

After reaching that level, the tower climbers believed they could see through most things.

It was not something that a typical beginner could compare to.

At the moment, Wang Wen was an all-rounder tower climber.

However, being an all-rounder also meant he was not proficient in anything.

In terms of scientific decryption, he was only an entry-level master.

Other than a Broken Might master in scientific decryption, no one could rest in the time-limited secret room.

Unless they did not want to clear the level and only waited to leave the tower.

Therefore, he had to hurry up and decipher the code.

Otherwise, the room would collapse.


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